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?Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 15




✍️ Author’s note


The doctors carried some operations on Monalisa, she was moved from the emergency room to another proper room for administration, she was treated by the best doctors, but her case was critical, a lot of x- ray examination were carried out.


Daniel drove in the mansion and park his car, his two friends help him to carry his sister inside the mansion, she was led into her room which is already cleaned by the maids

She was laid on the bed, she scanned the room and sigh for some days she has not sleep in here.

“Finally I am back home again,, so bad I can’t walk again” kia said sadly.

“Don’t worry sis, everything will be alright it is just matter of time” Daniel said.

“I hope so” kia said.

His friends were ready to go home so they informed Daniel.

“Man we gotta go now” Randy said.

“Check on you tomorrow, take heart man, everything will be normal again” Roc said.

“Kia you will be alright” Randy said and she nodded

“Thanks guys for everything, I really appreciate” Daniel said.

“It is nothing, common we are friends remember? so we gotta help each other out”Randy said.

“Take care kia” Roc said.

“Okay safe ride” kia smiled

His friends left the mansion using Daniel’s car since theirs was left in school.

The day was rough for Daniel, he kept seeing Monalisa face in his mind, he was restless.

He was thinking when his sister interrupted his thoughts.

“kid bro” kia called.

“Yes big sister” Daniel replied

“What is it?”

“What are you thinking about?” kia asked.

“Nothing, just tired” Daniel lied, actually he was thinking about the whole situation on ground.

“Don’t lie to me, kid bro, I know you well more than you know yourself” kia said.

“It is nothing I swear” Daniel said.

“I know you are lieing to me, if it is about me or your lover Monalisa don’t worry everything will be fine” kia said and Daniel choke upon her saying Monalisa is his lover.

“Are you for real sis, we are not lovers okay* Daniel protested.

“I bet you like her, I have never seen you close to any lady except for that girl, what is her name gain, uhm Sydney… yeah Sydney , since then I have never seen you close to any girl like this , tell me did you like her?” kia asked.

Daniel couldn’t answered that he didn’t know whether he like her or not.

“We are just mates or let me say friends, just that” Daniel said.

“Time shall tell kid bro, where is the wheel chair?” kia asked.

“Just a minute” Daniel said.

He went out of the room and went into his room and took the wheel chair and went back to his sister’s room.

He stretched it out and help to her wheeled in properly, when he was done, he wheeled her a little to test it and it work.

“Take me downstairs” Kia said.

“Okay your Highness”Daniel said and they burst into laughter.

He wheeled her downstairs, carefully on the stairs to avoid any further accident.

Kia asked for some cup of wine, which Daniel served even tho the servants ask him to leave that for them, he refused saying his sister is his responsibility for now.

He wheeled into the sitting room where he switch on a programme for her, she spent some minutes watching a movie , the movie capture her heart it was a romantic movie.

Daniel was in his room trying to sleep but he was finding it hard to sleep.

A call came into his phone, it was a new number, he picked it up and the voice that spoke seems feminine and familiar to him.

“Who is this?” Daniel asked.

“Don’t tell me you don’t have my number again” The caller asked.

“Who is this please?” Daniel almost angry.

“It is me Sydney” Sydney said.

“How did you get my number?” Daniel asked sitting up.

“Daniel why are you so hostile to me, please can’t you love me again” Sydney said

“I can’t love you ever again, after what happened, so take note of that and stay out of my way” Daniel yelled, pouring his anger on her

“Please Daniel try and consider me again I am begging you, please” Sydney said pleadingly

“I am warning you for the last time, keep off me, nothing can’t happen between us again. understand ?” Daniel said and hung up the call and blocked the number immediately.



After school the three girls all went home but they all camp in Sydney’s house chatting and laughing about what happened to Monalisa in school.

They were drinking celebrating about what happened to Monalisa, but some how Sydney was sad because of her recent call with Daniel, it didn’t go well but she was determined to make him love her again, she f*ck up but she is not ready to lose him forever

“That b*tch is laying in bed helplessly” Elsa said.

”She better not survive it, or else another wrath is coming her way” Claire said and they smirked

“I just wish I see her face as she is now in the hospital, in total pains,,what a poor soul, I bet she won’t she survive the fall even if she is lucky she will lose her memory and forget about Daniel” Elsa said.

“Let us watch and see how the story unfold” Claire said.

They noticed that Sydney is not active in their conversation, so they inquired to know what is wrong with her, she ought to be smiling since their plan is successfully carried out with any trace of suspect.

“What is wrong girlfriend?”

“You seem lost, what is bothering you?” Elsa asked

”You ought to be celebrating huh?” Claire added.

“It is nothing really, just that I am worried about Daniel accepting me even if I get Monalisa out of the way, I called him some minutes ago, he was harsh to me and promised never to love me ever again and he meant what he was saying, I am glad about what we did but at the same time worried” Sydney said sullenly.

” C’mon girl, he will surely come to love you again just don’t stop trying go for what your mind beat for” Elsa said confidently

”Yeah keep trying hard , he will surely learn to love you again, maybe he is still sad about what happen to the black African b*tch” Claire said and laugh mockingly,, emptying the wine content down her throat.

”I heard you friends, thanks for being friends with me, what will I have done if you guys were not my friends” she said and they hugged slightly.

” Where are we hanging out to celebrate?” Claire asked

“I will let you girls know when I find the perfect place” Sydney replied

“Party b*tch ” Elsa smiled

They spend some times before Elsa and Claire left to their respective destination.

