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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.



” Please, don’t hurt me. I don’t wanna die. ” I begged him.

” Oh, sweetheart, I’m not gonna kill you, at least not now. You are still of a great use to me. ” He curled his first finger on a strand of her hair, causing more shivers to her body.

” You don’t have to be scared. Like I said, I won’t hurt you.”

” What do you want from me? ” I asked.

” I want your blood. Don’t you get it, yours is sweeter than any I have ever tasted. And you just don’t know how hungry I get each time I remember you are still breathing. ”

” It’s you… All those maids who went missing, you are the one who killed them. ”

” I won’t deny that. And trust me, they don’t taste good to me. I am not the kind who preserve my meals, but damn yours is quite different. I won’t have to drain you all at once like I did to them, yours is special to me. ”

” You know what, I don’t care if you kill me or not, just remember this, one day every one will have to find out what you are. And your secret will be a news to all. ”

He laughed aloud, ” You think that scares me? One minute you were pleading for your life and the next, you are willing to die. Don’t you think… that isn’t convincing? ”

” I don’t care. Besides, those maids you killed begged for their life as much as I did but you didn’t listen! So what’s the point begging you. ”

” Don’t you think you’re being a bit rude? I can change my mind and have you die right at this instant. ”

I held my peace, I wasn’t ready to die. Guess trying to be brave isn’t the best option to take now, I rather be calm and save my head.

” Good.”

He placed his hand on my shoulder, I was thinking he was gonna grab my neck but his hand moved on my chest.

Down my chest, he trailed it along my breast bone, making it further to my abdomen. I took a deep breath, the movement of his fingers held my breath.

All I could wish for was for Stella to come save me or better still, Madam Dacia to knock on the door. I could feel my adrenaline actively working inside of me, creating the feeling of both fear and wants.

” Very soon… just very soon.”

He pushed me, slamming me to the wall. His hands rested above my head, I could feel his hot breath on my face sending more shivers to my body.

He kissed my shoulder, his lips on my collar bone, then on my neck he placed another kiss on me. I gasped, not sure if I loved the way he moved his lips on my skin.

” Very soon, you’ll love how I feed on you. And you will beg me to feed on you. ” I heard him chuckle.


What does he take me for? Not even in my foolish sense will I ever beg him to feed on me. Scoffs. Some people need to to learn.

I stiffened at the touch of his hand on my butts, my eyes widened in shock. I don’t know what he was doing on me, but he was causing some thing great inside me.

Those irresistible feelings I felt in me due to the way he tickles his nose on my neck, and now his hands on my butt got me paralyzed that I couldn’t even scream for help, not to talk of pushing him away.

He buried another kiss on the same spot of my neck, I could feel his lips on my skin. Then his teeth, and a sharp breath which escaped his nostrils.

Those canine teeth pierced in, a loud gasp escaped my lungs. My eyes opened and so was my mouth, my hands held the wall but there was nothing to grab on it.

” Please… Please… I b.. beg you.” I said with the least strength in me. ” Please. ”

” It’s gonna be alright, sweetheart, I promise you. ”

I fell to the ground, forcing myself to breath. My lungs was getting dried and it was as if I was gonna die right now. Which I hope I’d just die.

I heard the door open, Madam Dacia walked in. Why now? Why not earlier??

” Have you had enough, or should I get some one else for you to feed? ”

” I don’t need any one else, I ain’t done with her yet.”

” So what are we gonna do with her? ” She asked.

” Keep her, and lether eat enough. I still want more of those blood in me. ” I heard him say.

” Okay. I’ll call some one to take her out. ”

He chuckled. When Madam Dacia had left, he knelt beside me. He held my face up,” You’re not gonna die, you still have a long purpose for me. ”

” Go… To… Hell… you Monster. ” I cursed.

This only caused him to laugh. ” And you think I’m gonna go to hell alone? You’re joining me to hell, sweetheart. ” He laughed again.

” Why don’t you just kill me? ”

” I can’t. Even if I want to, I just can’t. ” He dashed out of the room. I was feeling dizzy, my lungs was so dried and it was impossible for me to breath.

” Stella… Stella… Please… I…” And whatever happened next, was some thing I will never find out.


I woke up in my little room, every sides of my neck hurts so bad. I looked at my skin, I was becoming whiter than snow. I can’t even blink my eyes, they both felt heavy to me.

I managed to stand to my feet, I needed to have a cold shower to see if it can ease the pains. It was only by luck I could get to the bathroom.

I stared at myself at the mirror, my lips were dried, my neck was the only part of my body that looked red but the rest of my skin, were all white. I look dead.

I buried myself in the cold water, leaving only my head out. It was really helpful doing so, and the urge to sleep again clouded my eyes that I didn’t know when I eventually fell asleep.

” Avery! Avery! Avery wake up. ” The voice echoed in my ears. I coughed out a lot of water, opening my eyes to see Stella looking frustrated at me. ” What the hell were you thinking? You could have gotten your self killed. ”

” I’m sorry, I didn’t know when I slept off. ” I got out of the bath tub. ” How long have I been asleep? ”

” I don’t know. I came to check if you were done bathing so you can have your meal then I saw you floating in the water. ”

” I’m not hungry. ” I simply said.

” Not hungry is an understatement, Avery. The Master is feeding on you and right now what you need is food. Or else you will be as dead as a rat by tomorrow. ”

” I rather die, Stella than to be a dish to a notorious monster. The more I keep feeding, the more he sucks my blood. I don’t want to be his super sweet dinner, I just want to get the hell out of this mansion. ”

” Avery, I don’t care if you eat or not, I care about your health. And now, you don’t look too good for a living body. You have to eat some thing, even if it’s a bit. ”

” Fine. ” I agreed not that it really came out from my heart, I hated it when she begs me.

” Your food is in your room.” She informed me.

I changed to a new cloth because the one I was putting on before was stained with my blood. This time I wasn’t putting on a white gown any more, I was putting on a blue one.

I sat beside my food, staring at it but I wasn’t in the mood to eat it. Thankfully Stella isn’t here to keep an eye on me. I can just throw it out of the window and pretend like I did ate a thing from the porridge.

My stomach grumbled…

Or maybe, I’d just eat it instead.


To Be Continued….

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