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?Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 20




? Mr. William’s POV

People knew me as a very strict person, a no nonsense person, I don’t crack jokes with students or even staff, that has earned me respect from teachers and students.

But they don’t know one thing about me, I like getting under girls skirt but my personality can make you think I don’t even like ladies due to the way I am strict with my students especially the females one, but deep in me I have different target.

Presently I am in my office with one of my student Sydney.

Her a** has being giving me some erection for some time now, one thing about me is that, even if I tried seducing you and you end up exposing me no one will believe you since they know me so well.

I decided to have my time with Sydney today, it been a while I last have s*x.

After my class I asked her to follow me to my office of which she obliged which brings us now here.

“You can drop the books on the table” I said to her.

As she proceeded to drop the books on the table her b**bs popped out of her uniform, her uniform buttons was a bit loose, it reveal the wonderful jugs I have ever seen, it was succulent and fresh, I can’t wait to squeeze and s*ck on them.

“Sir why did you called me in your office?” Sydney asked

“Sit down first then I will tell you why I called you in my office” I said to her.

She adjusted the chair and sat down, while I looked for words to convince her into falling for me.

As she sat down her eyes were fix directly at me,, such guts.

“Sydney, the main reason why I call you here, is to let you know that I like you a lot, for some time now I started falling for you,,, I waited to know if the feeling is true, and I have come to realise it is true, everything I do this days I see your face” I said and pause to observe her reaction.

“Sir, when did you start liking me” Sydney asked

“For a long time now my dear” I replied

I waited for her answer but no response came from her.

I looked at her and it seem she was thinking, I asked her again what she said about this but got no response again, so I decide to shoot the shot.

I stood up from my chair and move to her.

Her eyes were fix keenly on me as I walked to her.

I came standing so close to her.

“I need your body so badly, you don’t know how much I want to hold your big b**bs and s*ck them and make you moan my name…please give me a chance to have a taste of it even if it’s just today” I said her still observing her, she was silent only looking at my face.

I made the next move, I bend close to her neck and whisper in her ear.

“I want you so badly pretty, you are the most prettiest in this school sweetheart” I said and blew kisses on her neck.

Immediately my mouth come in contact with her body, her body jerk in sensation, that is a good sign to proceed with my mission.

I rubbed her shoulders down till I reached her b**bs , I got hold of it and squeeze it and a moan escape her mouth.

“Ahhh” Sydney moaned softly.

I continued squeezing and groping her **bs while she moaned.

She was reacting to my touch now, as her body twitch and jerk in excitement.

I unbuttoned her uniform button and free her jugs from the bra holding it, displaying the biggest b**bs I have ever seen, it was bigger than what I expected.

Oh! This is heaven mehn.

I grab them with my two hands standing at her back and started romancing them.

“Ahhh, ohhh, don’t stop, uhm” Sydney moan, begging for more.

This went easier than I expected, here I am holding the br*ast I so much fantasy about for a long time now.

I turned her over with the chair and she was facing me now directly.

I looked into her eyes and see pure lust and desire.

Do you like it huh?” I asked her.

“Ye..ss , don’t stop please” Sydney said stuttering as she moan.

I latched my mouth on her b**bs and started s*cking them, it is the greatest I have ever have, her aurolas were the best.

I s*ck on it like my life depend on it, I took my time s*cking her bossoms and making her w*t down there.

My d*ck was now very erected pushing against my trouser to be freed.

“Will you s*ck my d*ck?” I asked her and she nodded.

I stood up maintaining my position,, she unzip my trouser and brought out my d*ck ,she was amazed by my size.

“Sir, I can’t f*ck you but I can make you to c*m” Sydney said that and I was shock to hear it but it still worth it, I will get my d*ck s*ck anyways

“Why? ” I asked her.

” I am not in the mood for any intimacy” she said with a calm voice.

“Okay I understand, but next time right?”I asked and she nodded.

