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HIS HEART KNOWS – Episode 20


“Papa! Papa!,” Samir shouted as he jumped on the bed. Bouncing up and down like a bunny. Aamir was still sleeping. He frowned as he tried to use the duvet to cover himself.

But Samir’s shouts just won’t go away. ?Some responsibilities can’t be ignored or abandoned. So he sat up and Samir fell on him, hugging him tight.

“Good morning daddy. I have been trying to wake you up but you were snoring,” Samir said ?

Aamir groaned and kissed his forehead before saying,“Samir, please let daddy sleep. This is the only day I don’t have to go to work.” He said with a pleading expression. It’s the day after Samir’s birthday… Hmm… Let’s make it a ‘Sunday’

Samir shook his head and said,“No… No… No… Don’t be lazy papa. We get to eat pancakes today and then you will take me to the park like you promised.”

Aamir groaned and replied,“It’s still early. I’ll eat the pancakes later and then we’ll go to the park. Just go to your room now or play with Zeenat.” Everyone in the house knows how much he loves his sleep. If it was someone else rather than Samir that woke him up, he would have flew to a rage.

Hmm, seems like he has something in common with Zoya?

Samir shook his head sideways again. He is not going to take no for an answer. “No daddy, you have to stand up. Let’s go to the bathroom. I will bath for you,” he said, trying to pull Aamir up.

Aamir’s eyes widened when he heard Samir’s last words. “What!? No… I can bath for myself. I don’t need your help,” he immediately told Samir.

Samir pouted and answered,“Daddy always bath for Samir… Why can’t Samir bath for daddy?”

Aamir immediately racked his head for an explanation. “You are short and daddy is tall. That’s why,” he answered.

Samir glared at him. Feeling upset at being called short. Aamir stood up from the bed, ignoring him and then walked to the bathroom to take his bath.

He’d better bath now. Samir waited for him till he came out and walked to the walk-in closet in his room. As he walked in, he stared at the painting he had found years ago.

He actually pinned it to a cupboard. He walked to it and caressed it lightly before sighing. Then he immediately dressed up and walked out. As soon as he walked out, Samir clapped happily.

“Daddy and Samir are wearing the same set of clothes,” Samir said happily. Aamir noticed it then that their clothes were actually the same. He smiled and carried Samir before walking out of the room.

They had almost finished their meal when Neha walked out. Aamir looked at her. His eyes caressing the clothes she was wearing. He suddenly thought of what would have happened yesterday if Zeenat hadn’t interrupted them. He sighed and faced his pancakes.

It would eventually happen anyway. Neha greeted everyone and joined them. She couldn’t help but glare at Samir. If it wasn’t for the little brat, she and Aamir would have been lost in the throes of pleasure yesterday.

But this little brat spoilt all her plans. She really has to find a way to get closer to Aamir soon and give him another heir.

When Aamir stood up, she immediately asked Samir with a smile,“Where is baby going?” Samir ignored her and Aamir smiled awkwardly before saying,“We are going to a park.”

“Can I come along?,” She immediately asked. Before Aamir could reply, Samir chirped in,“Aunt Neha… Finish your food.” Then he walked away. Aamir quickly followed him. What a bossy little boy!?

Neha was too embarrassed to look at everyone at the table and they also pretended like they didn’t see what happened.


“Yes sir… I will take good care of her and send her back home safely,” Kashan said to the phone before cutting the call. He stared at Zoya who was sitting across him all dressed in the new designer clothes he ordered.

“Are the pancakes good?,” He asked and she nodded. “Hmm… Very delicious. This is top notch,” She told him with a beautiful smile.

“So.. Where do you do want to go today?,” He asked. She said,“Anywhere…” “What about the park?,” He asked and she shook her head immediately.

“Parks are for children. Let’s go to the cinema instead. I want to watch the lastest bollywood movie,” She answered happily.

Kashan’s eyes widened. Oh no!! Are they going to spend the whole day watching romance movies?


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