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?his royal darkness ?
(living in his darkness)

? written by provy?

chapter 18

inside a cave filled with icicles
the floor was wet and slippery but Erica was able to walk through . she was confused on how she had gotten here
her eyes roam around the cave with confusion.

“where am I ” she mumbled starting around

” this is insane Kan we aren’t gods and will never be one ” a loud familiar voice echoed causing Erica to arched her brows and she look ahead and far ahead she saw 5 figures standing in the middle of the cave . the were engaged in a serious argument , she couldn’t see their faces which was weird . no matter how hard she tried she still couldn’t picture their faces but she was familiar with one person voice .

“you are wrong gael we can be God’s after all we are eternals , we can make use of our magic and make ourselves greater and more superior” a girlish voice said

” wait angel name is Gael so what’s he doing here and who are the others “she thought while listening to their argument

” tell him Xyra he’s just an annoying clown who talks and make joke he’s not smart one bit ” a deep baritone voice echoed
” yeah I might be a joker and a prankster but that doesn’t mean am stupid . the gods granted us magic to put the world in order not to destroy it . Kai what do you think huh , do you think brother kan and sister xyra and doing the right thing “Gael voice echoed and one could tell how annoyed he was .

” Kan, xyra you 2 are wrong this time . humans are meant to be protected not used as burning sacrifice to gain more powers ,they are not goats and most not be treated as sacrificial lambs ” a cool and gentle voice echoed and a loud scoffs followed

“and who made you the judge huh , look here Kai it’s better you shut up and don’t speak ” the female voice came again . Erica quickly concluded the female voice belongs to xyra and the deep baritone voice belongs to Kan , the gentle voice belongs to Kai . she could easily identify them by they voices

but among them was a quiet lady whom hasn’t spoken up yet

the argument continue and Erica couldn’t tell what they were arguing about but she was sure the argument was mostly based on power hunger which Kan and xyra were after and the others were not in support.

“enough !” the quiet lady finally yelled and they all kept calm and narrowed their gaze to her .
” xyra ,Kan you 2 are taking this madness too far and since am the eldest member of this family I will pass my final decree. Kan you most stop this madness of human sacrifice to obtain heavenly divinity and you xyra, you should out an end to your new form of magic (dark magic ) I do not support any of this so it’s high time you stop ” the lady said and her voice sounded like Melody to Erica’s ears
for some reason Erica felt attracted to this particular person .

“yeah yeah I know that’s all you will say big sister so from today hence I renounce being part of the Oracle .I Kan Hamlin won’t part of this family anymore “Kan yelled angrily and they all gasped .

” I xyra Hamlin renounce being part of this family too I shall no longer have anything to do with you guys any more .

c’mon brother kan let’s get outta here “xyra said to Kan
” mark my words sister I will become a god with lots of divinity in me ” that was Kan last words and he and xyra left ….

“this family is no longer held together sister it’s time we all split and find our own paths .this will be the last time we shall see each other again dear Gael so take care of ourselves” Kai said and also left leaving behind Gael and the other lady together .


Erica gasped and flung her eyes open with a confuse look she couldn’t tell what her dream was all about , she groan and took a glance and that was when she discovered she’s still inside her room .

” Kan , xyra , Gael , Kai and the other lady whom I do not know her name . who are there and why did I dream about them , seems they are all siblings “she wondered deep in thought . Erica sigh and rouse up from her bed and she walk out of her room streight downstairs to get dinner ready since it was evening already and she hasn’t seen the prince not after his outburst this afternoon .

she gathered the vegetables on the kitchen table and got a knife to start her work .

Erica was busy cooking when Mr Carter walked in and he smile at the sweet aroma lingering around the kitchen .

“you are such a wonderful cook my lady ” he said startling her and she sigh and heave a sigh
“good evening Mr Carter how may I be of service to you ” she asked but he smile showing his wrinkled face
” am here to get the list of your needs”he said calmly
” oh okay umm is there a market around here I think I should buy my stuff by myself”she asked
Mr Carter hesitated before answering
” the upper isel has a market and that’s where I usually buy kitchen stuffs and other materials”he said

not like Erica knows what the upper isel is, she had no idea so she needed to ask more questions
“what’s an upper isel ” she ask confused and Mr Carter laugh at her funny expression
“what’s funny sir ” she pouted childishly
“the upper isel is a small town located not too far from he glass island “he said and she nodded slowly .
Erica suddenly beamed when an idea kicked into her head

she’s been bored through out the day maybe it will be fun to visit the upper isel .