“Okay go on and polish my d*ck” I said

“Argggh” I groaned as she took my d*ck into her mouth, it sent spine of waves down my body making me to go wild with pleasure, her mouth was warm and soft, she is really good at this, her mouth was driving me crazy, while she was s*cking me her hands were down to my balls rubbing it. the pleasure was so much for me, my head was spinning around.

She gagged and spit on my d*ck


She gave me a passionate and hot blow job until I came into her mouth.

“Thank you for that, that was awesome Sydney” I said.

“You enjoy it?” Sydney asked

“Definitely yes I do have a wild time” I replied

“I need to go now sir, see you around” Sydney said

“Okay” I said

She adjusted herself properly before leaving my office.

I zipped back my trouser and smile to myself I have finished part one I am looking forward for part two, my head was spinning due to the hot blow job.

Damn I remember I have a lesson to attend in the next ten minutes, I rearranged myself, packed my books and dash out of my office with a satisfying look….today is a special day to me.

? Sydney’s POV

What is even wrong with me?.

Why is my body always taking control of me?

I am really a bad sl*t , yeah I like s*x a lot but I was very cheap today.

I submitted myself so easily to Mr. William, humans are unpredictable, I couldn’t believe , Mr. William is a bloody pretender mere looking at him you won’t think he won’t try such a thing, I just finished s*cking his d*ck.

I was not in the mood for s*x that time even though I was damn w*t down there.

But I should have rejected him, but when he touch me I didn’t know what happen my body was giving in to his touches.

I left his office and went to my chamber.

Yes I have my chamber just like Daniel. I frown my face as I remember last night adventure, I almost got my chance until those fools spoiled everything.

As I enter my chamber I saw my friends inside already waiting for me

“Hi girls” I said.

“Hi girlfriend ” Claire said.

“Hi Sydney ” Elsa said.

“How was the party, you girls should give me update” I said.

“You miss girl, I really had a good time, I f*ck the bar attender, he was so good, It was hot and intense” Claire said smiling,, she’d had a great time.

“Wow! I had a threesome last night girls with huge black d*cks , the guys really f*ck my a** and p*ssy to a real org*sm, you miss a lot Sydney, But why did you left the club so early, that is unlike you?” Elsa asked

“I was pissed off, last night” I said, slumping on the couch

“Tell us what really happen? ” Claire asked.

I narrated everything that happen last night to them, leaving out no details.

“Damn that was so close ” Elsa said.

“Those h*rny bastards ruined your chances, don’t worry girl we can still plan out something” Claire said and I smiled, I trust her when it comes to ideas.

“Don’t worry yourself too much about that, we are here for you” Elsa said and I hugged them both.


Kyle walked in to Monalisa’s ward after the doctor consult Daniel’s approval to see her, he agreed as he was told it was Kyle.

She sat on the chair beside the bed and started rubbing her hands on her hand

“Hi friend” She said slowly looking at her like she’d hear her

She stared at her for a very long and didn’t know when she started crying

” Get well Lisa, I love you,, please ”

“You will be alright, I believe somebody is behind all this, don’t lose your memory please, don’t even dare try to do it ”


? Monalisa’s POV

It was to me like I was dreaming, for some time now I’d see myself in different places, which will be my first time of visiting, I saw scary view like dead bodies.

I met a man there who I pleaded with him to show me the way back but he refuse but after much pleading he agreed giving me a very hard and impossible task to do, at first I was afraid but I encourage myself and luckily I succeed.

I open my eyes slowly and dim of lights flash toward me, the place is totally strange to me, where am I?.

I saw people with white clothes or uniform checking on me, my body was held down, I tried to move but I couldn’t, my sight was slightly blur.

The people were not aware I was awake, I tried to move my hand but I couldn’t so I made a little sound with my mouth .


I repeated it again, and that got the attention of one of the people in uniform and he shouted immediately.

“She has woken up”


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