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?Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 37




Dragon and the rest of THE BLACK AXE GANG members started following Jin as he drove ahead.

Jinhun noticed a car following him and he smiled knowing instantly that Vincent is behind it.

“I knew this will happen anyway” He said.

He took another route and the car still followed him.

He started driving down the abandoned bridge

He started speeding and the guys speed too trying to overtake him.

He got the place he wanted and marched the brakes, he started turning the car around making dust to cover the whole place.

The dust died down and they rushed to his car, their eyes widened when the couldn’t see him in the car.

“What!!!” Dragon yelled angrily

“How did he even get out of the car” Another one asked

A gun shot sounded and both of them stood at alert watching every corner

Down the bridge there was a secret stairs, not everyone knew about it that was where he was when he got out of the car.

He came out and started laughing at the guys

“Wow!! eleven against me” He said

“You bastard” Dragon said

“How dare you stress us?” He asked

“Your mother will regret it cos of the stress you gave her when you were still in her womb and at the end she gave birth to ape” Jin laughed

“What, you called me an ape ” Dragon groaned

” Vincent sent you against me right, I don’t even need to ask cos I already know” Jin said

“Good bye,, guys kill him ” Dragon commanded and the guys started shooting at him

But to their surprise Jin started dodging the bullets professionally.

He removed his gun from it belt strap and immediately two guys went down

He took covered in his car and started killing them

He rolled and shot three more guys, it is remaining three more guys

A guy shot at him and he manage to escape the Bullet, he slide down and shot the three of them.

Dragon stood with his mouth wide open,, how could a single guy handle tens guys within minutes

He removed his gun and started shooting at Jin randomly, Jin retaliated dangerously, if Dragon isn’t a tough guy he would have go down now but no doubt he is good too but Vincent even made the mistake of sending him, he underestimated James who is more stronger, skillful, smarter than Dragon

A perfect match for Jinhun

Both of them suddenly ran out of bullets and they came out facing each other

“Fists to fist ” Dragon said

“Can you be able to handle this guy here?” He asked proudly

“Ion a weakling, you will be dieing today wench, come on ” Dragon said and started making moves at him

He threw several punches at Jin in which Jin dodge smiling

It got Dragon more annoyed and he blindly charged at him

Jin gave him a hard punch and he flew to the ground with a bleeding mouth

Dragon stood up and threw a standing kick at him, hitting Jin on the chest.

Jin fell groaning in pains

“I am just starting” Dragon said

“You are good in this but can you handle this, tiger style ” He said, demonstrating the tiger style Kung Fu

Dragon’s eyes widened immediately, he is good at fighting but he hasn’t fought with a Kung Fu fighter, this is going to be hard but he can’t stool so low to be easily defeated

Jin started making dangerous moves at him, getting the upper hand as his nails pierce dragon’s face badly

He tried fighting back but he was not a match to Jinhun

He delivered hard dangerous kicks and punches at him injuring him severally

Dragon fell on the ground helplessly and lifeless groaning in excruciating pain.

“I told you you can’t handle me” Jin said and dragged him to the car, he pushed him into the car

Jinhun searched his body and saw his phone, he took it out and luckily it was not locked, he went to his contact list and saw a call he recently made *BOSS*

He knew it to be Vincent’s number, he quickly dialled it.

“Hello dragon, you have taken care of him right?” Vincent’s voice immediately sound

“Yes, but it’s the way round Vincent, Dragon is the one dieing, you think you can send this rats after me to kill, I can’t be killed, I’m immortal ” He replied and the phone almost slipped from Vincent’s hand

“Jin ” He called with a shaking voice

“Yes, I wanted to be easy but ain’t doing that again, sadly you will be loosing dragon, you should have send James not this weakling ” He said

Dragon groaned painfully and Vincent heard it, adding more to his fear

“Bye bye Vincent” He hung up

“Bye Dragon King”

Jin started the car and geared it up closing car’s door and trapping the unmovable dragon in.

The car faced the bridge rail and started heading there

Dragon screamed in agonizing fear, the car went through the rails and it fell down, crashing and tumbling as it descended the down and down going deeper

“Lord forgive me” Jin said and got in his car driving home

? Monalisa’s POV

Even after I came back from school I was still scared

I was nearly killed today if it wasn’t for Daniel I would have been died by now

The news is all over the town now and more disturbing Jin is not picking his calls, we don’t know if he’s alright or not

Daniel’s dad and mom left the house to school immediately we came back

“He is still not picking up right?” I asked behind him

“Yes” He replied with a worried face

“Jin will be alright… ”

The door opened and Jin walked in felling on the couch tiredly

“Bro where were you?” Daniel asked

“Taking care of Vincent’s boys ” He replied

“Don’t tell me you killed them?” Daniel asked seeing blood on his hands

“Sadly I killed eleven of them” He replied

Daniel and I gasped shockingly

” What!!! ”

“It’s no big deal he sent them to kill me” He said

“Okay I understand what happened?” I asked

“I visited him in his office today and we talked out but he still want to be stubborn, we are going to the station tomorrow to report him and got him arrested” Jin replied

” You shouldn’t have done that, it was risky knowing the kind of man he is” Daniel said

” He is not a match for me, I am Jinhun Montenegro, know that idiot” He replied

“I was worried when you weren’t picking your calls” I said

“Ohh!! I was busy handling the guys, I need to get a bath ” He said and stood up going upstairs

“He is so strong and fearless, that was why dad like him the most and even appointed him as his personal guard” I said

“I can sense it, he is smart, he knew his stands before going there, but wait how many guys did he killed” Daniel said rushing upstairs

I smiled widely

Vincent you time is up

? Jinhun’s POV

My kid brother is right worrying about me but I am not a fool who will be going to threatened a man like Vincent and went empty handed

I prepared before going there, I knew before hand that such will happen, I was trained in gun fighting, arrow shooting and kungfu which I mastered expertly

I was about going into the bathroom when Daniel rushed into the room

“What’s it? why are you running?” I asked

“How many were the guys?” He asked

“Eleven” I replied simply

“What!! and you easily killed them?” He asked with a surprise look

“Yes, they weren’t even tough ” I replied closing the bathroom’s door

“Rambo ” He shouted after me

“Idiot” I smiled


I came downstairs after taking my bath,bi saw dad and mom in the sitting room with Daniel and his girlfriend

“Dad, mom” I said

“Jin” They replied

“Vincent must be reported tomorrow or else it will soon become bloodly” I said

“Dad you won’t believe he….” Daniel started saying but I immediately jumped on him but he would spill everything to my parents

I hugged him tightly preventing him from talking

“He did what?” Mom asked

“I…I saw a girl I like today” I lied and Lisa winked at me, I winked back

“Really?” Dad asked suspiciously, he is so smart

“Right kid bro”

“Yes, he saw a girl he like ” He replied and glared at me

“Try and bring her here” Mom said happily

“Sure mom” I replied

” After what happened at school today, I will be getting Vincent expose and arrested tomorrow unfailingly ” Dad said and I smiled

Vincent let me see how you will react when your most dreaded secret will be out tomorrow.


✍️ Author’s note

The car which Dragon was in got damage badly and to no recognition

it kept crashing and tumbling till it got hanged on a big tree branch

The disfigure dragon hand started moving, his eyes opened and he struggled to move but wasn’t able to do it

With the last strength in him he forcefully opened the door and went out but immediately he crashed so hard on the ground breaking his arm

“Arrghh” He screamed and started crawling

He saw he was in the jungle of no where, his clothes was drenched in blood, he started crawling trying to find a way to escape


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