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? Daniel’s POV

I am Daniel Montenegro, I am from a very wealthy family, one of the most richest in united state of America… I am very popular and famous in Greogia. I am every girl crush, every lady crushes at me, but I am not a flirt. I am simple inwardly but I don’t take shit from people, you don’t wanna play with me, if you don’t want to rot in jail.. I am the son of the owner of the school, ROYAL HIGH.

The new girl, the black newbie, she is a bold lady, she is fearless, oh maybe she doesn’t know me, she is new anyway

“Arrghh! ” I groaned as massaged my cheeks

That girl is psycho… look at the way she twisted my cheeks..but why I am not even angry at it, what is making me happy thinking about it….. I felt this connection and spark as she touches me… like a force… I am still confuse why I didn’t feel angty towards her, I would have dealt with her if it was another person. I am the most feared person in the whole school both teachers and student, they don’t talk when I talk.

“Daniel, why are you smiling?”Roc asked

I even forgot I am with my friends.

I got lost in my thoughts.

“Nothing ” I replied simply

“You are just smiling for nothing ?” Randy asked, looking at me suspiciously

” Yes ” I nodded avoiding his eyes

“Class have started let’s go to the class ” I said avoiding further questions from my two friends, they can be a disturbance and I am not ready for it

” OKay ” They said.

” Thank God ” I sighed inwardly

We stood up and headed to the class.

Oh!! I forgot I had my own chamber in the school, only meant for me.

As I reached the class, I saw Jake and his friends bullying a girl, I hate it when people bully others, I may not be the best guy best I hate seeing other maltreated.. I look closely and saw it was the new newbie, I felt anger build up in me instantly and I rushed in

“Stop ” I said and the noisy class became quiet, students started rushing back to their seats, the guys stop beating her and turned towards my direction

” How could you be beating a girl? You got no conscience “I asked

“What did she do to you? ” I sneered

“She called me a white b*tch ” Syndey said and I chuckled.

I know that would be her words, she has a sharp mouth

I looked down at her and saw her looking at me without blinking, she is so rude.

” Hey psycho stop looking at me ” I said
but she continue looking at me.

“Black newbie “I said and she glared at me.

ohh!! I am in trouble again.

?Monalisa’s POV

I got lost in my thoughts looking at his face,, how can one be this handsome, his lips, eyes, I wished I could kissed them, I like this guy bu.. but he is rude and proud.

What’s even wrong with me, why am I admiring him in the first place, he is so arrogant, I hate him

I can’t possibly be crushing on him


” Black newbie “I heard him said snapping me out from my thoughts.

My face changed and I saw him flinch in fear

I chuckled silently

He is scared of me… that’s great.

“Black newbie right ? I asked, standing

” Oh! I didn’t say that ” He replied

” I heard you clearly, what did I told you about calling me black, you have forgotten right? ” I said and moved closer to him and he moved back.

“You can’t say thank you… I just saved your a** remember ” He said trying to make me forget the name,

Well he succeed.

” Why would I said thank you?” I asked.

“I saved you ” He said pouting his mouth.

It’s cute

Gosh!! Lisa control yourself

” Whatever, thank you ” I said sarcastically

He gave me a hanky and I dusted myself, those guys spoilt my day.

“Next time, you will not play with me..white b*tch ” Sydney said.

” Daniel I can’t believe you stood up for this low life thing here ” She seethed

” That’s not a reason you should bully her Sydney, I know you, you started this shit.. So face it ” He replied and she flare

” Watch your back b*tch ” She said and left

” Okay white b*tch “I said and and Mr. handsome chuckled, she walked angrily to another seat and sat down.

“Black ” He whispered and went to his seat… I heard students murmuring , is he that much feared, he doesn’t play around with students…well here I come.

I went and sat down, sitting next to Kyle

“Who is she? ” I asked kyle.

“Syndey Jones, the popular b*tch in this college one of the most famous and richest in Georgia,, feared by students no one play with her, she is second to Daniel in term of popularity and power” Kyle replied.

