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Jayden was still by the side of Fiona’s bed as he watched her sleep like a baby. He loved Fiona with every bit of him.

Since when he lost his mom,his father had never seized to amaze him as he troops in and out with different women. Among the women he found one genuine, Doris. He loved her and found her different from others.

His mind returned to Fiona when she moved on the bed,he grabbed her hands and her eyes slowly opened.

“Baby you’re awake” He caressed her forehead and she smiled before closing her eyes.

He felt relieved instantly and went out to alert the nurse.


Selena was in her office applying polish to her nails. Her legs were on her table while the loud speaker blasted the atmosphere with loud music which she moved her body to the rhyme.

Someone was knocking on her door but she didn’t hear as a result of the loud music. Her door opened and a man in his early Forty’s came in with red face.

“Shit! Can’t you knock before badging into my office you mannerless he-goat” She cursed.

“Selena I’ve been knocking for the past five minutes without responds so I came in. By the way who did just call a he-goat?” He feigned his eyebrows.

“You of course,what are you gonna do about it?”

“I’ll just ignore you”

“Whatever” She rolled her eyes and returned to her nails.

“The meeting with the Germany clients is in ten minutes time so you should better round up this rubbish you’re doing here ” He sighed and left .

“Ten minutes what? What the hell is wrong with me” She threw her legs off the table before arranging some files,then ran out of the office.

The man was her husband, Caleb Howard. They both ran and managed the cosmetics companies together.

Caleb sat at the Edge of the table with Selena beside him then the Germany clients about four of them sat on the next row.

“Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for honouring my invitation” Caleb smiled and the clients returned the smile.

“Over to business” He opened a file.

“My company is taking decision on making an anti ageing cream that works more actively than any other. It’s a triple action of the best anti ageing cream for all kinds of skin” Caleb explained while the clients nodded.

“How long does this cream start showing effects?” one of the women asked.

“As early as two days,your skin becomes tastefully smooth”

“Go ahead” A bald man said.

“I want a contract between my company and yours. Your share is gonna be twenty percent per sale”

“Hmm nice interest,so tell us the origin of this product” A man on glasses said.

“Well this product originated throu…” He was interrupted when Selena made a loud, disrespectful noise with a gum in her mouth. She chewed it noisily and unmannered.

Everyone graze were on her and she stopped chewing.

“What? Why are you looking at me,am I that beautiful?” She gushed with a sheepish smile on her face.

“Selena do you realize you’re in front of foreigners and not your village people” Caleb whispered.

“Excuse Mr man don’t dare bring my family into your silly talks” She sighed.

“I’m so sorry please pardon her on my behalf” Caleb pleaded.

“I’m tired of this damn meeting,old men and women please round up quickly” She snapped fingers.


“I’m tired you get that?” She placed her legs on the table almost matching the face of a man sitting opposite her.

“Ma’am can you kindly put your dirty boots down from the table” A woman told her politely.

“Ma’am can you kindly put your dirty boots down from the table” Selena mimicked her.

“Is this your company or it’s mine, you’re just a visitor and you ought to be standing rather than sitting you mannerless b**ch”

“Selena stop it, stop being sarcastic” Caleb yelled.

“Mr Caleb I think we should be leaving cos this meeting can’t hold anymore,see you some other time” The bald man stood and the others followed.

“Sir please let’s resolve things” Caleb tried stopping them but they shut the door at his face.

“Shit Selena are you possessed!” He punched the air furiously glaring at her with so much fury.

Gibson ran inside with his heart beating nonstop. He was eager to know and see what his new Nanny looks like.

He met his mom in the sitting room watching TV. He gave her a big hug.

“How’s my little cutie doing?” Bae Pixie asked.

“I’m fine but a bit anxious” He broke the hug and his mom stared at his face.


“Where’s the Nanny is she here?” He asked curiously.

“Yes she’s in her room ” Bae Pixie replied and he squealed happily.

“Yes mom thanks alot. What room is hers?”

“Her room is after Nelson’s room” She relief.

“Mom you are certainly looking for big bro’s trouble,he wouldn’t like her” He said climbing the stairs.

“Not like I care” She replied and focused on the TV.

Sharon laid on her bed admiring the interiors of the room when her door crept open and little Gibson walked in with smiles all over his face.

Immediately he sighted her he jumped on her bed.

“Hey miss” He waved her like a gentle man.

“Hi little cutie” She sat up gaping at Gibson.

“I’m cute right, it’s my family trait” He blushed ruffling his hair which fell on his face.

“I’m Gibson” He offered her a handshake and she accepted.

“I’m Sharon and I love you already” She said with a cute voice.

“Is that your real voice or you wanna seduce me” He winked and Sharon’s eyes widened.

“What did you just say? You’re four right and that just came out of your mouth?” She asked in awe.

“I need your assistance,I need to freshen up come fix my bath for me” He ordered ignoring her question.

She stood up and he did.

“You’re gonna bath me” He said and Sharon stopped on her tracks.

“No no no” She shaked her head.

“But why, you’re my nanny and you’re supposed to do everything for me isn’t it?”

“You’re an old man in a kid’s form c’mon” She rolled her eyes.

“Your eyes are sexy you know!” He bit his lower lips.

“Gibson!!” She screamed and chased him out of the room. Their giggles were loud as they ran to his room happily.



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