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?Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 23




? Sydney’s POV

I went to school so annoy and furious, my friends tried to cheer me up but it was to no use as I was thinking of a way to take Monalisa out of the way, I have this strong feeling, that if I eradicate Monalisa he will have no choice than to love me.

In the evening after school, I was in my room with my friends when I called James.

“Hi James” I said over the phone.

“Long time, Sydney I know you are calling me for a reason what is it, any deal for me?” James asked as if he read my mind.

“you just read my mind, I want us to meet as Tom wall club house tonight at 20Gmt” I said.

“Okay I will be there, it is long we f*ck, I am hoping we do something naughty there” James said.

“Naughty guy, just show up, bye” I said and hung off the call.

All this while my friends were listening to my phone call with James after I finish making the call they started asking me how it go.

“So did he agree?” Elsa asked.

“Yes, James can’t refuse my offer” I said.

“I trust you girl, but are you sure he will handle the deal with no trace or mistakes?” Claire said.

“I can’t say but I trust him with the work beside he hate that b*tch Monalisa”

“Get prepare girls were are going to Tom wall club house tonight” I said and they became excited.

“Wow! I can’t wait to rock some guys d*cks” Elsa said naughtily and I chuckled.

“I will party hard tonight, it has been quite some time now that we didn’t hit any club, tonight is tonight” Claire said.

This girls are crazy, really crazy, well it is long since I last have a good f*ck , following Daniel around to be better in his presence made me not to have a c*ck in my h-rny p*ssy .

I missed James touch and d*ck can’t wait, even those mere thoughts is making me w*t now.



?Daniel’s POV

The night was blissful, I can’t contain the happiness in me now with Monalisa by my side everything was perfect, we were in her room gisting as usual , her beautiful eyes were radiating a green light.

We were so close to each other with our bodies in contact, it was sending a different tingle down my spine, I so much love this girl, I am going to propose to her tonight, I have an idea.

I excuse myself from her and went to my room, I tied up everything by myself, I decorated the room with red flower and roses, spreading the bed with a love design on it, I fix some candles and light on then them making the room to be illuminated with their lights, after spending so much time, I was done and everything was perfect and nice, I think I am doing the right thing.

I took my bathe and went to her room, she was still awake.

“What kept you so long ” she asked with a frown.

“Were you missing me already” I asked teasingly

” I wasn’t missing you idiot ” She hissed

I chuckled at her cuteness

“I was trying to clean up some mess in my room” I replied.

“Why didn’t you ask one of the maid to do it” Monalisa said.

“I prefer to do it myself since they can’t do it the way I want” I said.

“Okay come and sit down” Monalisa said pointing on the side of the bed so I went and sat down with her.

“The night is beautiful, how did you see?” Monalisa asked.

“Yes it is blissful and great, come with me let me show you something” I said and she nodded, thank goodness she agreed so fast.

I carried her in a bridal style to my room, I open the door and took her in, she was amazed by my work and a wow escape her mouth, I help her to sit on the bed.

“Is this the mess you were cleaning up?” Monalisa asked And I laughed

“Yes, this is it” I replied

“I know you were lying about cleaning up your room,, this look like some one trying to propose to a lady he love so much, are you planning to ask a girl out” Monalisa asked curiously

“Yes, tonight, so how did you see the design,, it is romantic ?” I asked.

“Yes, very romantic, so who is the lucky lady?” She asked staring at me

” You dummy” I said in my mind

“She is on her way coming, she will be here in a few minutes, she is a rare gem, goddess of beauty and a very nice girl, you will like her” I said and the smile on her face vanished into what I will term anger.

?Monalisa’s POV

Daniel just broke my heart, so he is bringing in another girl to make her his girlfriend, but what about the kiss we shared, was it for nothing?,, I can see he didn’t love me but just had pity for me, but why did he make me feel like he love, Daniel I hate you, I felt so irritated, I need to leave this room, why did he kiss me?


Why did he made me feel so special?

“I can’t wait to see her, I need to be in my room now” I said with faking a smile

“But it is so early can’t you wait” He said surprise by my sudden leaving.

“There is no need of me staying here, when she come I will see her, for now I need to be in my room take me there, I don’t want her getting wrong ideas if she sees me here” I said, hiding the anger and jealousy in my voice

“Come on Lisa, stay a little till she comes, she won’t have weird ideas” Daniel said and it got me more annoyed

“Take me to my room now Daniel” I shouted shocking him.

“Fine Lisa, I will do that, but before you go to your room, know that the lady I am talking about is you” Daniel said and I gasped shockingly.

“What? me” I asked, still surprised

” I love you monalisa, I can’t hide my feelings anymore, I don’t care if you don’t love me or not but I want to let you know that I love you so much starting from the first day we met, it may be too sudden but I have fallen deep heel over you” Daniel said really surprising me, so this was made specially for me, I was really surprised I couldn’t utter a word, he came and sat in my front and held my hands.

” I love you Monalisa, please be my girlfriend, I can’t live without you, I am tired of hiding my feelings please, don’t say no ” Daniel said like a baby, his voice melting my heart

I look at him and smile, so he do love me all this while, gosh my dreams have come true, I pinched myself to know if I was not dreaming.

I kept quiet, starring at him, I couldn’t still believe it.

Like he loves me for real?

“I will give you time to think, how long should I wait?” Daniel said.

“No I will answer you now, if only you meant what you said.” I said.

