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?? His royal darkness ??
(leaving in his darkness)

? written by provy ?

chapter 4

days went by and in no time 5 days flew by like a running lighting bolt , Erica was now back to her feet and her wound fully healed up . she hummed joyously after delivery a cow to a slaughtered market located down town unite of the kingdom , she held onto a banquet of flowers while smiling but just then 3 boy appeared in front of her and she stop walking and frown .

“my love ”
“am not your love Roland so back off ” she said and Roland smile
” she says she’s not my love “he mocked and his 2 friends giggled ,Roland is the son of a well known merchant but he’s tag useless because all he does is bully the weak and have intercourse with ladies after giving them fake promises , for years he has been into Erica’s tail despite how hard he’s been trying it still won’t work .

“seems your hero dog boy isn’t with you ” roland said referring to Milo since he’s one of the person’s standing in his way to get Erica
“Milo isn’t a dog boy and if there’s any dog boy here it’s you “she said
Roland smirked and made his way towards her and she flinched and step back , she kept on moving back until her touched a pillar at the side of the road . he pinned her there’s still grinning like a wolf as he stared into her eyes
“final I have you my beautiful Erica , i made a proposal with you last time so tell me what’s your answer “he whispered lowly
Erica trembled under him and all she could wish for was anyone to help her out else he’s gonna have his way with her .
“I… I… can’t marry you ” she stuttered and his frown
a low growl escape his lips , he grabbed hold of her arm
“ouch you’re hurting me ” she cried out in pain but he did not care
“you are mine Erica either you like it or not , I will have you “he spat harshly
” and what’s going on here ” Agatha said standing behind with both arms folded as she threw deadly glares at Roland
“hey Agatha it’s nice to…”

“get away from my friend”Agatha half yelled , Roland knows how psychopathic she is so he stepped away from Erica who quickly wipe her tears while thanking God Agatha came to her rescue .

“ahhh don’t worry Erica tommorow will be another day , see ya “he said laughing as he walk away with his friends .
” you okay “” Agatha ask and Erica nodded a yes
” I have told you to learn how to stand up for yourself especially because of that idiot “Agatha said to Erica who was busy straightening her gown .
“a.. am not like you agatha ” Erica said and Agatha rolled her eyes , Erica noticed the small bag hanging at Agatha’s neck .

she frown knowing full well the bag is filled with people accessories which Agatha has picked . yes that’s the job Agatha do

pickpocket is the only job she does for a living , she has no parents or relatives she’s an orphan.
“don’t tell me you …” Erica wanted to say but Agatha cut her off. “ahh not today Erica

let’s go to Gigi bar ,Milo will be there “Agatha said and hurriedly walk ahead not ready for Erica ranting about how bad it is for a girl to be a thief and the negative impact of being one .
“she’s running away , hey come back here young lady am not done with you . Agatha .. Agatha”Erica yelled and rushed behind her but Agatha broke into a run and Erica chase behind her …


Mr Lee stood in front of the king with a sadden look mix with fear while the king glare hard at him , queen Emma who was seated at the side just had a blank expression so it was impossible for one to tell if she’s happy or sad .

“your cattles destroyed my entire farm, my crops were all eaten up by them “the king yelled and Mr Lee swallowed in to nothing
” am.. am sorry my king it was a mis…”

“oh yeah it was a mistake just like 10 other times , enough it enough it’s better I punish you so that next time you will learn to control your animals “the king yelled , Mr Lee quickly went on his knees and clasp his palm together
“a sorry my king it won’t happen again I promise to.. ”

” I don’t wanna hear the nonsense you gat to say . guards .. guards! “the King yelled at the top of his voice and 5 guards came running inside ,
“my king ” the bowed
“take him and lock him up for the next 18 days , no one is allowed to visit him .is that clear “he commanded and the guard all nodded ” yes my king ” the all said
” please .. please I have a daughter to take care of , please my king reconsider 18 days is too much “Mr Lee scream out as the men drag him out
“18 days is too much for him ” the queen said for the first time but the king rolled his eyes and rouse up from his throne
“as you can see I have alot of things to do so excuse me “he said and left the throne room , the queen hissed and also left the room and made her way to the castle garden .

she pull out an handkerchief which has a larg letter K design on it , tear dropped down her cheek as she sniff it

“you do not deserve this
you deserve to be happy “she cried and more tears rush down her cheek

Matilda who stood not too far watch her and she couldn’t help but sigh , she know her mother is crying because of her elder brother . yes Matilda knows she has an elder brother but what she doesn’t know is her brother is cursed she thinks the prince is sick that’s why he’s kept in an isolated arena at least that’s what her mother told her years back …


Erica and Agatha were seated at the bar playing cards when Milo came and drop 2 cups of fruit drinks for them .

