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?his royal darkness?
(living in his darkness)

? written by provy?

chapter 8

Mr Lee was seated under a canopy shade on a arm chair while reading as usual , his tobacco pipe was hanging at the side of his lips

the pipe dangle as he chew into it and he puff out smoke from his nostrils .
hundreds of servant could be seen moving to and fro around his house , yes they were all employed early this morning by queen Emma .

“wow seems Mr Lee’s house is booming with activities ” Milo said smiling as he and Agatha approach Mr Lee who wasn’t even looking their way

“good day Mr Lee ” they both greeted and Mr Lee smile and put down the book he was reading , he took out the tobacco pipe from his lips
” bless you my children ” Mr Lee said and smoke puff out of his lips as he speak the smell of tobacco reek from his breath and they could perceive it .
“sir we are here to see Erica ” Agatha said smiling but Mr Lee sigh , he knew they have no clue about what happened yesterday
“am sorry Erica didn’t tell you guys ” he said and they both shared confuse looks
” tell us what ” Milo ask
“she was sent by the queen to the glass island ” Mr Lee said
“glass island” they both answered in unison then realization hit them both
“isn’t that where our prince is , the sick son of the king ” Milo ask and Mr Lee nodded slowly ” b… but why.. she didn’t tell us anything and why would the queen send her there ” Agatha ask with a hurtful expression
” I know she didn’t have time to tell you guys because this came at an unexpected season .”

” so when will she be back “Agatha ask
” in the next 30 days ” Mr Lee answered and they both nodded with sigh not wanting to stress old man Lee with too much questions .
“thanks for your time Mr Lee we will be on our way then ” Milo said and Mr Lee nodded

he watch them both walk away . he pick up his book and resume reading again with his tobacco pipe back int his lips .

“can’t believe Erica was sent to the glass island isn’t it weird “Milo said on their way through the lonely path which leads to the city main town
“yeah I just hope she doesn’t get infected by he prince sickness . I heard his sickness is transmittable “Agatha said and Milo laugh mockingly which made Agatha to frown wondering what’s so funny
“what !” she muttered
“the prince sickness isn’t known to anyone aside from the elders and the king and queen so how did you know this. gossip news “he said laughing even more ” what ever Milo but I pray the prince sickness won’t have any effect on my sweet Erica “Agatha pouted ..

unknown to them Elena came out behind a tree
she watch them walk ahead
“so Erica has been taken to the glass mansion ha , maybe shes now a slave . who cares now she’s gone maybe I should try getting close to Milo “she muttered with a smirk as she watch them
” yes .. yes I should go apologize to them then I will use that to get Milo to like me “she said encouraging herself ..

at the royal palace inside the king chamber was queen Emma who was engaged in a heated argument with the king .
“what.. you sent that poor girl to die ” the king yelled
“I didn’t send her to die I sent her to help take care of our son “she yelled back and the king sigh and rough his hair in a frustrating manner
“can you even hear yourself Emma , we are talking about a boy caring the mark of chaos . your son is bound to bring doom to anyone and everyone “he yelled and the queen slap him hard , the king wince and move back with a shock expression while his wife glare at him . tear ran down her cheek but she quickly wipe it off

“you don’t know what it feels to be a mother , I carried that boy for 9 months and spent close to 19 hours in labour unable to put to birth . do you know the pain I went through huh , I saw life and dead in that room so don’t you dare condemn my son “she yelled out loud , with anger she left the room and slam the door shut making sure it produce a loud bang .

the king took his palm down from his bruise cheek and he hissed
“ahhhhhhh ” he scream and punch the wall
“why me .. what have I done to deserve all this ” he mumbled while glaring at no one ..

” mother ” princess Matilda who was at the hall way sighted her mother and she called
” not now Matilda “queen Emma yelled and walked pass her with fury visibly written on her face .princes Matilda sigh sadly

well this isn’t the first time she has been shunned by the queen but it hurts every time the queen does that to her , all she ever wanted was to be close to her mother but too bad queen Emma is lost in her own world trying to safe her son while forsaking her only daughter .
princess Matilda slowly made her way towards her father chamber ..