“I am damn serious” Daniel said seriously

“I love you too Daniel, yes I will be your woman, I love you so much ” I said and his face brighten up immediately as I accept him.

“This is the best day in my life, I can’t believe you love me back, I will so much cherish you my love” Daniel said and I blushed, I always wish for a day like this to come, finally it came.

Oh! I am so happy now, Daniel held my face and kiss me so deeply, I enjoy the first kiss but this one is more intriguing and the best kiss, we kiss for some minutes before we stop.

“I love you ” I said.

“I love you too, so much” Daniel said.

” I love you more more” I said.

” I love you more more more” Daniel said.

“I love you more more more more more a thousand time” I said.

“I love you too much much much much much much a million times” Daniel said.

“I love you a billion times” I said.

“You win baby, thank you for bringing happiness to my life” Daniel said.

“Thanks too baby, I will love you forever ” I said and fell into his arms, hugging him tightly


✍️ Author’s note


Lights flashed through the club house as people dances and rock to the vibes coming out from the boozing loud electronic speakers, Tom wall club house was know for it sl-tty nature, hard drugs, s*x and g*y, l*sbian, bi s*xual and the rest.

This is the club Sydney choose, a female stripper is on the stage entertaining the crowd, she move her body on the pole burying her a** crack in the pole, the people shouted and scream spraying money on her.

Sydney arrived at the club house before James, she and her friends went inside the interior of the club, her two friends were very excited and hoping to enjoy the club to the fullest, in the next few minutes James too arrived at the party.

He went inside the club house and made a call to Sydney, after two rings she picked up.

“Hi Sydney meet me in room 216” James said over the phone.

“Okay I am coming” Sydney replied.

” Hi girls i am going to meet up with James now, see ya later” Sydney said leaving already

“Okay girl, enjoy yourself, ride him good” Elsa and Claire teased her

She left them and went to room 216.

James was in the room sitted on the soft bed waiting for Sydney, within a while, the door open and Sydney cat-walked in swaying her curvly hips, James swallow hard seeing her captivating beauty.

“Hi James, you are looking handsome tonight” Sydney complimented James look.

“You are not bad either, your sexiness is captivating girl, so what did you have in store for me, what is the deal?” James asked.

“Don’t rush, be patient James, You remember Monalisa the African girl?” Sydney asked.

“Yes , I do what about her, your want me to kidnap her right?” James asked.

“You read my mind James, she is still in coma now, I want you to kindnap her or after get rid of her, you know what to do, just k-ill her” Sydney said wickedly.

“The information of the hospital will be sent to you after here” Sydney said.

“OKay consider it done, It has been long, I am missing your c-nt , I want to f*ck you now” James said licking his lips.

“Okay James, hope you are prepare for me” Sydney said and started undressing herself.

Without answering her James rush at her and lock lips with her squeezing her b**bs immediately

“Ahhhh” A moan escape her mouth

The kiss got tense, Sydney pulled down her jeans trouser and strip herself completely n-ked.

James started s*cking her b**bs and spanking her soft a**, coursing a moan from her.

James removed his d*ck and Sydney went down on her knees and took his d*ck in her mouth and began giving him a hot blow-job.


Sydney tease his d*ck hole before taking it far down her throat coursing him to moan out.

She started jerking his d*ck while taking her balls in her mouth and s*cking on it.

“Let me taste your p*ssy b*tch” James said.

He took Sydney up and placed her a** to him, he planted his mouth on her crack and started teasing her cl*t.

“AHHH, YES COME ON BAS*TARD S*CK MY P*SSY,,, MAKE ME C*M” Sydney moan loudly as James s*ck her p*ssy , pushing his tongue deep into her juicy c*nt , licking her inner walls touching her labia, she started jerking and shaking as she came hard on James face.

“ARRRRGH,, YEAHH, OHHHHH F*CK” Sydney moan as she came.

“F*ck me now, I need your huge d*ck in my p*ssy now” Sydney said breathlessly

Still in that position, James penetrated her p*ssy from behind and started thrusting into her with a fast pace earning a moan from her.


James pounded Sydney in the way she beg for, ramming her c*nt shoving his d*ck deeper into her c*nt grabbing her b**bs and squeezing it.

They f*ck in that position until they both came at the same time, after the hot s*x, they relax to rest.

“That was intense and hot James, you rammed my c*nt so hard” Sydney said.

“You are great baby, your c*nt is the best, can we have another round before we leave to party” James requested.

“Take it slow this time” Sydney said.

” I will be gentle b*tch” James said.

James grabbed Sydney and penetrated her p*ssy roughly again and started f*cking her gentle and slow, hitting the right spots


They both moan as they had a passionate s*x until they both came at the same f*cking time


Elsa and Claire both had a good time, as they get some random guys to f*ck and ride on their d*cks, bad ass b*tches

? Sydney’s POV

This night was sure fun and great, I just have a nice and hot banging from James, finally Monalisa will be out of the way for ever, I so much hate that b*tch, Thanks to James, I hope he won’t fail me, after I left him on that room, I sent him the full details of the hospital, I went out in search of my friends, I saw them dancing with some random guys, I was exhausted and needed to get a sleep after having some few drinks we left the party.

Anything he want he should do with her Ion care but as long as she will be out of my way I am glad, killin her will be the best option.

Daniel will have no choice than to love and accept me back as his only woman

My plans are finally going to succeed

I can’t wait to see the shock on Daniel’s face when Lisa will go missing in the hospital.

Ohh!! Sydney is a bad b*tch, I am so smart, I always have my way


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