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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.



Today, the Master’s room was damn so scattered. From the door, I stared around the room, not knowing where and how to start from in getting the room back to position.

Every where except the bed looked unkept. Talking of the bed, it wasn’t as if some one had slept on it.

Since the doctor had given me the injection, I started getting better and healthy, strong enough to do whatever duty I’ve got to do.

I was halfway done with cleaning the room, I heard the sound of the door shut close and the window curtains I had opened some how in a way I wish I know, closed.

Just with that, I knew who it was.

” Master.” I bowed, even tho I couldn’t see him. ” Are you hungry?” Like I really wanted to offer my blood to him.

He dashed to me, standing behind my back. ” I wasn’t but the moment you asked… I think I’m growing hungry now. ”

He moved his hands on my chest, down to my abdomen. His lips kept curling around the same spot he always sucked from me.

When his hand got to my stomach, he stopped. My heart has already started beating so fast, my head was busy with so many analysing.

Why did he stopped? Did he notice? Does he know that I am pregnant? If yes, how is that possible??

He moved back, steps away from me.

” What is that I hear?” He asked.

I didn’t say anything, I was thinking of coming up with a lie. A big one to save my ass from here.

” What are you talking about, Master? ”

” I can hear some thing. What is it?” He asked again.

” I… I don’t know… I don’t know what you are talking about? ”

” You don’t know? ”

I nodded my head. ” I don’t, sir. ”

” I hate music’s! Turn it off!”

Oh, I just remembered I had turn on the radio when I was about to start the cleaning.

I didn’t know he wasn’t a fan of music so, it didn’t occur to my mind that it was the radio he was talking about.

” I… I’ll do that right away. ”

On the other hand, I was thinking he was talking about hearing some thing in my belly. And the only thing my brain could interpret is my womb.

Though it’s five days now, I doubt the baby will be formed. I don’t know but, I am so damn scared.

Scared of every thing. I am scared of Madam Dacia and The Master finding out. I am scared of what Madam Dacia will do if she eventually finds out.

I believe in whatever she is capable of doing. With the level of her hatred for me, I don’t think she will accommodate me with my bumb growing.

Oh, I just wish Gideon were here. Though he won’t be able to save me from what those two couples can do, seeing him alone will give me hope of survival.

It’s only Stella and I. She’s been trying so much for me. Helping to steal fruits from the garden to see I eat.

I really appreciate it, and I pray that so-called Madam Dacia will never have to find her.

” I have turned it off, sir. ” I said.

” Have the room cleaned up immediately. ” he ordered, exiting the room.


Later that night, Stella and I are meant to serve both The Master and his fiancee. Stella had already told me that whenever they were dinning together..

the lights were always on. Which means I will get to see his face and what’s so special about him that Christiana is wanting for.

The foods were ready, I carried The Master’s tray of food while Stella carried that of Madam Dacia.

We entered the dinning hall, he wasn’t there yet but Madam Dacia was. ” Just drop his meal over there.” She pointed at the direction of the table where I would drop it.

I left to get the jar of wine and two cups. On returning, I saw another figure sitting beside the table. Stella whispered to me that it was The Master.

I could only see his side view, and I was expecting some thing more like an ugly look with rolls of blood beside his mouth.

But he looked much like a human. He was only staring at the food before him. I dropped the jar of wine on the table, indirectly trying to get a glimpse of what he looks like.

I poured some wine into Madam Dacia’s cup then into his. ” My Love.” She called.

He rose his eyes at her, ” Why aren’t you eating?” She asked.

I was still staring at him, he was indeed so handsome. No wonder… No wonder Christiana wanted him.

He has a fine skin, dark hair and a blue eyes. His pointed nose stood perfect, making him way too beautiful than the phrase of just being handsome.

And I can’t stop imagining how he’d look whenever he was drinking from me. I mean, he is too much to be what he is.

Though he is million times beautiful then Gideon, but the unspeakable anger I have for him… It’s some thing the devil can’t even comprehend.

” Watch what you are doing!!” Madam Dacia yelled, bringing me back to reality.

I had forgotten I was still pouring the wine into the cup, and luckily it hadn’t pass the cup level. ” I’m sorry. ” I apologized, dropping the jar on the table.

I looked at him again, our eyes meeting. Those blue eyes, locking into mine. For a minute, I felt like I was looking into Gideon’s.

” What are you still doing?!” She queried.

” Nothing. ” I turned to leave.

” Stop. ” She commanded and I stopped. ” Come here. ” I came close to her chair, my head facing the ground. ” Look at me. ”

I rose my eyes at her. She was staring at me, right into my eyes like she was studying me. ” You’re pregnant, aren’t you? ”

From my side view, I saw how shocked Stella stood. My eyes flew open, I never expected her to find this out so soon.

I slowly moved my eyes to The Master’s direction, he was staring at me too. It was as if the world were on me. ” Oh, so after all, your lover pregnanted you and flee? Tell me, where is he now?”

I didn’t say any thing. I didn’t want to believe that he had just left just as she has said. ” He flee because he knows he cannot protect you. What make you think you can make a good home here? ”

” My Love, ” referring to him. ” what do you suggest we do to her? ”

” You do whatever you want to do with her, it’s your choice. ”

” You two, wait for me in my room. ”

Stella held my hand as we left the hall. Just as we exited the room, I bursted into tears. I didn’t want to believe Gideon had run, but some how in a way I couldn’t help it.

Why would he run after making those promises? He promised to be with me no matter what, why would he just leave?

Why would he want to make our child fatherless? Why? Why was I so open to him? Why was I so stupid to have let him into me?

” This isn’t the time to regret, Avery, Gideon must have done what he did for a reason. Maybe he has left to make a new home. You know, here isn’t safe for a new child.

Don’t regret anything, especially not now. We just have to leave to her room, whatever it is she is up to, let’s just hope it isn’t some thing bad. ”

” But you heard what she said, she wouldn’t lie about that. ” I said bitterly.

” You just don’t know Madam Dacia as much as I do. She would do whatever it takes to see that she gets the worst out of you.

She is lying, I know Gideon is some where in this mansion. But the question is… Where??”


She shut the door behind her. ” So, ” she walked to her couch, ” tell me Stella, how long do you know about this?” She asked.

” Long enough. ” Stella said without a hesitation.

” Long enough? And I am not aware of it until today? ” Stella made no comment. ” I don’t want to sound too rude to any of you, but I think what I am about to do, is some thing any other Mistress would do to her servants.

” You, Avery, I want you to fill all the empty drums in the storage room. ”

” But ma’am, she is only five days pregnant and it will affect her womb if she has to over labour herself. If you will permit me to do it myself, I will… ”

She interrupted her with a yell. ” Shut the f*ck up! ” Returning her gaze at me, she continued. ” I don’t want it tomorrow, I want you to do it tonight. ”

” Madam, it’s dark already, please consider both her and her condition. ” Stella tried pleading on my behalf.

” I said… Shut the f*ck up!! And step aside, will you?” Stella threw her a hard gaze, like she was gonna devour her at any moment from now. ” Do it.”

” Stella.” I held her hand, she stepped aside. I could see the anger on her face, but she had covered the moment I touched her.

” Get the empty drums filled up, and notify me when you are done. Dismissed. ”


To Be Continued…

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