Sydney order for a glass of wine, the maid bringing it mistakenly slip and the content slightly touches Sydney , she stood up and gave the elderly woman a very hard slap across her face, she almost got deaf by the slap, she bent down her head.

“I am sorry ma” she maid said.

“You are lucky I am in a good mood today b*tch,, now clean this mess and bring me another glass of wine now” Sydney said and the maid ran out to clean the mess and to bring her a new glass of wine.

She was scrolling in her phone when a new number called her, she picked it and the voice was of a man.

“Who is this?” Sydney asked.

“James” He replied

“Ohhh!!, James, how are you?” Sydney said.

“I am great, what is going on, you don’t need my services again?” James asked.

“It is not like that, I have done it my way, when I need you I will find you James, she is in the hospital now” Sydney said.

“She is in the hospital, what happen really?” James asked

Sydney explained things to him and he was glad hearing that,

“But our agreement still stands really right?”

” Yes pervert” she replied and he chuckled

After a lengthy talk he hung up.


A car horn outside the gate, the gate was opened and Mr. Montenegro drove into his mansion with his wife mrs. Montenegro Jane.

The car halted and Mr. Montenegro came down with his wife.

A maid immediately rush to inform Daniel about his parents arrival, Daniel walked to kia room and wheel her outside.

A drop of tears fell off Mrs. Montenegro eyes as she saw her daughter in such a state, she hugged her tightly for some minutes before disengaging the hug.

“My daughter I am sorry for leaving you alone Darling” Kia’s mom said.

“Don’t apologize mom it is not your fault,, what happened was designed to happened, so don’t feel sorry… I am happy to see you again” kia said crying into her mother’s arm.

“My baby, so sorry for this” Mr. Montenegro said rubbing his hand on his daughter’s cheeks.

Silence prevailed for some time before finally Daniel spoke up.

“Let us go in mom” Daniel said.

“Okay Daniel” Mr. Montenegro said

They all went inside the mansion as the maids carried the luggages following them behind as they entered the mansion together



“Ahhh yeah”

The lady on the screen moan as a guy f*ck her c*nt hard making her to moan, actually Sydney is her room watching some p*rn videos, she has freedom to do what ever she want her parents are too busy to have time for her.

The guy was doing a good job f*cking the lady’s c*nt very fast and hard, Sydney began having some w*tness down her legs, she started rubbing her hands on her crotch feeling the heat and closing her eyes slowly, her hands went into her panties she started rubbing herself, but something happened.

The actors changed position and the guy was f*cking the blonde a** now, this made to feel more w*t and excited she suddenly wish to be f*ck in the a** like the b*tch, but no guy is available just then she remember her hot driver, she make a call immediately asking him to come into her room.

In a short time the driver came into her wondering why his service is demanded.

“Ma, I am here” He said.

Sydney look at him lustfully before asking him to draw close to her, he did as he was told.

“I want you to f*ck me in my two holes understood?” Sydney said

“Yes ma” He replied, smiling sheepishly secretly

Sydney strip herself naked and asked the driver to do same they were soon both unclad.

He gropped her b**bs squeezing the life out of them, making Sydney to moan.

“continue bastard don’t stop” She said.

The driver s*ck on her n*pples drawing them together and separating them apart.

He took time servicing her body, she was w*t uncontrollably, she surrender herself to him to do as he like.

After a while she started s*cking the driver’s d*ck hard making him to moan

She deep throated him hard s*cking on his d*ck hard and fast.

“F*ck me now” Sydney said.

“But first in my p*ssy”

She spreaded her legs wide as the driver penetrated her and started pounding her c*nt roughly and fast keeping on with a fast pace, she tighten to his body urging him to f*ck her more harder.

“Come on, that p*ssy is yours f*ck it hard, harder, don’t stop, don’t dare stop, I am your b*tch , God , I am gonna c*m in no time ahhh” Sydney moan out

She screamed as she came very hard on his d*ck.

“Now f*ck my a** bastard” Sydney said.

She pose her a** in a doggie style , it was her first an*l but she was determine to have it, he rubbed his d*ck on her a** hole and penetrated slowly, until the head went in.. Sydney moan as he enter her, he kept pushing until half of it was in her hole, he started thrusting slowly into her, but within some time he started going faster , pounding her hole very hard and rough.

Sydney was enjoying it real good as she urge him to go most faster

“F*ck that a** hard please don’t stop make me c*m yes… sh*t” Sydney moan.

“Yeah ahh, your a** is so great” He moan

He continue f*cking her holes for minutes, she lost counts of how may times he made her to c*m , the f*c was so intense, he pounded her real good.

Going for some few styles ,the driver came the same time with Sydney. She laid exhausted and complimented his works after some minutes.

“That is awesome, I really enjoy every bit of it, you got a good stamina” Sydney said.

“You were great also” He said grinning

“That was hot, you can leave now, your services are over” Sydney said.

“Okay ma” He said and left the room immediately feeling great because of the great f*ck he had now, something he never dreamt he will do with his boss’s daughter.

Sydney went into the bathroom after her driver left and wash the c*m off her body, she slump into her bed after the bathe.

Mean while at Montenegro mansion, Daniel couldn’t sleep he kept thinking about Monalisa condition praying silently that she will survive the fall, he kept tossing from one side to the other on the bed, deep in thoughts.

Who could possibly do that to lisa? or did she mistakenly slip off the stairs? He kept thinking until he slept without knowing


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