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HIS HEART KNOWS – Episode 22


When the father and son pouted with the finger style ✌️, even the photographer’s heart was beating fast for them? She couldn’t help but think that the woman that gave birth to Samir and married Aamir is really lucky.

Just then Aamir’s phone rang and the photograph charade was put to a stop. Aamir thanked the unknown lady that took pictures of them and picked the call. He is completely unaware of the fact that his and Samir’s pictures are currently trending on the internet.

“Boss… We have a problem… A huge problem,” Aamir suddenly heard the voice of his personal assistant.

“What is it?,” He asked back in a cold voice.

“You have to come to the office right away sir. I can’t say it over the phone,” His P.A replied.

“I’ll be right there,” He answered and cut the call. When Samir looked up and saw that he was no longer on call, he immediately asked,“Daddy, can we try the ferris wheel now?”

Aamir knelt down and pats his head before saying,“No, I have to go to work. We will try the ferris wheel some other time. I’ll ask the chauffeur to take you home.”

“No… Wahh!! Wahh!!! I don’t want to leave daddy,” Samir immediately started crying. Aamir hurriedly carried him and walked out.

“It’s fine. You can follow daddy to the office then. Don’t cry baby,” Aamir told him. With that, they left.

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“What! Why will Mr Mehra suddenly pull out his investments at this critical stage?,” Aamir asked as he stared at the man in front of him. His name is Kabeer. He is Aamir’s personal assistant/secretary.

“Boss… I tried calling him and tried setting up an appointment with him but he refused. He claims he has found a better business venture and doesn’t want to invest in ours anymore,” Kabeer answered as he glanced at Samir who was in a playpen, watching cartoons on a laptop.

Aamir groaned. Gosh! What will happen to the hotels, the parks, the restaurants and halls at stake now? How is he going to find an investor in a short time to save this project from folding up?

“Boss… Do you remember that proposal Amal tried to tell you about in the conference room?,” Kabeer asked.

Aamir thought of it and remembered shouting at the man in the conference room. He nodded and answered,“He said something about a foreign company. I don’t remember the name.”

“Sir, it’s K.H. But the name on the proposal documents was Hussain’s company,” Kabeer replied.

Aamir nodded and said,“Give them a call right away. If they can make it here tomorrow and let’s talk about business, it will be better.”

Kabeer nodded and called the number on the documents. Just when the call went through, Aamir already walked to Samir so he didn’t get to hear Zoya’s voice.

“Hello… Who is this?,” Zoya asked.

“Is this K.H?,” Kabeer asked a little bit quietly. The woman’s voice sounded like saccharine. It made something in him skip a beat… Hmm…. Is that his heart?❤️??

Just then he heard the woman shout,“Wake up you lazy bone! You have a call. We’ve only spent one hour here and you are already sleeping!”

Kabeer couldn’t help but smile as he heard her voice. So adorable. Who is she talking to like that? Wait… Since he called K.H, is she K.H girlfriend? ??

“Oww!! You didn’t have to punch me so hard! Don’t blame me for sleeping when this movie is so boring,” Kashan grumbled as he collected his phone from her hand.

Zoya stuck out her tongue at him and he frowned at her. Some of the couples around them couldn’t help but think that the young couple are behaving cutely.

“I’ll be right back,” Kashan said. Just as he wanted to walk away, he suddenly turned around and Zoya froze. Her hand was almost inside in his popcorn box.

Kashan narrowed his eyes at her and said,“Zoya… Don’t you dare touch my popcorn! I mean it… I already counted what’s left in it.”

She nodded sheepishly. He gave her a ‘I’m watching you’ sign before walking away.

‘Zoya… So her name is Zoya,’ Kabeer thought as he waited for Kashan to talk to him. He heard their playful antics over the phone and also heard the part where Kashan was calling her Zoya.

“Hello, this is Kashan Hussain speaking. How can I help you?” Kabeer immediately snapped back to reality when he heard Kashan’s cold voice. A complete contrast to the way he was speaking to Zoya earlier.

“Good day. This is Kabeer. I’m calling from Sharma’s company,” Kabeer answered. Kashan’s eyes narrowed. Aren’t they supposed to call his personal assistant instead? Why him?

He squinted his eyes when he realized who could have pulled off this trick. It must be that she-devil. She actually put his own number instead of the P.A number he asked her to put there.

Why does she like defying his orders so much? Sometimes he feels like he is the employee while she is the CEO.

“Sir, my boss was wondering if..” Before Kabeer could finish speaking, Kashan cut in,“Speak to my personal assistant instead. Check the email address on the documents.”

Kabeer frowned and quickly told him,“My boss was wondering if you could come tomorrow. He wants to discuss the proposal with you.”

Kashan frowned. Tomorrow?? They are miles away. What if he go there and the proposal isn’t successful?

But just then Kabeer said,“Please sir.” Kashan then agreed,“Sure.” Kabeer thanked him and cut the call. Kabeer immediately sent a message to his company’s group on whatsApp.

He told them about the impromptu business meeting that requires them to travel out of the country the next day. He then pasted the names of the employees that will be going with him.

Guess what…. He chose Zoya too. That’s her punishment ?He has never chosen her to follow him to business meetings before but cause she defied his orders once again. She will be going with him.

I wonder what her reaction will be when she hears the news.

“Did they agree?,” Aamir asked hopefully and Kabeer nodded,“Yes.”

Aamir then sighed in relief and instructed him,“Make arrangements for their stay here. Make sure it’s comfortable enough.”


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