*****glass island******

Erica made diner and just as before she placed the prince food on a trolley and left it in front of his door then she walk away .

she sat outside the mansion on a fallen lock of wood while staring at the stars , she was glade the day had run fast due to how bored she was

no one to talk to or laugh with it was like she’s inside a dark isolated room .. she felt the presence of heat and she slowly turn only to find a pair of glowing gold eyes standing in the dark , she couldn’t see his body but then he stepped out from the darkness and she quickly rouse up .

“good evening my prince ” she said with a bow
“whats so good about this dark evening “he spat and Erica sigh under her breath ,they were both silent for while then Erica cleared her throat to speak .

“my prince why don’t you have friends , I mean this place is too boring for you to just stay indoors “she ask
” friends are for pathetic humans like you and others not for me “he said
” but my prince why do you keep talking like you aren’t human ” she said and the prince scoff
” because am curse which means am not human ” he said
Erica didn’t really understand what he meant by that but she is ready to prove to him that he is human .
“my prince you are human , I mean all humans bleed only gods don’t bleed ”

” am not human stop trying to prove a useless point of me being human . “he grunted with an angry glare which Erica didn’t noticed , she sigh and shook her head negative not ready to accept the fact that the prince is claiming not to be human .

“my prince why do you think you aren’t human ” she ask again but he didn’t respond instead he pull out a very sharp knife from his cloths . Erica gasp out in fright and quickly move away from him scared that he will use the knife on her .

“m… m .. my p.. prince what.. what are you doing.. with that ” she stuttered , prince Kyle hissed is disgust . this is one of the reason why he hates human , they are too fragile and punny to his liking . they fear dead so much that they will do anything to escape it

“all humans are pathetic, now let me prove you that am not human . you said one most bleed to prove that he or she is human but I don’t bleed which means am not human “he said and stabbed the knife into his arm but to his greatest suprise the knife tore through his skin and for the first time he felt what humans call pain .
“oh my God ” Erica scream out in horror

*is the prince crazy *she mind yelled

” impossible how is this possible , I.. I have never bleed before ” he muttered to himself as he watched his own blood roll down his hand and drop on the ground . he pull out the knife and stared at it with a confuse expression, all his life he discovered nothing could penetrate his skin

he had tried stabbing himself countless of times but hell no the knife couldn’t even tear his skin but now he’s bleeding .how..why ..

“my prince you need medical attention “Erica panicked and made to touched the prince but he caught her hand and twisted it

“ahhhhh ” Erica scream out in so much pain
“I have never bleed before ,who are you ” he growled and she flinched out in fear as his grip on her tighten

“my.. my prince you’re hurting me ” she cried out but he care not , he grabbed her neck and lifted her up with out stress erica gasped for breath as she wiggle her legs and hitting the prince shoulders hoping he will release her but no he didn’t instead his grip got tighter .

“who are you tell me who you all else you shall meet your own doom”he growled and his gold eyes turned purple.

“ahh ” she gasped with veins all over her face
she soon grew weak, she stop struggling and became still . “say something human ” he yelled angrily out of nowhere a kick landed on the prince stomach and he flew backwards. Erica fell from his grip and she landed carelessly on the ground , she was already unconscious

prince Kyle lifted his head up when he felt sudden cold wind which gushed on his skin . the white hair guy stood right in front body Erica unconscious body his eyes were glowing bright blue like the ocean and funny enough he was smiling.
the prince frown when he saw him and he growled dangerous at him

“who is he , how dare him”
“kill him ”
“we are superior c’mon let’s kill him then we shall also kill the little human girl “the whispers echoed to the prince and he groan .

” who are you ” the prince sneered and the white hair guy smiled proudly and took a step forward
“call me Gael , now listen here grumpy face don’t ever touch my Erica ever again” Gael yelled
” how dare you speak to me in such manner ” prince Kyle voice boomed with so much authority , hot wave radiated out of him and the environment soon become extremely hot . Gael smirked not frightened by the prince dark aura

Gael aura radiated too and the whole castle became cold , the cold aura spread around the island and snow started falling .

the whole island became extremely cold and same time hot for this 2 forces were in battle for dominance …


❌now we know who Erica angel is ❌

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