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“Carry Samir. We are leaving,” he told her. The nanny nodded and carried Samir. Neha was stunned. It’s just evening. He never leaves office till it’s late at night so why is he leaving now?

She panicked and tried to ask,“What’s wrong? Did I say or do anything wrong? Why are you leaving now? Hey! Aamir wait up.” She quickly followed him.

He sighed and turned to her before saying,“There is nothing wrong. I just need to go home for something urgent.” He then turned around and left.

The nanny followed him. Neha still tried to stop him,“But… You are not through with your job. You know you said we should always finish our jobs before leaving.”

Samir has finally had enough of her. He rested his head on the nanny’s shoulder and said something to Neha. As the nanny and Aamir left, Neha couldn’t stop glaring at Samir.

Did that stinky little boy just say ‘noisy’ or she didn’t read his lips well? ?.

As soon as Aamir got home, he walked up to his room immediately without greeting anybody. He didn’t even talk to anybody and just walked upstairs.

His mother tried to talk to him but he ignored. She saw how gloomy he looks and thought that perhaps he was still heartbroken by Zoya’s betrayal.

She looked at Samir and said to Zeenat that was standing beside her,“What my son needs is a new woman in his life. He can’t go on like this. We have to clear the traces of that woman from his life. Samir also needs a mother. Sooner or later, he has to find a wife.”

Zeenat’s eyes shone brightly at her words. She knows a certain someone that will be happy to hear what her mother just said. She contemplated once again if she should call Neha and inform her of what has been going on in the house lately. What??

Aamir walked slowly into his walk-in closet. He walked to the first cupboard and began to ransack the place. He finally found a small box like a jewelry box.

When he opened it, he was suprised to find a beautiful purple brooch for male clothes in it. Did she buy this for him? Why didn’t she tell him or at least gave to him?

He moved to the next cupboard and soon checked all the cupboards in the walk-in closet. He came up with few things like expensive looking shirts that was obviously meant for him but never got to him.

He found a hand bracelet with the initials of his name on it. He found so many other accessories that was meant for him but of course never got to him.

The last thing he found was a large piece of paper. It had a pencil sketch of him on it. She can draw? What other things did he not know about her?

The drawing was so beautiful. His eyes were closed in it and there was a sight of pillows behind him. Did she draw this when he was sleeping?

He packed everything to the room and dumped it on the bed. He was so confused and frustrated. Why? Why did she do all this? If she ever loved as these gifts claim, why did she try to cheat on him?

He was pacing around the room when he suddenly caught sight of the wedding frame peeking out from under the bed. He bent down and picked it up. It’s broken but the people in the picture are still obvious.

He will just get this fixed.

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Just then, someone knocked once again. He ushered the person in and was suprised to see the nanny looking so worried.

“What is wrong? Is Samir okay?,” he asked and the nanny shook her head sideways to indicate ‘No’.

“He is suddenly having high temperature. I tried feeding him but he just refused the food and started crying instead. At first, I ignored but when I wanted to change his clothes I realized that he was having a high temperature,” she explained.

Aamir frowned. That mischievous baby was fine a while ago so what happened to him now. “Where is he now?,” he asked and she answered,“Your mother is already carrying him. He is downstairs in the sitting room with her.”

Aamir walked out immediately. Samir was indeed crying like he was in pain. He hurriedly grabbed his car keys and urged his mother to go with him to the city hospital.

The weather slowly darkened as day turned into night. Aamir stood in front of the doctor. “Why would you say there is nothing wrong with him? Did you even examine him well?,” he asked and the doctor nodded.

She smiled and said,“There is nothing wrong with him sir. He is just about to get another set of teeth. Where is his mother? She should have noticed this for a while now. Since his high temperature only surfaced, it means she must have been using a kind of drug for him before that will ease the pain of getting the teeth.”

Aamir fell silent. He didn’t know what to say. “Where is his mother?,” the doctor asked again. “She should not stop using the drug for him. It’s obviously working well for him,” she said.

Aamir turned around and left the office immediately. His mother sighed and stood up. She handed Samir who was now sleeping to the nanny and thanked the doctor.

She got a prescription of new drugs for him from the doctor and left with the nanny. When she walked out, Aamir was standing in the corridor. He was looking down at his phone staring at something intently.

She creeped up behind him and peered into his phone. When she saw that he had actually searched for Zoya’s pictures, she sneered. What does this mean? Is he missing her already?

She spoke up startling him,“What Samir needs now is a new mother. Aamir, I suggest you go on blind dates for Samir’s sake. You have to get a new mother for him.”

Aamir hid his phone and rubbed his eyes. I don’t know if he was crying but when he turned back to look at Samir, his eyes were slightly red.

He stared at the boy’s sleeping figure and turned around once more.

As he walked away, he couldn’t help but think,’ Why do I feel like I made a huge mistake… in letting her go? ‘


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