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?his royal darkness ?
(living in his darkness)

? written by provy?

chapter 15

the day flew by and soon it was finally the day for Erica to return to the glass mansion, she left as early as possible due to how far the glass island was .

she sat tediously inside the carriage which slowly rode through the glass mansion giant gate and finally it came to a rest in front of a snake statue . she stepped down and exhaled heavily while Mr Carter help her take down her luggage

“have a bless day my lady ” he said and Erica nodded and he rode off
she pushed the giant oak door and her jaw dropped at the sight in front of her . the ball room was turn upside down

wooden chairs , tables and other steel materials were on the floor
“what in the name of Zalodan happened here “she ask shocked , her eyes landed on a huge crack on the wall and also she noticed 2 pillars lying on the ground after being uprooted from their original positions .

“was this place used as a battle field ” she wondered but then she sighted prince Kyle seated on the floor in a meditation posture
his hair fell across his face shielding his left eyes from view

“good day your highness ” she greeted but he gave no reply which got her worried , she walked close to him
“your highness ” she called but still no reply so she touched his shoulder and like a fallen wood the prince landed on the floor and she gasped .

“oh my God your highness ” she scream and knelt beside him
” please wake up or are you sleeping .” she ask

“he can’t be sleeping he fell like a dead tree “she thought and place her hand on his forehead
” ouch so hot so hot” she wince and took her hand away from the prince head

his body was extremely hot ,
she leaned close carefully listen to his weak heart beat and just then the prince flung his gold eyes open and she flinched and jump back .
his brows frowned and he sat up
his truculent nature was obviously noticeable by anyone .
“what were you trying to do ” he ask in an uneasy tone which startled Erica but she gulped down and slowly rouse up
” I.. I thought s-something bad h-had h-happen t-to you ” she stuttered and for a while he stared at her with those gold eyes which glowed brightly , Erica felt uncomfortable with his stare it felt like his eye were digging a hole through her body .

“why did you return after what i did to you “he finally asked
” because I had no choice “she said calmly but he scoff and his jaw tightened

” where do you live ,where are you from ” he ask

erica wondered why he was asking all this but she knows she has to give a reply
“am from Zalodan ”

“what kinda place is call Zalodan is a it a zoo “he ask and Erica gasped suprise at his words
” my prince Zalodan is a great kingdom and that’s where your father rules as king ad your mother as queen ”

” I don’t have a father “he yelled
” my prince every human being has a father except you’re trying to say you’re a bastard even bastards have runaway fathers “she said

the prince clinched his fist while glaring dagger at her
Erica almost fainted when she realize she had just called the prince of Zalodan a bastard .

“am dead.. dead .. dead ” she thought

“I rather be a bastard than have a father “he said which shocked her
” now tell me why did you return after I almost strangled you to dead “he asked because he wasn’t expecting her to return after what he did to her no one in his right senses will return after encountering dead .

Erica took her lips into her mouth and exhaled heavily

“I don’t know why my prince I just thought you will be lonely staying here after all you need a friend around to help you “she said

prince Kyle sneered at the word friend but deep down in his soul he felt a little light sparking in his darkness

something he has never felt before . he slowly rouse up and folded his arms behind his back

“friend you say well I don’t need a friend and I don’t need anyone . what is your name “he yelled

” my name is Erica .my prince please lower your voice … ”

” are you trying to say am shouting “he thundered and Erica grunted and move bad due to heat his body let loose .

“no no I dare not but you have to learn to speak quietly like a regular person “she said hoping to to get him angrier than he already is .
” am speaking like a regular person you moron ,I do not shout ” he yelled

” does he even know he is technically screaming his lungs out ” Erica thought as she took another step backwards and this got the prince furious .

“stop moving back argh why are you so stupid , no wonder you returned here after encountering dead “he yelled and walk away . she could hear his shoe slapping the floor as he climb the spiral staircase

“hummm ” she breath down and wipe the bead of sweat from her for head
“thank God he is gone ” she muttered before making her way to her room.

Erica went into the kitchen few minute later and she gasped shocked at how trashed the kitchen was just like the ball room , she took her time to rearrange the kitchen and when she was done she got the coal ready for cooking .

after spending alot of time in the kitchen she was finally done so
she took the prince food to his door post but funny enough the door wasn’t hanging there any more instead the door was lying on the ground broken into 6 pieces . she saw the prince standing at the window side backing her

“what really happened here” she wondered and made to leave the food outside but his voice stopped her
“don’t leave it there bring it inside the door is wide open ” he yelled not sparring her a glance

” wow he finally decided to let me take his food inside “she thought .

slowly she pushed the trolley into the room , the room wasn’t dark anymore due to the wide open doorless entrance\exit . she noticed his room was twice the size of hers and his big king size bed was lying at the corner , she could see his reading table and also a mini dining table

a wine bar was also attached but they was no wine on the bar .

“stop staring and leave ” he said an slowly turn around

“can he be nice at least for a second ” she thought again

Erica placed the tray of food on the dining table and she sluggishly left his room , pince Kyle stared at her until she was finally gone then his gaze went to the tray on the dining table .

the sun finally disappeared and the moon took its place, lady night spread her darkness in the sky with few stars .

Erica was inside the music room playing a piano which as usual she played out of keys .
“oh my God am really playing a piano am really doing it ”

“what in the name hell are you doing ,do you wanna destroy my eardrums ” prince Kyle yelled and she frightful stop playing and rouse up with head bow ,

prince Kyle felt like beating the young lady in front of her he couldn’t help but wonder why she was making hell lot of noise in the name of she’s playing a piano .

“what were you doing ” he asked ignoring the fact she was playing around with his piano

“is he serious didn’t he just see me playing “she thought

” I was learning how to play this “she said and pointed to the piano and
prince Kyle hissed and shot her one last glare before coming close to her

“I have told you not to play if you don’t know how “he yelled
Erica fought the urge to speak so she just stood mute staring at the floor .

“shift inside ” he said confusing her
“huh ”

” I said move inside and let me seat “he seethe

the chair in front of the piano is long enough to occupy 2 person’s .

“what’s he doing ” she ask herself when the prince sat beside her . she could feel the heat surging out of his body like a burning coal heat

“now listen because I won’t repeat myself am gonna give you little orientation on how to play “he said harshly

” you mean you wanna teach me me , wow thanks “she squealed and made to hug him but then she remembers he is a no go area so she quickly composed herself .

“call it what ever you like it’s your business” he spat and placed his fingers on the keys

” a piano key is divided into 2 set the white keys which are known as the natural note and the black which are known as the sharp and flat keys . you have to know their uses in order to play “he said

he explained further more and she gave him listening ears like a child ready to learn , after a long while of explanation the prince finally rounded up

“now sing any song of your choice and let me play ” he said
“y-you m-mean I should sing “she asked like what the prince has just said was brute , he grumbled under his breath

“I said you should sing so start and don’t waste my time “he yelled impatiently . Erica gulped down while trying to think of a song to sing then a funny childish song came into her head.

she cleared her throat ready to sing and the prince placed his fingers on the keyboard

“twinkle twinkle Little
stay up above the sky
so high like a beautiful
diamonds in the sky ..

stars shine brightly for you
make a wish with all
your heart
and it will come true ohh” she sang with so much passion

but what she didn’t noticed was that the prince wasn’t playing instead he was just staring at her more like a glare at her .

” is that supposed to be a song , I asked you sing a good song not a lullaby for children “he yelled cutting her shut and Erica gulped down wondering what was wrong with her song .

“but my prince you asked me to sing and ….”

“enough !”he yelled and she quickly shut her mouth with her palm covering her lips …


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