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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 25: THE NEXT TARGET 2.

” Let’s go check it out, or else who ever it is will reveal us. ”

I tip toed backwards, when I had gone few steps away, I started running. I was so scared that I forgot the direction to my room.

” Oh my God. Oh no, please not now. ” I muttered as I ran to nowhere.

Some one dragged me from a corner, a his hand held me tight against his body and the other covered my mouth tight.

I struggled but when I saw my attempts were in vain, I stop struggling. My heart was beating hard against my chest and I felt like the whole world was gonna crumble and fall.

They passed with out noticing us, then I was able to feel my lost breath, exhaling heavily.

I pulled myself away from his grip, ” Who the heck are you? ”

” Maybe that should be a thank you. ”

” It doesn’t matter, who the f*ck are you? ” I repeated, sounding a bit rude.

Don’t blame me…

” My name is Gideon, I work as a guard in the mansion. What about you? ” He asked back.

” Does it matter? ” I hissed.

” Of course, it does. You asked me my name and I told you, don’t you think I should know yours? ”

” Well I refuse to tell you my name, are you gonna kill me? ” I insisted.

” No, but don’t you think you’re being unfair? ”

” There’s nothing about being unfair here. You wanna know what’s unfair here? It’s you kidnapping me, that’s what’s unfair. ”

He laughed. ” You call this kidnapping? You call saving your ass kidnapping? ” He scoffed, ” If I was kidnapping you, what makes you think I will give you the chance to talk? ”

” Well, thanks for giving me the privilege to talk, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I won’t tell you my name. ”

” Fine by me. ”

” Better. ” I hissed at him. I didn’t mind the way he stared at me, I left to my room.

Phew… That was close.


Saying I slept through out the whole night will only tell I am a super liar. Rather, I spent it in thoughts on what Christiana and her friends were up to.

My head couldn’t interpret it cos I really don’t have any idea on what next it is. Or maybe… Oh, Stella is still on the target list.

So, if my thoughts is right, then whatever plan they are up to, is really the tough and the most dangerous plan they’ll ever come up with.

Oh, poor Stella…

The morning surfaced but every where looked dull. The sun was still asleep in its nest. It was a perfect moment for The Master as it was such weather he cherished the most.

I left to his room, hopefully expecting Madam Dacia to walk out of some how stop me to tell me that The Master wasn’t hungry.

Oh, I’ll gladly be happy to leave at the instant.

But where is she? She’s definitely not here when I needed her the most.

I knocked several times on the door. Well, not really several times, I did knock three times. I was about to offer the fourth knock when the door opened.


” Master, would you mind if I bring your supper? ” I coldly asked, hoping he won’t have to dash to me draining my blood in full.

” Forget about supper, I am not hungry. ” His deep voice echo.

” Okay. I will just leave then. ”

I held the door knob when his voice stopped me. ” Wait…” I paused. ” Be in my room by night fall. ”

” But Sir…” I tried to say…

” Don’t be late! ” He cuts me short with a yell.

I frowned my face. If eyes could kill, he would have been longed dead by now. I shut the door behind me, angrily heading to my room.

” Fine, every thing about this place is becoming weirder than I thought. ” I murmured. ” I can’t even believe this crazy monster still wants to feed on me! Why can’t he just leave me alone?!

Do I look like a food or something? What’s so special about my blood? And how the heck does blood even taste like?! ”

You know the last time I tasted my own blood, I felt like giving up. So, how does he find it so tasty as he claimed it to be.


That annoying brat! I curse.

What does he think he is, huh? To think I would just openly tell him my name? So that he can go around telling every single person that Avery Dennison is alive?

I scoffed.

I didn’t mean to be rude to him last night, I’m not the rude type you should know that by now. I’m only trying to be secretive about my life. Madam Dacia even said it with her mouth, I better save my head.


The day ran painfully slow, and that’s just the way I wanted it to be. I sat beside the window, staring at nowhere. Many thoughts filled my head, and I don’t know what to think of.

What’s so special about The Master that Christiana desperately wants him to herself? Was she actually brought here the way we were? Or did she purposely came here on her own free will?

Is it because he is handsome or what? Geez, that devil of a guy? I can’t believe she finds him interesting.


( Night… )

No, not darkness again. And the first thing that came in my mind… Your blood!

I can’t stop from imagining how it feels to have his teeth in my neck. How painful it felt being drained like a well. Feeling the dash of his speed, could only create nothing but fear.

Not just fear…. But the fear of death’s call.

I left to his room when Stella showed up. She looked like she was going some where but asking, that’s not necessary.

” Where are you going? ” She asked.

” To The Master’s room. ”

” The Master isn’t in his room. ” She informed.

Wait a second… Did she just say The Master isn’t in his room?

” He went out for a walk with Madam Dacia hours ago. ”

I hummed. ” That’s a good news then. I’ll just be leaving to my room, besides, I’m a little sleepy. ”

” So soon? ” She asked.

Honestly, I’m not. I’m out to find out what Christiana and her friends are up to. They might probably be some where around that same place they met yesterday.

” Yeah, didn’t sleep last night. And… I couldn’t sleep when he, ” referring to The Master, ” asked me to come to his room tonight. ”

She chuckled. ” I see. Well, good night. ”

” Good night. ”

I passed through the dark stair case, slowly and quietly walking to the same direction I went yesterday. They weren’t there, I wasn’t hearing any voices.

Guess, they’ve learned.

” Where could they be? ” I questioned myself. ” Christiana, what are you up to? Where are you now? ”

” Stella, I don’t think I can find this out as I’ve thought. I just hope what ever plan they are up to won’t work out fine. ” I said pitifully.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. The reflex action made me turn, my hand flying to his face. He let out a loud cry, ” F*ck! ” He yelled. ” What the f*ck was that for?! ”

I wanted to apologise, but seeing it was the same guy who grabbed me last night, I didn’t mind saying a word. If possible, I wanted to give him another hotter one by the other cheek.

” Hey, are you this rude? ” He threw me an angry gaze, his hand still massaging his affected cheek.

” I would slap you again and I wouldn’t mind how painful it is. ”

” Do you ever have a heart for once? ”

” Of course, I do. Maybe it’s just you acting phony around. ”

” Phony? ”

” Maybe if you want me to start being so simple and super nice to you, then you should stop following me. ”

” I’m not following you, like I said, I’m a guard around. ”

” Well, keep guard around and stop stalking. Why am I even talking to you, I’ve got some thing more important than this. ” I rolled my eyes about to leave.

He grabbed my right hand, ” You shouldn’t be trespassing at this hour of the night. ”


To Be Continued….

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