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✍️ EPISODE 17 ~ 18 ✍️



Nelson’s car stopped in front of the school and he came out. An Uber stopped some seconds later and Sharon stepped out and began running after him.

As she ran her black hair flowed majestically behind her making her look like an angel.

“Excuse me Nelson…I mean sir Nelson” She shouted as she kept following him, making him feel embarrassed.

“What the hell is your problem?” Nelson glared making her flinch.

“I.. I’m sorry I only wanted to ask for description to my class” She said bowing her head.

“Just follow me since we’re in same class” He sighed and continued walking.

As usual the students stopped by to comment on how handsome he was looking that morning. Some gossiped about Sharon.

?️ My crush for Life , please hold me gently.

?️ My baby Nelson you look tasty.

?️ Who’s that angel behind him?

?️ Is that his new girlfriend?

?️ Nelson you’re looking whopping hot!

Different comments came from the female students as Nelson proudly walked to his class.

Sharon followed shyly.

Immediately they stepped into the class the girls let out a shout. Nelson blown kisses to them and some fainted.

Nelson turned to look at Sharon who was obviously shy. He laughed mockingly.

“Stop following me around and place your flat a$$ one place” He said and the class bursted into laughter.

Sharon took in her lips and sat down close to Fiona. Slowly the noise subsided.

“Hey” Fiona waved her.

“Hi” Sharon replied with a smile.

“I’m Fiona and you’re beautiful”

“Thanks Fiona. I’m Sharon and I love girls on glasses, you are so cute” Sharon complimented and Fiona blushed hardly.

“Thanks Sharon. I guess you’re the newbie under a scholarship right?”

Sharon nodded her head.

“We’re friends right?” Fiona asked politely.

Sharon stared at her for a while.

“I’m a good girl so chill” Fiona winked.

“Friends” Sharon stretched her hand and they shaked each other.

Suddenly the students began cheering again making the class more noisy.

“Not again,my ears are aching me already” Sharon gnarled closing her ears.

The triplets entered looking pretty as always. Vivian had the the cutest smile as always while Violet and Vienna kept straight faces.

?️ Beautiful Goddesses
?️ Gosh your beautiful is blinding my eyes
?️ Awww I Love your new hairstyles

The students straggled to speak all at a time causing noise.

“Who are there?” Sharon asked.

“The TRIPLETS LOVE, those sisters are my worst nightmares” Fiona said.


“They are great bullies in this school. They steal from students even when their parents are fifth richest in the world” Fiona said and Sharon’s mouth dropped open.

“Fifth richest family in the world?” She asked.

“Yeah and that makes them show up”

“They aren’t even pretty” Sharon said rolling her brown eyes.

“Hope someone isn’t jealous”

“Yuck! I can’t be jealous over some tasteless girls” Sharon sighed and Fiona laughed.

Bae Pixie was done trying out her dresses and all came out perfectly and fitted on her body.

“How many photoshoots am I having today?” She asked Mia, her assistant.

“You have three more ma’am” She replied looking into a book.

Bae Pixie nodded her head and sat down to relax. She heard voices from outside and got up to know what it was but Selena badged in.

“So it’s true you’re shooting for three agencies you cheap whoremonger” Selena began staring disgustingly at her.

“Who allowed this woman in here cause I can clearly remember this place is meant for models and not a Bloated pig like you, so quickly take a turn around and leave” Bae Pixie snapped her fingers.

?️ Whoa!!

“Who did you refer to as a Bloated pig?”

“Oh pardon I was referring to your shapeless shadow” Bae Pixie replied.

“My what!” Selena eyes widened in anger.

“Can I ignore you some other time as you can see I have important things to handle, excuse me” Bae Pixie said and walked out with her workers trailing behind her.

“Damn! Bae Pixie I promise I’m gonna make you regret this” She said stamping her foot against the floor.

Nelson and his friends sat together as usual drinking coke. His friends kept laughing at him at any slightest opportunity which made him angry.

“I wish I could just nod your foreheads right now so they could swell so big” Nelson said.

“But dude there’s no reason to be angry, it’s just a mere joke” Jayden said.

“I like that girl” Gabriel said sipping from his drink.

“Which girl?” Nelson asked.

“Your maid” He replied and Nelson replied him with a long sigh.

“Must you do that?” Jayden nudged him.

“Gabriel I’m still wondering if you’re truly my friend” Nelson said.

“And why did you say that?” Gabriel frowned his face.

“Because you have no taste, always filthy with different girls. She’s a common maid gosh” He tapped his forehead.

“And who’s cares? As far as she has a honey pot then I’ll be glad to have her” He smirked and his friends twisted their faces in disgust.



Cleo stopped in front of a hospital. He put on his black shade and walked inside the hospital. He met with the receptionist and he was directed on where to go.

He walked for a while and stopped in front of a transparent door. He pushed it and walked inside.

A pale, bald woman was lying unconsciously on the bed. An oxygen was connected to her nose to enable her breathe while different syringes of drips were fixed on her arms.

The machine beside her was beeping normally and her eyes were closed in peace.

Immediately he got closer to her, he held her forehead and her eyes opened.

“Hello my beautiful wife, how are you doing. I’m sure you missed me that’s why I came to see you. Sharon is gone so you won’t be able to see her any soonest before you die, so sad” He caressed her forehead and tears dropped from the woman’s eyes.

Cleo brought out an injection which had different mixture of harmful drugs. The poor woman couldn’t do anything, all she could do was look at him kill her slowly.

He emptied the contents inside her drip bag and returned the empty injection back inside his pocket.

“Don’t worry baby, very soon you’d be in a better place. Have a nice day” He smiled evilly before leaving the ward.


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