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?his royal darkness ?
(living in his darkness)

? written by provy?

chapter 17

Erica sluggishly walked out of the mansion with a tedious sigh .the sound of bird chirps around the castle could be heard while the cold morning wind gushed on her skin

she narrowed her eyes to a shattered statue and underneath it she saw a figure lying on the ground .

she moved closer and her eyes widen when she recognized who it was
“you highness ,oh mother of Zalodan ” she scream and knelt beside the prince .she tap him lightly hoping he will wake up but he didn’t

“gush don’t tell me he slept out here through out the cold night . ahhh your highness wake up please “she yelled tapping him harder this time, she checked her pulse to make sure he is till alive and yes he was but refuse to wake .

she scratch her head worried and confused not knowing who to call or what to do and by now Erica didn’t even know she’s crying . tears roll down her cheek as she kept on trying to wake him

“oh Lord please don’t let anything happen to him else the queen will use my head for decoration “she prayed and just then he flung his gold eyes open .

” thank God y-youre a-awake ” she stuttered
the prince stared at her weirdly with a frown . he noticed the tears on her face
“why are you crying ” he asked

“is this guy for real ” Erica thought , she wipe her tears and cleared her throat

“you scared me your highness i-i thought something bad had happened to you . how did you even ended up here “she ask
prince Kyle veer around and he noticed the shattered statue on the ground .

Erica stared perplexed at him wondering whats wrong with him , despite how rough his hair was he still looks charming

and for some reason she mentally compare him with Gael .
yes Gael is handsome mostly his plain pure nature of white
but as for prince Kyle he is dead drop handsome with a killer aura . his lips were almost pale purple and his skin too white to be human

everything about him could easily attract the attention of anyone woman but too bad he doesn’t smiles.

Erica was still busy admiring the prince in her own world that she didn’t noticed he’s now staring at her .
“is there something on my face ” his voice jerk her out of her wonder land

she gawk and shyly look away while the prince hissed and rouse up from the ground he didn’t bother to spare her glance he just left and Erica slap her cheek

“ouch that hurts , what was I thinking. geez Erica wipe the thought off your mind he is a red card “she scolded herself ..

prince Kyle stood at the window of his room staring at the sun which he couldn’t even tell it’s colour ..

his spirit was in distress as he couldn’t help but worry about last night he couldn’t remember anything how he had ended up lying on the floor and no matter how he tried he still couldn’t remember anything .

“weird ” he mumbled

“your highness your food is… ”

” get out “the prince growled at Erica who flinched and he veered facing her fulling , Erica chock on her saliva scared to the bone .

“y-your ..”
“I said leave ” he growled and she scamper as fast she could , he could hear the sound of her fast moving footsteps which soon faded.

“grahhhh ” he growled and kick the trolley which contains his food .it flew out of his room and the food poured on the floor , the plate broke .

“stupid.. stupid human ” he growled out in anger ..

Erica slam her room door shut and jump on the bed
she couldn’t tell why he prince was furious.

“he acted normal yesterday and now he is back to his fury state ” she muttered with a sigh , she heard the loud banging sound as the trolley slam the wall and the sound of plates breaking followed immediately .
she flinched and quickly got up from her bed
she tiptoed close to her door and open it slowly not too wide to peep .

she saw the trolley on the ground with shattered plates parts around it

“gush ” she gasped
she flinched when she saw the prince step out of his room . he snapped her head toward her door direction and she flinched ad quickly shut it then took 2 step backwards

her heart slam fast in her chest as she stared at the door .

prince Kyle stood in front of Erica’s room door while staring at it like the door had offended him , he clinched his fist tight and slowly turn around to leave but in a quick move he punch the door ..

“ahhhh “erica scream out in fright as the door shook and the walls holding it cracked letting debris of sand to fall down .

“open the door ” he yelled and punch the door once again
“y-your h-highness a-are y-you okay ” she stuttered but gasped as his fist bang the door again and this time the door drop down producing a loud thud . she flinched and fell on the ground while the prince stood right in front of her glaring down at her .

