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✍️ EPISODE 7 ~ 8 ✍️

Sharon stood still playing with her fingers.

“Are you numb, didn’t you hear me. Leave now” Sharon turned around to leave when the door opened and Bae Pixie stepped in.

“Good morning ma” Sharon greeted.

“You’re the Nanny right?”

She nodded.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Sharon”

“Mom don’t tell me you employed her” Nelson said frowning his face.

“Is there something wrong?” His mom asked as she sat on the couch tiredly.

“Are you indirectly punishing me or what? Mom for Christ sake you know I hate this gender why then would you employ one?” He growled.

“Young boy reduce your voice I’m still your mom. This young lady here is Gibson’s Nanny so what’s the fuss about?” She asked.

“Mom I’m so disappointed in you. What happened to the countless males out there. Why didn’t you pick one as a Nanny for him?”

“What sought of nonsense are you saying, she’s his Nanny, I employed her and there’s absolutely nothing you or anyone can do to change it. So stuck that in your head, crazy boy” She sighed removing her shoes.

“You’ll see” He said and climbed back upstairs.

“I’m so sorry dear with time you’ll get used to the environment. Follow me let me show you around. My son has gone to school” Bae Pixie stood up and Sharon followed.



Jayden woke up by the beeping of his alarm. He checked the time and it was 9am. He supersped out of the bed and began undressing.

“Shit! What sought of sleep was that?” He ran into the bathroom and in a jiffy he was out. He didn’t bother to apply lotion he just wore his uniform,took his backpack, took a glance at himself and left his room.

He came downstairs to meet his father’s mistress setting the dinning table. He inhaled the different aromas of her food through his nostrils.

“Good morning Miss Doris” Jayden greeted with smiles plastered on his face.

“Morning Jay, how was your night?”

“It was good and yours?”

“Splendid as always” She replied.

“So what did you cook?” He asked stretching his neck.

“Your favorite, bolognese spaghetti” She said biting her lower lips.

“I would have loved to eat but I’m already late for school,see you when I’m back” He pecked her and went off.

She smiled and continued the setting.


A Black Limousine stopped in front of the gate and Jayden hurriedly came down. Another car stopped by and he recognized it. Nelson came out of the car,his face was dull and furious.

“Hey man, what’s up. You arrived late” Jayden said as they both walked inside the school premises.

“You too,what happened” Nelson replied.

“I asked you first,tell me yours first or you won’t hear mine” Jayden said.

“Then you aren’t serious at all” Nelson quickened his footsteps and Jayden ran behind him.

“Wait for me dude!”

Vienna hid at the back of the library block, peeping at intervals. She was beginning to grow impatient but she decide to give more time.

Faint footsteps was approaching and she folded her fist. She jumped out of her hiding place and punched a young girl on glasses.

“Arghhh” The girl screamed as she fell on the floor.

“Fiona the little rat,you wanna compete with me but I’m gonna make you cry and regret why you knew this school” She held the girl’s hair and pulled it constantly. The girl yelled in pains as blood came out from her nose.

“Please stop you’re hurting me” Fiona pleaded but Vienna wasn’t ready to stop.

“If I hear one more word I’ll straggle you finally” She tried grabbing the girl’s neck.

“Leave me alone Vienna,arghhhh” Fiona cried helplessly.

“How many times have I warned you to stay away from Jayden but you wouldn’t listen. Jayden belongs to me and not a low class life like you” Vienna spat out.

“I don’t know what you’re saying”

“Oh really, just wait till I’m done with you” Vienna took off her glasses and broke it.

“My glasses!!! ” Fiona screamed.



Jayden felt uncomfortable on his seat,he started having slight headaches and some bad feelings. He wasn’t even paying attention to the lectures,his mind was somewhere else. Gabriel who sat beside him noticed his uneasiness.

“Jay what’s the problem?” Gabriel whispered.

“Where’s Fiona,have you seen her since this morning?” He asked and Gabriel shaked his head.

He wanted to ask Nelson but main looking at his face,he could tell he wasn’t in a good mood.

“I’ll go look for her”

“What if she’s not in school” Gabriel said.

“She would have told me earlier, please cover up for me” He stood up and left the class.



Sharon was done arranging her clothes inside the wardrobe yet there was still enough vacancy to accommodate more clothes.

She sat on her bed thinking of what to do next. Some how she felt happy she was finally out of Cleo’s house but on the other hand she felt she wasn’t properly welcomed in her new home.

The attitude Nelson showed her earlier baffled her. Her phone rang interrupting her thoughts.

? “Hello” She said.

?”Hello my baby girl,hope you’re good” Cleo’s voice came next and she shivered.


?”I’m sure you like your new home,make sure you give me updates about events going on there or else… You know what I do” He laughed and Sharon became pieced off.

She just wished she could struggle him through the phone.

?”Focus on Nelson and get closer to him cos he’s your first target,you get that?” He asked.


?”Good girl,talk to you in the evening” He ended the call and she breathed in relieve.

She sighed and her mind went to her sick mother.

Jayden kept searching for her,he asked students he saw and they told him she was in school.

“Where on earth could she be?” He asked himself.

His mind went to the library since he know she was addicted to the library. When he got inside he was told no student was in.

He gave up and was about returning to his class when he heard soft sobbing at the back of the library.

He went there and saw Fiona lying there,she was crying and her body huffed in process.

“Fiona who did this to you?” He asked touching her injured face which was filled with nails mark.

“Jayden I’m hurt” She said in a baby’s tone.

“I’m sorry Fiona” He carried her in a bridal style rushing her to the school clinic.

Immediately he left, Vienna came out of her hiding place,she was huffing and fuming with anger.

“I’ll deal with you Fiona” She snapped her fingers and sighed.


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