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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.


Avery ✓

” I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that. ” I said with my hands up.

” Why will you have to pretend over the real truth? She is so lazy to the core and I will keep saying that until I get to heaven. I still can’t believe The Master still finds pleasure in such a heartless being like her. ” She scoffed.

” But at least, she isn’t that heartless for now. ” I said.

” Yeah, for now because the master is around. So she has to play the lovey dovey with him and forget that she’s got some inspection to do. Well, that’s beside. Better get that stains off or your head goes off. ” I chuckled.

” As you can see the Rutherford’s mansion is far away from home, so I won’t be able to submit your head to Granny. Hope you won’t consider me as a wicked friend in the later world? ” She joked.

” I won’t. ”

” I better get going then. See you any time, okay. ” She waved at them as she left the room.

” I’m gonna miss her, you know. ”

” Come on, Avery is not like she is traveling or something. ”

” I know but, you can see how often we see each other. It’s almost like years before we do. I just hate it here. ”

” You can see her everyday, maybe whenever you are less busy or something. Besides, meeting a friend doesn’t bare a punishment, does it? ”

I shook my head.

” So, there’s nothing to worry about, okay? ”


After I was done washing Madam Dacia’s clothe, I went out to spread it under the sun. I kept checking on it, waiting until it gets dried.

Although the stain wasn’t that fully gone, but at least I tried so much to get it to this extent of invisibility. I wasn’t ready to pay for anything, especially when we are all like prisoners here.

What else can we offer in exchange for the dress? I thought over this question over and over again, yet I kept getting the same answer over and over again.

The only way we can repay her for the dress was with our lives. Which means, every single one of us will be considered dead before the next morning.

The weather was getting dark, I went out for hundredth time to check on the clothes. Luckily they were all dried except for the blanket. So I decided to leave it till the next day and have the rest returned to their respective places.

I dropped the basket beside the wardrobe. I opened the wardrobe, picking the empty hangers in it. I used them to hang the washed clothes joining them with the others.

I shut it close, taking the basket in my arms as I exited the room, returning back to the laundry room. I hope she won’t have to complain about it, God my hands hurts because of it.

The night has finally approached, leaving the moon to surface from its nest. I loved it whenever the moon was in it’s full shape, it made everywhere look calming and comfortable.

It always remind me of my home, and Granny too. I just can’t imagine how safe she is right now. Is she okay? Is she dead or alive? That’s something I don’t think I can find an answer to right now.

I hope she’s alright wherever she is.


Writer ✓

That was the cloth she has chosen to wear for her little ride with her fiance. She took it out from her wardrobe, behold she saw a stain which looks like a rolling blood.

It wasn’t just a stain, it was a mixed paint of red and yellow. ” Stella!!” She screamed the name and in no time Stella bashed in.

Angry Dacia pulled the navy blue gown out from the closet, directing it to Stella’s view. ” Who did this to my dress?! ” She stormed. ” I need the one who washed this cloth in my room now! ”

Stella turned, in an unlimited speed, she ran to the laundry room. She too was very angry, and it was obviously written on her face.

She hated it whenever someone broke the rules or committed any crime because she was the first person Madam Dacia will have to query.

She banged the door open, ” What is so difficult for you girls to understand a simple instructions. Why do you find pleasure being a target to punishments? ”

While she said these, everyone stared at her in total confusion. Why was she saying this? Did something happen? That was the same question they mentally asked themselves.

” Oh no, ” Victoria prayed. ” I hope this isn’t a judgement alert. I don’t wanna witness any brutal killing any more. ”

” I need those who returned Madam Dacia’s clothes in her closet. If you are the one, I need you to step out or I identity you myself. ”

Avery stepped out, ” I was the one who returned Madam Dacia’s clothes. ”

Stella looked at her from head to toe, ” I’m very disappointed in you Avery, ” she said, painfully. ” Follow me. ”

Avery glanced at Victoria and Mariam for a while before leaving the room.

” What happened? ” Mariam whispered to Victoria.

” I think it’s about the stain. ” She answered.

” What stain? ” Victoria looked at Mariam with a pitiful eyes.

” Oh no, don’t tell me you didn’t know about this. ”

Avery followed Stella into Madam Dacia’s room. Madam Dacia’s face still wore the red stain of anger that when she looked at Avery, recognizing her face from the previous day at the field, she wanted to strangle her neck to death.

” You…” She pointed. ” You’re the one who got my clothe stained? ”

” No. No, ma’am I didn’t. ”

” You didn’t, huh? ” She rose the cloth high enough for Avery to see the stains. ” Who did it then? Me? ”

Avery shook her head, ” No, not you. ”

Madam Dacia laughed. ” So after I asked you to wash off the stain, you still went ahead adding another stain to it. And for crying out loud, you poured a paint on my beautiful dress. ”

” I swear, I never did anything to your dress. You asked me to rewash it, and that’s exactly what I did. I swear I didn’t pour the stain on the gown. ” Avery tried to defend herself.

” And I’m gonna ask you again, who did? ” She repeated.

” I don’t know. ”

” You don’t know? ”

Avery’s eyes was already clouded with hot tears that refused to roll out. Staring at how angered Madam Dacia was, she doubt if her tears could save her.

She always pitied for Eve, little did she know that she was the next. She couldn’t think it through who it was that wanted to implicate her this time.

Or did they eventually found out that she was the one who evesdropped? But no one saw her leave the toilet, who must have done this then? Who?

” I can see you all are playing with my simplicity, right. I’ll give you one condition… ”

Avery cut her with her pleas. ” Please, I beg you ma’am, I didn’t do it to your cloth. ”

” On one condition will I have to believe you, I give you 24 hours to have this stains washed out, or else, I’ll have to execute you. Do this and you will be forgiven. ” She stated, walking pass her.

Avery took the cloth from the floor, now the tears has escaped her eyes. She was crying uncontrollably that she couldn’t bear the shame of walking out.

She could feel her heart beating against her chest, and she prayed death could take her away into the thin air. Little did she know not all prayers are being answered.

” I didn’t do it. I didn’t do anything. ” She wept.


To Be Continued….

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