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?Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 27





Monalisa, Daniel and Roc are already there waiting for Randy who said he is coming on the way.

They are both walking around seeing the beauty of the park, Jin’s park is one of the most expensive, decorated and the best place for recreation.

“Baby ” Lisa called.

” Yes” Daniel replied

” Look at this flower ” She said, showing a crescent flower.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” She asked

“It’s beautiful baby” He said and kissed her pouted lips.

“Stop guys, I am here, ion wanna die cos of oppression” Roc said

” But I think it’s high time you and Randy should get a girl for yourselves” Daniel said

“Whatever ” He said and walked ahead leaving them behind

“Where’s Randy?” Lisa asked

“Here I am” Randy suddenly said coming in with Kyle.

Lisa’s eyes widened immediately she saw Kyle, she rushed, holding tightly onto her crouches and hug her so tight.

Her legs are starting to get better

“You told me some moments ago that you weren’t coming, what happen! you change your mind” Lisa asked.

” This noisy guy here force me, I accidentally jam into him” Kyle replied

“Me? noisy ” Randy asked pointing at himself

“Stay away from me Randy” Kyle said.

“Ion think I will do that, I like disturbing uptight people*

He winked and left to join Daniel who is standing meters away from them.

She held her breath as her heart miss a beat.

“You’re looking so cute ” Lisa said and she blushed

” Thanks babe, let’s join the others, where is Roc?”

“He walked ahead of us, he might be some where here”

“Let’s have fun girl” Lisa said and they started walking to where the guys are.

? Sydney’s POV

My cheeks kept beaming with smiles, the level of my happiness is unmeasurable right now, I haven’t been this happy in my life for a very long time now.

Daniel is the reason behind my happiness, I won’t f*ck up this time or do anything to break his heart, I am gonna claim him all to myself.

Even without eliminating Lisa, he is slowly coming back to me.

“I love you Daniel” I screamed happily.

My phone started ringing and I took it and saw James name on the screen.

I felt like not answering but on a second thought I decided to pick it and hear what he will have to say.

“Hello Sydney” He said immediately I clicked on the green button.

” Yes James” I replied.

“I just got a contract to eliminate Monalisa” He said and I spranged up immediately.

“Are you serious?”

“Do I look like a joker to you” he replied

“I need your help, I want you to help with her location” He said

“And why I am you involving me in this” I asked

“This what you wanted in the first place, aren’t you happy it’s finally coming through?” He asked.

Yes, I wanted it at first but not anymore, Daniel is coming back to me, I don’t see any need of wasting her already miserable life, he is having feelings for me again, I don’t think I still need to partake in anything against Lisa

“But I don’t think I want it now, I am good with Daniel, he is starting to love me again” I replied and he laughed cynically.

“And how sure are you that he is not playing with your feelings, do you think he will love you if he ever found out what you did to that girl or the kind person you’re” He said and I was kinda disturb.

He’s right.

“Are you trying to snitch on me James?” I asked

” I don’t plan on doing that and I will never do it, if you can’t tell her location but I am gonna find it out myself, I am still James” He said and hung up.

“How sure are you that he is not playing with your feelings” James words kept ringing in my head.

“I am confuse right now, but even I am not involve it she will definitely be eliminated anyway, I will say that person behind her elimination blindly help me” I said and called my friends.

?James’s POV

I can’t believe this, the same girl that Sydney hired me to eliminate is the same girl I murder her parents years back.

Somehow I am feeling guilty

But I can’t go back on my words, Vincent already paid me.

Memories of what she did to me the first day I met her came to my mind and the hatred for her accelerated, I won’t stop until I will find her and I will kill her.

I need to be fast, Vincent so much trust me.

✍️ Author’s note


Doctor Brandon just finished checking Monalisa’s legs.

Her legs are now much stronger, she can walk even without crouches.

“Her legs healed up so fast, there is no need of using crouches frequently, she can walk just that she will only limp” He said.

Monalisa smiled, tightening her hold on Daniel.

“Thank you so much” Daniel said

“You’re welcome Daniel” he replied

“We will be on our way now” Daniel said and stood up with Lisa as they both walked out.

“Should I carry you to the car?” He asked

“Yes” she pouted and he couldn’t resist it, he kiss her not minding people passing by.

“You’re getting addicted to my lips already” She said as she wrapped her hands around his neck.

“I am already addicted baby” He replied and started walking to the car with her in his arms.

He gently placed in the car and Suddenly felt like someone is watching him, he turned around but saw no one.

“What is wrong?” She asked

” I feel like someone is watching me” he replied

“Then let’s get out of here” She said.

He got in the car and drove home.

A guy came out from his hiding place and smile, remembering the tracking device he secretly install on the car.

