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??❤️His kids Mother ??❤️
?who is she? ?

?Chapter Two

?Scarlet pov ?
I stood by the door of the Mansion waiting patiently for White kids to come down from their ride home.

I hoped they won’t be too difficult to control cause I have a few tricks up my sleeves in case they refuse to cooperate with me.

The door opened and the female, Dolly got down first wearing the dull most look I’ve ever seen.

Next, the boy followed.
I wasn’t proud with the tattoo on his neck. It was that of a diamond…
Hmm, I’ve got to keep an eye on that boy.

They sublimely walked to where I was.
Dolly glanced at me for a while Jayden stared looking so ‘I don’t care’.. Ish.

They couldn’t even greet. These children seriously need a mom or someone to bite their ears often.

“Dolly, Jayden. How are you two doing?.. “I said and smiled. Proceeding without letting them reply to my question.
” You must have heard about me. Am Scarlet , your new mom. ”

Dolly rolled her eyes.
“Whatever freak. “She snarled.

Wait a minute… she’s just 12 years old.
How could she be so foul mouthed?

“Is that the only thing your have to say Dolly? Anyway, what’s expected from a fifth grader who continuously fails English after extra moral lessons and home tutoring?? “I asked listing her whole biggest life slurp for her.

I knew a lot about her and I had to grab every single detail about them.
But Dolly is extremely weird, she perfects maths but fails awfully in English.

Her jaw dropped as shame and a marveled expression was written all over her face.

Jayden too looked suprised.

“While you chew on that, go and get ready for Dinner and endeavor to fix your messy rooms yourselves since you locked the door before going to school. “I said turning my back on them.

“You can’t order us around ma’am. Why don’t you go take care of your grandkids. “Jayden said behind me.

Such manners.
How old does this boy think I am?

“Dinner in 30 minutes. I want to see your butt on the table by then or you two will be getting it from me. “I said sternly.

They scoffed before walking past me into the Mansion.
I rubbed my chin staring after them.

The tattoo on Jayden’s neck, why is it there?
I couldn’t help but get curious.

?White pov ?
I sat by my study desk in my home library going through stuff in my laptop.
I took a break from the office Cause I was too lazy to just sit on my special CEO chair ordering people around.

I’ll just leave everything to my personal assistant to handle.

I got thirsty and I felt my throat slightly patched.
I looked up from my laptop.

“Estella! Zara??! “I called on my maids.

Oh, I suddenly remembered the f*cking new mom fired all of them.
That lady’s too bossy and is already acting like the boss of the house…

A part of me just wants my mom dead so she would stop medelling in my private life. This hiring ‘Mom’ of a thing is quite annoying.

But strangely, my mind keeps picturing Skyler’s backside I viewed earlier.

This is so not me.
I don’t get a hard on easily.
It’s just lust.

I gotta get rid of this feelings fast.
She won’t last here anyway. She will run back to wherever mom picked her up from in no time. Like I said earlier, my kids are monsters.

If Bonnie ever shows up from her grave, I’d strangle her for such rascals as children.

I was thirsty and I was starting to yearn for water more than before.
Am lazy and have never stepped my foot into the kitchen-ever!

The new mom have to replace the maids for now.

“Scarlet ..! Scarlet !! “I called her name.

Not more than 10 seconds, she showed up in the office and I was relieved she wasn’t putting on that drop-dead dress anymore. She wore a more casual outfit.

“What’s wrong? “She asked.

“Since you fired my god sent maids.. You have to replace them for now. “I explained like a little baby boy.

“Excuse m… ”

“Get me a glass of water. Make sure it’s from the water dispenser. My body organs and systems are very sensitive. “I said cutting her off.

She scoffed staring at the floor.

“What are you waiting for? Get on with it! “I said adjusting myself on the couch I was on.

I looked up again to see her looking at me. She then grinned and left the office.

Hmm, am suspecting this lady.
I’m guessing she must be having a crush on me. Am just too cute and irresistible.

?Scarlet pov?
Everyone must be insane in this mansion. First the kids and now him.

Do I look like a maid?
Am a fucking mom!!

I arrived at the kitchen and grabbed a glass. I walked to the water dispenser… Hmm, I walked to the sink instead and filled it up.

Yes, I’d like him to have a taste of delicious sink water.

‘Sensitive my foot. ‘

Let’s see if the water will choke him to death.

I returned to the office. He stretched out his arm for the glass. I handed it to him.

He stared at it for a while.

“How many degrees cold? “He asked.

“I didn’t check. Go ahead and drink it or don’t you trust your water dispenser? “I asked him.

He huffed and brought his cute perfect lips to the tip of the glass.

TBC ???
Scarlet is one hot mom ? ?
The tattoo on Jayden’s neck, who else is suspicious??

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