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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 24: THE NEXT TARGET.



” Bella! Bella! ” Mariam called running to where Bella stood.

” Mariam? ” She asked surprised, she wasn’t expecting to see her or Victoria who was walking behind her.

” Is there a problem? ” She asked.

” We heard Christiana and her friends discussing. They are up to another new plan. ” Mariam informed.

” What new plan? ”

” We know what they are up to next, and this time we know who the next target is. ” Victoria added.

” Who’s it? ” Bella asked, looking interested.

” Stella. She’s their next target. ” She said.

” They want to implicate Stella to get to the Mistress? ” She hummed, nodding her head. ” We must inform Stella about this, she needs to be careful.”


Stella was at the garden spreading Madam Dacia’s clothes. Since the incident of what happened between Avery and the dress, Madam Dacia had ordered Stella to handle her clothes herself.

She had spread the sixth dress when Bella called her name from afar. She thought of what to say if Bella was coming to ask her of Avery.

And the only thing that her mind could compose was… I’m sorry, this is something I wish not to discuss again.

But poor thing, that wasn’t the reason why Bella was calling her. ” Bella, you shouldn’t be here.” She said.

” I know, but this is something very important and you need to know about it. ”

Stella relaxed as it wasn’t what she was thinking. ” What is it? ”

” We’ve found out those behind Avery and Eve’s death.”

Stella furrowed in surprise.” How is it possible? ” She asked.

” Mariam saw them discuss about setting a new plan the very day you came to announce Avery’s death. And just this morning, Mariam and Victoria heard them talk about their new plan. ”

” Which is? ”

” Which is you. ” Becca said with out hesitation.

” Why would they want me dead? ”

” All this implications is only for one single reason. They want to get to The Master. And now they have made Madam Dacia hate every one, you’re next.

Once they get to you, they get to The Mistress and then, they get to The Master. ”

” The Master? ” I repeated. ” What would they want from The Master? ”

” Love. ” Bella said, ” Christiana, is the master mind of all this, and she is the one who wants The Master to herself. So, she will do any thing to have him despite what. ”

” I have to report this to The Mistress. ”

Bella held her hand, shooking her head. ” No, please don’t. ”

” Don’t? ” She scoffed. ” You want me to keep quiet when they are people who wants me dead? People who wants to kill The Mistress for some selfish interest? This same people are the cause of innocent lives, and now mine is involved, I won’t sit and keep quiet. ”

” You have to keep your voice low, they might probably be some where watching us. We don’t have to let them know we know their plans.

And you are even busy with the same thing they had used to implicate Avery. ” She said, referring to the clothes. ” It might not be this, but they are already coming up with a tough plan against you.

Stella, you might be The Mistress’s hand maid, but you have to be careful. Those girls, they’ve got eyes every where. That’s all I wanted to tell you. ”

She left…

Stella quickly spread the cloth, running to Avery’s room. She knocked several times before Avery could open. Avery rubbed her eyes as she she tried to get a clear view of who it was. ”

” Stella? ”

Stella pushed the door wider, walking in. Avery stood confused at the door, Stella’s expression was unpredictable.

” You don’t look okay. Is there a problem? ”

” Bella just told me few minutes ago that they’ve found out who had implicated you. ” Avery came to sit down beside her, ” Her name is Christiana. Well she didn’t tell me the other two. ”

” You didn’t tell her I am alive, did you? ”

” No, I didn’t. They all believe you are dead, that’s why they wanna take revenge for your sake. ”

Avery was happy. She never thought they would go this extent to do justice for what happened. She was thinking they would only mourn her death and live in with their lives.

She never believed in true friendship until now. Although she trusted and believed Bella the most, but, the part where she has to take revenge… was some thing appealing.

” Stella, you have to be very careful. ” She warned. ” I might have gotten luck but you might not. And Madam Dacia isn’t the sentimental type in passing judgement, she doesn’t care what it who you are. ”

” You’re right. ”

” They want The Master, I wouldn’t care if they hurt The Mistress, I care about you. ”

” Thank you so much. ”

” Nah, you don’t have to think me, you’re my friend. ” She smiled. ” It’s almost getting late, I need to get The Master’s dinner ready. ”


Avery had already reached to The Master’s door when Madam Dacia walked out. She always show up in times like this and those facial expression wasn’t welcoming.

” Where are you taking that to? ” She asked, a hint of anger sounded in her voice and Avery was becoming used to it.

” It’s The Master’s dinner. I’m taking it to his room. ”

” Take it away, he is not hungry. ” She eyed her, leaving to her room .

She might not have noticed how happy Avery felt at the words… ” Take it away, he is not hungry. ” And if possible, she felt like rejoicing.

You might be wondering what’s so special about those words, but it’s a lot special to her. Being free from the teeth of the creature, made her feel like it was a damn whole year.

She knew she wasn’t yet fit, and the few meals she had eaten hasn’t done enough to replenish all The Master had taken from her.

She went to return the food back to Stella who later took it to the kitchen. She went back to her room, and the cloth she had spread on the window was nowhere to be found.

She search every where in the room, yet she couldn’t find it. Then she looked down outside the window, there she saw her cloth laying flat on the ground.

The distance from her room to the ground was quiet far, she sighed leaving to pick it up.


Avery ✓

I headed down the dark staircase. It’s always dark because no one made use of this side of the mansion. And that’s a good reason why they had kept me here, so that no one will ever know I am alive.

And honestly, I kinda like it…

At least, I won’t have to bother about any one keeping an eye on me or, some one desperately fighting to watch me die.

I picked the cloth up, about to go when I heard voices whispering from a near distance. I hide at a corner to listen to it.

I recognize the voices. They sound familiar as those voices I heard at the toilet the day of Eve’s execution. I didn’t take too long to guess whose voices it belonged to.

Christiana and her friends …

I peeped from where I stood, trying to take a view of what they looked like. But on attempt to do so, I matched on a dried stick, which caused a noise, loud enough for them to hear some one was listening.

” Sh-shh…” One of them shushed and they all kept quiet. ” Did you hear that? ”

” Heard what? ” The other two asked.

” That sound. I think some one is listening. ”


To Be Continued…

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