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?❤️His Kids Mother ?❤️
who is she?

?Chapter Eight?

❤️Scarlet pov ❤️

White and I headed downstairs. The maid opened the door.
It was the secret billionaire!
He was wearing a casual tracksuit and looked handsome with the eating he was wearing glittering.

But what is he doing here?
What’s he up to?

White smirked and they both shook hands like soul brothers.

They know each other?

“Raphael! So good to see you men! “White said and they half hugged with their hands still in the handshake.

This two are blowing my mind right now.

The billionaire Raphael shot me a stare and looked straight.
I watched both of them walk into the living room.
I rubbed my eyes.

Is this really happening?

I quickly walked after them. When I got to the living room, they were both sitted already and had drinks in their hands.

“Raphael, meet Scarlet. She’s the lady my mother hired as mom for those two brats. “White said to Raphael.

Raphael scoffed.
“Nice. “He quickly said and dropped his drink on the table at the center of the room.

“Miss. Please excuse us for a minute. “Raphael told me.

I was confused and had no idea with what he was doing or planning. And more over, he didn’t tell me he knew White … The target!
Like what kind of person does that?

I shook my head and turned leaving them.
I hid behind a wall to hear what they were saying. But it was fruitless cause the living room was large and the wall was far away. It also looked like he was whispering.

I went back to my room so disturbed and burdened.

❤️Jayden’s pov❤️

I stood by the school hallway. Everyone was in class. I was the only one there.
I was waiting for Alma, a girl in my class. I like her alot and would like to court her.

I hardly express my feelings. This might be hard for me.

I looked up to see her coming to me slowly. A smile came on my face.
I don’t know why I just like seeing her.

She got to where I was and held my hands.

“We’ll get into trouble if we stay long. “She quivered.

“We won’t. “I assured her “my dad can but this school four times more… ”

She relaxed as her eyes stared at the floor.

“I want to ask you out. “I said.

She laughed.
“What? “She asked.

“You heard me. “I grinned.

“You can take me out for lunch at the cafeteria during break period. “She said.

“But… ”

We suddenly heard footsteps, more like heels.

I held Alma tight and we both began running through the hallway.

“Hey! Stop there! “We heard.

Alma and I laughed hard as mrs Griffin chased us hotly with her huge heels.
The sight was hilarious.
She could barely run in them.

❤️Scarlet pov❤️
I came downstairs minutes later. White and Raphael stood by the door.
I watch them exchange pleasantries for the last time.
Huh, they were both good looking.

I hope I never have to choose, who do I choose?

Immediately Raphael left and the door was shut.
My phone in my pocket beeped and I quickly checked it.

A text from Raphael.


I gasped.
Oh my God.
He doesn’t make empty threats…

He’s really willing to kill White.
This means he knows… He knows am Inlove with White. He sensed it. Huh, was it that obvious.

I don’t doubt him cause he have shot someone right infront of me.

He’s so dangerous.


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