” y-your…”
“I asked you to open the door didn’t I “he snapped
” you were hitting to door too hard I felt scared to do so “she said fearfully, the prince didn’t say a word for while then he place his hand behind his back . his dark gaze didn’t leave her even for a second

“tell me what do you think of me huh , you said you were scared to open the door so tell me what did you think I could have done to you “he asked

” nothing my prince I… ”

” don’t you dare lie to my face , tell me what you think of me to make you fear me “he thundered and she shrieked out in fear

” god he is scary “she thought

“am waiting start talking ” he snapped
she took a deep bright and swallowed into nothing . Erica open her mouth to speak but her voice failed her because nothing came out of her mouth . the glare from the prince is indeed murderous

“I said speak ” he yelled

“I see his highness as a calm and … ”
” shut up .. shut up one lie from you again and I promise your dead body will be found at the ocean shores “he yelled and hearing him said this Erica gasped . her blood chilled and by now her eyes were slowly being circled with tears

” I think of you as insane man who yelled all the time like a while beat. I see you as a man with no sense of humor or sympathy you talk of death like you are god who can give life are take it .am scared of you because I see you as blood lust truculent beast “Erica said

prince Kyle mouth drop open and his hands behind his back drop , Erica couldn’t bring herself to look at him at the moment . the prince on the other hand was shocked after hearing this

“so am a truculent beast and an insane man who yelled all the time ” he said slowly like he is counting he words .
” I.. I didn’t mean to say that my prince ”

“the mouth speaks out what the heart harbors .all you can see in me is a beast and insane man “he said but she shook her hear negative

” stop trying to deny the fact” he yelled

“how dare you tell me to my face that I yell like a insane man “he yelled angrily

” and your are doing it right now you are yelling like an insane person ” Erica thought . in order not to get him more angrier she kept shut

prince Kyle nodded slowly after giving her one more glance he slowly veered and left her room .

“oh God why me , I hope he doesn’t come back here to strangle me ” Erica muttered while trying to calm herself ..


“have a seat little thief ”

“I said stop calling me that my name is Agatha ..Agatha “she barked
” so that’s your name little thief ” he said , she pull her hair in frustration and angrily turn and made her way toward the door

she tried to open the door but funny enough it refused to open . with out thinking twice she knows it all Gael doing

“what’s the meaning of this open this door right now ” she yelled and turn around but she flinched when she found him standing right in front of her . Agatha stepped back and her back leaned on the door while he stood proximately close to her ,she tried to move but he used his left hand to cage her .

“w-what a-are y-you doing ” she stuttered perviously while staring into his round eyes

“you look grumpy little thief but who cares after all you’re my little thief “he said grinning charmingly
” you should kindly step back Mr White else …”
” else what huh “he grinned even more and leaned close to her .their nose were almost touching and this made her to flinched , Agatha swallowed into nothing as she try hard to think of a way out .she felt like the earth should just open and let her fall in so as to enable him .

“your lips are calling out for me hummm. I can hear them singing for me to set them free “he said .

Agatha almost passed out as Gael made to kiss her but she quickly pinch his nose and twisted it

“ahhhhhhh my nose let go right now “gael scream out in pain but she didn’t let go instead she pinch his nose even more harder causing him to shriek out

“now listen and listen good don’t ever try that again else am gonna chop off your nose is that clear “she snapped
” ahhhh let go it hurts ,how dare you, do you know I…. ahhhhh” he screamed out

“what were you saying huh now apologize”she ask like a boss
” hell no “he said but scream as she twisted his nose harder
“okay…okay am …am sorry it won’t happen again .now let go of my nose ” he scream and she let go and quickly open the door which responded and she ran out .

Gael sat on the floor and mourn his red swollen nose ,he took out a mini mirror and took a glance at his nose which was ridiculously shifted

“my beautiful nose ahhhh ,am going to kill you agatha “he yelled

” but she’s kinda cool “he thought and his twisted face lighten up into a big smile .he could have easily healed himself if he wanted to but nah he wouldn’t want to take away her signature from his face .

Gael took a glance at his nose through the mirror and he giggled
“despite how red and ugly swollen my nose is
I think it just added to my beauty ahhhh you’re the best little thief “he said grinning like a psychopath ..


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