“that’s for the ladies ” he said and took a seat beside Agatha who robe her palm together with a big smile. she grab one of cup ,Erica took a sniff from her own wine and she smile
“ahhh this is the combination apple mix with sugar, blueberry and …”

“yeah..yeah we know Erica “Milo and Agatha said in unison and Erica laugh .

Erica gat good sense of smell ,she can easily sniff out someone even from an extreme distance .she can smell the rain before it even fall that’s how good her sense of smell is .
“don’t be jealous” she said and gulped down half quantity of the cup content

” Roland tried to bully Erica ” Agatha said and Milo eyes bulk out. ” that bastard “he growled and punch the table which produced a bang sound
“calm down Milo he didn’t succeed ” Erica muttered while glaring

” traitor” she muttered at Agatha who gave her an innocent look as she drank from her cup ,Milo angry expression was still there there even a blind man can tell he hates Roland .

“c’mon put on a big smile Milo you look horrible frowning ” Erica said and punch him playfully
” leave me be Erica am thinking of a way to snap that punk neck ” he pouted

“hey don’t dare try something like that “Agatha said and Milo hissed through his teeth and leaned back on his chair ..
“c’mon let’s play cards “Erica said and pass the card to Milo .they chat about random things while playing. just as they were enjoying themselves a guy came in front them and judging from his outfit it was clear that he’s a palace guard .

“hi Sam” they all greeted Sam who happens to be Milo elder brother ,Sam nodded smiling at them all
” hi isn’t a way to greet young ladies and gentleman ” he said and pinch Milo jaw
“ouch bro don’t do that it hurts “he yelled and hit Sam hand away with a frown while he nurse his bruise jaw.
“hi Sam ” Agatha greeted with a shy smile which he noticed but shrug it off
” Erica you Papa got into trouble with the king and he’s currently at the dungeon ”

” what ..how..when ..oh my God how did this happen b”Erica freak out after hearing this and she rouse up with a worry expression
“calm down erica and bro that isn’t how to break bad news to someone “Milo said trying to calm Erica who is already in tears
“I..i.. need to see my papa ” she stammered and rush out
“Erica wait ..” Agatha yelled and rush out along with Milo while Sam hissed and rush out along with them …


the royal family were having dinner when Morgan came to them with a guard beside her
“Morgan ” queen Emma muttered ” good evening your highness and to you too my king ” she said with a bow
” hi aunty” Matilda muttered
” Matilda leave us “the king said and she bow obediently before leaving .
” have a seat “the king said and she sat down and clear her throat
“my queen am here because I bring bad news for you “she said and the queen eyes widened and her heart skip a beat ,Morgan eyes indeed show worries and fear .
“w..w..what happened” she stammered terrified to hear the news ,but the king wasn’t moved at all because he has already given up on Kyle long before now .

“the prince blew up half of the glass island mansion 2 days ago . yesterday his body went ablaze and the fire killed 22 maids and 13 guards leaving the survival of 2 maids and 8 guards .I had to put him to sleep using a sleeping candle to buy me time to leave and report to you .my queen I think the prince is already loosing his sanity I…I…I couldn’t even calm him down “she stammered
this news shattered the queen even more .she was left speechless unable to find the right words to say and all she could do was cry

“my queen please I..I don’t think I will be able to return to the glass mansion ,my husband was frightened when he saw this “Morgan and and pull down her gown and a red burnt mark at the side of her stomach could be seen
“oh my God ,are you okay you need medical attention”the king said worriedly while glaring at wife blaming her for this .

“I almost died during his outburst
my queen I have a husband and children to take care off and now am pregnant .am sure you understand “she muttered and the queen nodded sadly

” I hope your pregnancy is intact” the king ask
“yes my king am fine but not to worry I will search for a maid to help fill up for me until am ready to return back there “she said but to her greatest surprised the queen rouse up and left the room with out saying a word to anyone .the king sigh knowing full well her mood has been ruin with the news Morgan brought

” I will be back soon don’t go anywhere ” he said and left the dining hall …


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