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??❤️His kids mother ??❤️
?who is she? ?

~written by Blinky

?Chapter Eleven

?Scarlet pov?
“Come on Dolly, you have to step up a bit. You got an E minus in English this week. Why? “I said worriedly.

She sighed as she took her exam paper from my hand.

“I don’t know why mom. There’s nothing I can do about it! The words are just so confusing and the spellings are the worst. “She pointed out obviously tired.

I sighed and went back to cooking.

“Maybe I should quit school and open a boutique! “She suddenly said looking thoughtful.

“What?!!! That’s an awful idea. You can’t just drop out. You’re still 12. “I said turning the stew.

“I’ll just be in my room doing my homework. “Dolly said leaving the kitchen.

I shrugged.

?Jayden’s pov?
I laid on my bed scrolling through Facebook
Today has been super boring at school and it’s probably cause Alma didn’t show today.

I tried to go through new posts from friends.

I came across a recent post by Zac, the gang leader.

There was a pick of him and Alma… What?

He even tagged me.
The post reads: ME AND MY BAE, WE ARE INLOVE ??….

I was shocked at first but then tapped on a button to see more pictures.
there was tons of them.

Alma and Zac together. The last pic was of both of them kissing.

I was very angry and full of rage..
I thought Alma and I were close now and she likes me for real.

I angrily threw my phone away.
How could she do this?

?White pov?
I grabbed Scarlet immediately she cane into my room.
She gasped as I took her lips into mine kissing her.
She pulled away.

“I just came to let you know your food’s on the dinning… “She said.

“Screw the dinner Scarlet ! I want to have you instead. “I said and sucked on her neck giving her a hickey.

“I don’t want us to do this White .”she bemoans as I pulled her close by her waist.

I stopped and looked into her face,

“Why? I’ve not had you since the first time we did it. We’re together now so what’s the problem? “I asked.

“I don’t want to have kids. “She muttered and sat on the bed.

I nervously put my hands in my pockets.

“Why Scarlet ? “I asked.

“Am not ready. Not now… “She said arms folded.

I sighed and knelt before her.
“Are you comfortable with me wearing a condom? “I asked.

She glanced at me mute.

I smiled and went to my wardrobe to get protection.

{The scene below is rated 18+ ?}
Scarlet pov?
I laid on the bed watching White as he crawled to me. He got on top of me but supported himself with his hands beside me head.

He kissed me roughly and dirty before I opened my legs for him and and he positions himself lifting my legs up.

I wet already. He turned me on fast.
He pulled out my pants and shifted my undie making an open invite for him to impale me.
He came in hot and tight.

He began thrusting in and out with a speed I that drove the pleasure around me.

I moaned hysterically and in ecstasy as he reached the peaks and depth of my honeypot.

After minutes of hard strokes and pleasure, we both came and he pulled out of me.
He wasn’t able to release anything in me cause he was wearing a condom.

He kissed me and I reciprocated.
I was panting and sweating a bit.

?Clover’s pov?
I passed my ticket to the receptionist at the airport.
Am back to New York city after months of being at mom’s place.

I looked at the image I had in my hand. It was of my late sister, Juli’s husband.

He’s such a hottie and very rich.

Last time I was back, we screwed one night.
I wished I was pregnant for him but I didn’t ?.
One day at a club, I had s*x with someone I barely knew and that was when my stupid womb could accept sperms.

I have to use this baby in me and get him back!
It won’t be so difficult cause Dolly likes me alot and we’re the best of friends.

Jayden doesn’t like me much and I still can’t figure out why…

“Welcome to New York city. “The receptionist says warmly as she passes me some papers.

White love, here I come!


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