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❤️??His kids mother ❤️??
?who is she? ?

~written by Blinky

?Chapter Five and Six

?Scarlet pov ?
I took a pillow and walked to White room. I wanted to spend the night with him.

I had limited time with them and time’s running out.
White and I need some kind of connection or intimate friendship so he would be able to trust me and give me what I want and why I am sent here.


“You want to spend the night with me. In my room? “He asked as I dropped the pillow on the bed.
I nodded with a cunning smile.

“My room is too lonely anyway. “I said lying down on the bed.

He shrugged before joining me. He turned off the lights.

?White pov ?
This woman is a seductress!
What’s really her motive here? With her extreme figure and dripping horny pot?

She’s right beside me and I thought of taking this chance to lay with her.
I could seduce any woman. It’s practically a routine am naturally good at.

I turned in a swift and sent my hand to her thigh. She shuddered as I see her eyes glisten despite the dark.

Our eyes locked and I kissed her desperately on her lips, sucking and biting.
I was glad she didn’t stop me.
There was something drawing me closer to her every minute and I have to find out what it was.

She disengaged from the kiss.

“please stop. ” she begged as she shifted from me.

I couldn’t let her go.
What do I do?
My d*ck was erect and it was already late in the night

“Please… “I murmured as I took her lips into mine again kissing her hungrily like I would die if oli didn’t.

I got on top of her sliding inbetween her legs. She shuddered as her p*ssy came in contact with my bare erection.

She moaned out in ecstasy as I sucked on her right b**bs. Her v was already wet.
I pulled my lips from her n**ples.

“Should I stop? “I asked softly

She shook her head in pleasure. I kissed her and the rest of the night was sweet and intense.

?Jayden’s pov ?
I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. What Zac and his friends are asking me to do is too risky and improper

What do they want with her nude pics?
This is more serious than I thought.

But I have to do it.
Am a man though…

?Scarlet pov ?
I woke up naked beside White.
Oh God… What did we just do last night?

I can’t believe I was this careless.
He did ask me if he should stop but I encouraged him.

I can’t make a thing with him, I can’t.

“Morning.” White said looking at me.

I just nodded as i stood up with the duvet covering me. I reached for my dress to get changed.
afterwards, I left his room for mine.
I needed to take a bath. I need to rub him off me.

I opened my door and went in going into the bathroom.
I turned on the shower as I took my soap.

…. “Jayden??!!! “I heard a voice yell outside the bathroom door.

It was that of White .

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