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?his royal darkness ?
(living in his darkness)

? written by provy?

chapter 22

queen Emma got a letter from Mr Carter which states the situation at the glass island , she was restless all through the night after receiving the letter through a dove .
she decided to go to the glass Island herself but the king bluntly refused and this had caused hell lot of argument between them . the king had no choice but to let her go but he assigned over 100 guards which queen Emma refused to take with her instead she took 20 guards and set out for the island as early as possible ..

the sun slowly rouse up very early in the morning
the songs of birds filled the air along with the cold morning wind . the island was totally covered with fog but despite how thick the fog were a carriage could be seen riding through with soldier behind it ,the carriage finally came to a rest in front of the glass mansion and the door rolled open and queen Emma pop her head outside .

her eyes scan the compound of the mansion then she finally stepped out of the carriage fully in an elegant posture , she exhaled heavily with a fast pacing heart . for years she hasn’t seen her Kyle and now she’s here
she felt scared and same time happy to see her son again . her guards waited for her to give command on what they should do but she gave non instead she smile.

“my queen ” Mr Carter called out and she turn to him
“take 3 guards and bring the girl out of her room ” she said and Mr Carter nodded with a bow before walking away with 3 guards and the queen followed behind them .

Erica groan in pain as the guard carried her carefully and place her on a wooden wheelchair , she stared confused at them but seeing Mr Carter she felt relaxed .

“w-where are you t-taking me to ” she stuttered lowly
“the queen want you to return to Zalodan as soon as possible for treatment “Mr Carter said and she nodded , she sigh sadly after passing by the prince room which was open but there was no sign of him .

queen Emma spun around as soon as Erica is wheeled in by Mr Carter
“you highness ” Erica bowed and the queen smiled and came close to her
“am sorry for this I shouldn’t have sent you here . “she said calmly
” you don’t have to be sorry my queen,since you’re here why don’t you go see the prince ” she said and for a brief seconds queen Emma expression went sore .
she tried had not to breakdown in front of Erica , her heart tighten as she wondered what she would say to her son if she sees now . how will she start after abandoning here for years

“there’s no need for that ” she queen voice quivered
” what about the prince , who will take care of him while am gone “Erica ask with a worried look

” even in this condition she still cares for him ” queen Emma thought bemused .

” he hurt you yet you still care ” Mr Carter ask but Erica shook her head

” that wasn’t the prince , the prince I know who hurt me he was under the influence of something dark “Erica said and queen Emma arched her brows and curve her lips .

” how do you know he was under an influence of something ” she ask
Erica gave to reply as she took her gaze to the floor while fuddling her fingers in a nervous manner .
” because the pince is a kind person who won’t hurt anyone except he is under the influence of the curse “Erica said

queen Emma staggered back after hearing this
she instantly knew Erica knows about the curse of chaos and if Erica know then she’s a threat and most be under control. if anyone should find out the prince has the curse Mark of chaos then prince Kyle life will be in danger and that is one thing she can’t allow .

“okay child we have to go ” queen Emma said and signal Mr Carter to roll the wheelchair but just as Mr Carter made to push the wheelchair a deep baritone voice came up like a roar .

“and where are you taking her to” the prince yelled .

queen Emma world froze as soon as she heard his voice , she slowly turn around with tears in her eyes .

prince Kyle stood at the last stairsblock dressed on a red long sleeve and black pants , his hair was parked in a ponytail his gold eyes held nothing but anger .

“my son” queen Emma whispered using her palm to cover her lips while staring directly at prince Kyle who glared at her ,the guards shifted back in fear

prince Kyle aura is so intimating that the guards had to move away .

“I asked a question who are you and why are you taking her “he ask again
” Kyle don’t you remember me it’s me your mother ” she said soberly but the prince scoff an clinched his fist with his brows knitted .

” I don’t care who you are now answer my question ” he hollered , she was hurt by his words but she won’t blame him maybe it was her fault to have truly abandoned him here .

“my prince she’s queen Emma of Zalodan your mother ” Mr Carter said and the prince hissed and shook his hear negative
” i do not know her and I do not know of any kingdom of Zalodan .now answer my question ”

” she’s hurt Kyle she needs medical attention and care “the queen said
” can’t she get the medical care here ” he ask glaring at them all
“no she can’t , she have to return with me to…”

“she’s going no where now you all should leave “the prince said shocking them all, queen Emma gulped down not willing to leave with out Erica .

“am sorry Kyle but I can’t risk her life again “she said staring directly at him
” I said leave “he yelled and stepped forward with a dangerous glare which had no effect on the queen but Mr Carter and the 3 guards ware affected and shifted away further more in fright.

“no ” the queen deadpan , prince Kyle stood right in front of her , he is far more taller than the queen so she had to lift her head up in order to stare clearly at his face .

she wasn’t intimidated by his aura or scared of him despite the heat wave she felt standing too close to him . he glare down at her but she gave him a mother tender look .

“I said she isn’t going anywhere with you ” he seethed
” can’t you see Kyle she’s hurt she needs medical attention , you practically stabbed her who knows her vital organs might have been damaged because of what you did “queen Emma spoke in her most dulcet tone .

prince Kyle turn his gaze over to Erica who looks too weak to even move a muscle , she just sat on the wheelchair like an old lady ready to embrace dead .

queen Emma was amazed at the prince guilty expression as he stared at Erica
he slowly exhaled and stepped back away from his mother .

” I wish you quick recovery Erica ” he said and turn around and made his way towards the stairs
” your highness ” Erica called and he stop walking but didn’t turn he was still standing backing them all .

” I will be back ” she said but
he did not reply .

prince Kyle walk away and the queen exhaled heavily and turn to Erica who had a half smile .
” seems you’re close to my son ” the queen said to Erica as Mr Carter wheeled her out of the mansion

” he’s my only friend here so we are kinda close but not too close “she said to the queen who nodded . Erica was placed inside the carriage beside the queen and the coachman rode out of the mansion ..


inside a large bathroom which was well decorated with blue tiles a mini swimming pool was made right in the middle of the bathroom .

flowers were inside the pool water along with slices of fruits .

Agatha rouse out of the water and slowly made her way out of the pool naked with her body dripping wet ,her wet short blonde hair fell down her shoulders and few strands were lying on her forehead .she use her hand to wipe off water from her face

“hello sweetheart ” came a familiar annoying voice

” ahhhh” she scream out frightened as soon as she saw Gael .Agatha lost her balance and she fell backward toward the pool.

she waited for her body to merge with the water inside the pool but to her greatest suprise she didn’t .she open her eyes which she had closed unconsciously and the first thing she saw was his big psycho smile .

Gael had caught her before she could fall and the position they were was so romantic like new lovers .his left hand was carefully placed on her expose wet butt while his right hand behind her head …

she stared deep into his eyes still shocked but then she felt something worm on her expose butt and she couldn’t help but gasp

“get you hands off my innocent butt ” she yelled
“I can’t love ” he said still smiling
” I said let go “she yelled and he nodded and remove his hand and she fell inside the pool like a large rock .

“ahhh you ..you punk why did you let me fall like that ” she yelled spanking her palm at the surface of the water which made the water to splash around .
Gael chuckled while wiggling his brows while staring at something . instant she knew what he was staring at ,his eyes were on her breast and his funny smile didn’t for ones leave his face .

“you pervert ” she yelled and cross her hands on her hest and squatted down using the pool water as a blanket to cover her nakedness ….


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