“ummm sir can I come with you ” she ask
“a sorry no my lady you can’t ” he said with a low grunt but Erica want willing to give up either .
“please sir am bored staying here all alone with the prince who doesn’t even like the company of anyone “she said
” am sorry but … ”

” please “she said giving him the best puppy eyes ever
Mr Carter sigh knowing full well he is in for it if the queen should ever find out he took Erica to the isel .

“fine get ready I will pick you up first thing tomorrow morning after breakfast”he said and she squealed happily

” awe thank you Mr Carter am really grateful”she said smiling happily . Mr Carter stared at her and he couldn’t help but wonder why a beautiful girl will choose to risk her life staying here .he slowly left and made his way out

prince Kyle stood as usual at the window side watching the sun go down slowly , he watched Mr Carter leave and he snorted

“you snore like a pig ” an annoying voice came behind her him and he turn only to find Gael seated on his bed with a keg , the prince groan angrily while geal giggled .

his badly shifted nose looks funny but he didn’t mind at all.
“what are you doing in my room stranger ” he snapped and Gael smirked and took out a red and white cups and he place them down . the keg he held contains liquor

Gael poured the liquor into a the cups , he rouse up holding the 2 cups

“drink with me dear friend ” he said and push the cup forward for Kyle to take but he glared at the cup .
“I asked a question stranger what are you doing in my room ” prince Kyle yelled
” shiii that’s why Erica said you yell like an insane person ” Gael said and prince Kyle frown even more . he remembered all what Erica had said early
he couldn’t help but loosen his frowning brows giving out an expressionless face . his gold eyes stared at Gael

“wondering how I know , well it’s a little secret c’mon take and drink with me “gael said but prince Kyle stood unmoved

instead he took a long lasting glance at the green liquor inside the cup .
” c’mon don’t be rude take it” Gael said again and this time prince Kyle hissed and took the cup. he brought it close to his nose

the strong smell made him to frown but he ignored the smell and gulp the liquor down , the burning hot sensation of the liquor surges through his throat as he forced himself to bare it .

“ahhhh ” he groan and put the cup down with a frown
“that was nice right ” Gael ask grinning but the prince gave no reply
“here have some more ” Gael said filling the prince cup again .

Gael didn’t stop and at the end the prince ended up drunk .
“she said I act like an insane person a beats . how dare here ” the prince grumbled while leaning on the wall

“she’s right “Gael ask and prince Kyle scoff
” no am not grumpy am not insane or a beast am who I am .am the bearer of the curse Mark of chaos “the prince spat . Gael clinched his fist when he heard the word chaos

he secretly glare at the prince who was already dead drunk , he intentionally wanted the prince drunk for a reason but the question now is

what is the reason and why ..


Erica was done with the kitchen chores and it was time to serve the prince dinner but then she felt his aura and the turn only to find him standing at the door post .
“you highness your food is ready I…I should take it to your room ” she ask but he gave no response

” now what is his problem ,he is so creepy ” she thought while breathing shakily

prince Kyle finally exhaled heavily and his eyes ran around the kitchen ad finally stopped at Erica .
” you judge people by their appearance but you know nothing about them .

do you know what it feels like to leave in a dark circle with no hope of seeing the light .

I wanna see the light ,tell the colour of the sky sniff flowers and tell their fragrance and their colour .but no my life is too far from being perfect ,the darkness in me won’t let me go it won’t let me be it won’t let me see or know what it feels to be happy .that’s how bad my life is so don’t you dare ever tell me to my face that am a beast “he yelled

tears ran down Erica’s cheek after hearing this she couldn’t tell why but the prince sounded hurt and broken ,he sounded hopeless it was like he was the only one fighting the battle with no army to back him up .
it was a one man battle against an army
imagine how one man will fight an army …

“am sorry i-i d-didnt know this ” she cried bitterly


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