” No wonder she is rude and proud ” I said.

“Try and stay out of her way, if you wanna stay here.. you have an unfinished business with Daniel ” Kyle said and I flinched.

Oh!! I forgot but I don’t think he will punished me, I hope he changes his mind.

A teacher came in the class, a fair female teacher. We greeted her while she respond and asked the everyone to sit down.

She wrote biology on the board before turning to face us.

” I am Miss Turner ” she said,, I am your biology teacher, I got my rules when I am in the class, no noise in my class, no communication,, understand ” she said.

“yes ma ” The class choruses

” Before we continue, what is biology? ” she asked.

No one answered her, I knew the answer but kept quiet.

she pointed at White b*tch but she couldn’t answer it. ohh! she is so dull common biology she can’t explain,, beauty with no brain.

“You ” Miss Turner said pointing at me, I felt nervous immediately, the class turned focusing their eyes at me..

” Me? ” I asked pointing at myself.

“Yes, black ” She said.

What she called me black, I would have insulted her back, but she is my teacher, so I can’t .

” I am Monalisa Ayodeji not black miss Turner ” I said boldly and she grinned.

” Such guts you got miss…okay what is the answer? if you can’t answer a punishment follows ” She said smirking.

” B*tch “I murmured.

“You said what? ” She asked.

” Nothing ” I said

” Biology can be defined as the study of life ” I replied

“Correct, so can you tell us the two branches of biology “She asked.

” Botany and zoology ” I said.

“Sit down, Lisa ” She said defeatedly

?She is brilliant.

? She is intelligent.

I heard students murmuring.

The lesson continue till thea the lesson was over,, she gave an assignment before leaving, Daniel was busy listening to music in the class, he wore headphones on his head… I stood up and went to his seat.

” Hey ” I said.

He removed his head phone on seeing me.

“What? ” He asked.

“Nothing, see don’t give me that look ” I said and he smile.

Ohh!! my that smile.

” Can we be friends?” I asked

“What!!!,, I can’t be friends with a crazy girl like you ” He said.

” What ” I gasped

“Okay you are not crazy,, but a psycho” He said.

” I will kill you ugly thing ” I said

” Are you sure your eyes are working fine ?” He asked leaving me in confusion

” Huh?”

” I am every girl crush, how could you say I am ugly, I am the most handsome guy in Georgia ” He said and I laughed

” What’s funny ? ” He frowned

” Look at your face right now ” I said

?Wow who is she really

? She insult him and he is talking with her instead of punishing her

? Did him like her

? The black b*tch

My eyes meet with Sydney and she glared murderously at me, I rolled my eyes and face him again

” Get out, stay away from me ” He said seriously

” Okay, I am sorry for talking harshly to you earlier ” I said

” I am not mad at you but please, just stay …. ”

” Please, please, please ” I said

” Okay fine,, you’re something else,, but I will still punish you ” He replied

” Really? what is my punishment ? ” I asked

” You will have to write me an apology letter ” He smirked

” What !!!” I gasped

Who did he took me for, I am not doing that shit, he should be happy I am even apologize to him

” I can’t ” I said

” Fine, then stay away from me ” He said

” Okay, fine Mr. I will do it, okay now ” I said but he kept quiet

” So are we friends now? ” I asked and he started scratching his head like I was forcing him, I am doing that to change his mind about punishing me,, I can’t be expelled here this has been my dream to complete high school and if possible further ahead

“Uhh! Yes, we are black ” He said and I hit him playfully…. just then the bell rang.

” What is that ?” I asked.

“Lunch time… wanna join?” He asked.

” Really ? ”

” Yeah ”

” Okay, I am in ” I nodded happily

“Okay let’s go ” He said, standing up

” Roc, Randy, let’s go ” He said to his friends

The guys came to where we were and we all moved out to the cafeteria together.

The students were giving me looks of surprise, I heard different comments from them but who cares?

Well what did you expect when walking with a guy like him, wished he is mine

What!!, I think I am going crazy at this moment.

How could I even think of that

F*ck you Lisa!!


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