“Just the starting” he said and left



She has just finished bathing, she walked out of the bathroom and dried herself up with the towel, she rubbed her cream and slipped into her pink gown.

She heard her door monitor beeping, she walked out of her room and opened the door.

Immediately she opened the door her heart almost flew out cos of shock.

Right there on the door is Randy who is having an annoying smirk on his face.

“What!!!” she screamed and tried to close the door but he quickly stop her.

“Hey little Kyle” He waved.

“How… how did you know my house?” she asked still in shock

“I got my ways” He replied winking.

Her heart skipped beat again

“Stop behaving crazy, why do my heart always skip a beat when ever he wink at me” she thought.

“Hey, are you even here with me?” He asked


“How was the trip to Senegal?” He asked and she arched her brows confusingly.


“You were lost, what were you thinking about little Kyle?” he replied

“Why are you here?” she asked deciding to ignore his question.

“To see you of course”

“Why” she asked

“Cos I missed you” He replied, bluntly.

She gasped

“Are you alright? missed me, how.. we ain’t even close that much, we aren’t even friends, who does that?” She asked rushing her words.

“How many questions, which one should I answer?”

“All of em’ ” she replied.

“Okay, I was just joking, can you go out with me” He asked

“No, no, no capital no, get out”

“Stop been so uptight, loosen up okay, just want us to be friends, come on little Kyle”

She smack his head immediately.


“Kyle, even if you have your brain hanging around your a** try and remember my correct name dummy” she hissed and he find her sternness funny.

“Okay but please, please please” He kept begging.

“Okay fine” She replied frustratingly

“Thank you, are you gonna change?” He asked.

“No I am gonna bath dummy you expect me to go out dress like this” she said

“You look sexy in it” he winked

Somehow she found his compliment appeasing, she blushed secretly

“Pervert, mind you stay outside, don’t come inside my house” She said and left for her room.

She came back dressed differently.

Randy mouth widened as he saw the beauty in his front.

“Hey close your mouth before a fly with go in” she snapped.

“Oh! you look good in this” he said

“Ion need your compliment, are we going or not I might change my mind”

” Sorry” he quickly opened the door for her, she got in and he bow.

“Silly” she smiled.

He got in and started the car.

“Hey, don’t dare stare at me”

“Yes boss ” He replied and she smile secretly at him.


Randy book a Vip section for the both of them.

The table is filled with their orders, Kyle is eating already.

Randy is not eating rather starring at her and smiling.

“Is there anything stuck on my face?” She asked


“Then stop staring at me and eat jerk” she said

“You’re so beautiful”

“I know ” she rolled her eyes at him

“I expected you to blush”

“Blush by words coming from a perv like you, beside I have heard that countless times, it doesn’t move me again” she replied

“You’re so mean” he said like a baby

She smiled.

“You should smile more often, you look more cute” He said

“Can you please talking and eat” She said


“Randy ” some one suddenly called and they turned to see a girl.

Randy wave at her and she walked to him.

“Mara ” he said

” You’re back from Korea?” he asked

“Ne, eotteohge jinaeseyo” she asked

“Huh!!,, What’s that, I don’t understand Korean” He said

“It mean yes and how are you” she replied

” I am fine”

“Can I join you two?”

” Sure” he said and she sat beside him

” Hi, I am mara” she said to Kyle


Mara order for her food and started eating, she started flirting with Randy.

Strangely Kyle is feeling somehow, anger slowly building up in her.

A piece of stew got stuck on Randy’s mouth, mara stood and lean almost kissing him and wipe it off.

“Will you stop behaving cheap” Kyle snapped

” What!?”

“How dare you call me cheap” Mara said

” If you aren’t one then stop flirting with Randy, can’t you see he’s with me”

” But he didn’t tell me that you are his girl, so crack off it b*tch”

” Wh*re, zero sense, are you even using your brain or you choose to use your p*ssy, cos who has a brain won’t be behaving so cheap” She said and Randy chuckle.

“Said by an ambassador f*ck and go, I bet how guys slept with you before, two, three, four or five, they are uncountable right? ” Mara said and she became immediately weak, past memories of how guys ditch her starting flowing in her head.

She had four heartbreak and all of them slept with her, that’s her weakness.

This is the more reason she decided to say no to love and avoid guys, but hearing it again shredded her heart.

She ran out immediately with tears in her eyes threatening to fall

“See what you cause?, behave next time Mara, you just ruin my date” Randy said and ran after her.

“Randy” Mara called but he’s already out

He got outside and saw her beside the car sniffing slowly.

He felt bad immediately

He touch her on the shoulder and turned her around.

“What is…..” The last word got stuck in his throat.

She slapped him.


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