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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 7: SYMPTOMS.

I was panting heavily as I kept running. I stopped at a corner to catch my breath that I didn’t notice Victoria and Mariam walking to my direction.

” Avery, ”

” Oh Jesus, ” I flinched at Victoria’s voice.

” Are you alright? ” She asked me.

” Do I look like I am? ” I said with my first finger rolling around my face.

“Yeah, you look like a chased rat.” She leaned closer, ” Did you break a rule this time? ” She whispered.

” Even if I have to be Madam Dacia’s target, it’s just not now. ” I rolled my eyes, after what she did to Eve, I don’t think I can bear to hear that name for the rest of my life.

” So, why are you panting like you did something bad? ”

” I heard them. ” I said.

Victoria and Mariam looked at each other for a while. ” Heard who? ” They said in unison.

” The ones who implicated Eve. ”

” What?! ”

” Yes, I overheard them discuss in one of the toilets. They were even intimidating her on how weak she was to fall into their trap. Right now as we speak, they are up to a new plan. This time, it isn’t just on a fellow maid, but on madam Dacia too. ”

” What plan? ” Mariam asked, curious.

” I don’t know. One of them who I guess is the master planner of this said she was gonna come up with the next plan then, she will let them know about it. ”

” Then why is madam Dacia involved? ” Victoria asked.

” They are planning on gaining her trust and then, they will have the master to themselves. ”

Victoria bursted out laughing, ” seriously? Those girls are just as good as crazy. And why will they think that’s gonna work out? ”

” Don’t you think we should report before someone else dies? ” Mariam suggested.

” Report? ” I scoffed. ” Mariam, report is an understatement. We don’t have to report any of these. I say we sit and fold our arms and pretend like we don’t know shit about this. Eve is dead, may her soul rest in peace but, we can’t go ahead investigating on her death, especially in this hell hole called mansion. ”

” Avery is right. ” Victoria agreed. ” We must keep a low profile and rather avoid losing our heads to any of their traps. We just have to pretend like we heard nothing. By the way, did you see their faces? ” Referring the question to me.

” No. ”

” That means we’ve got no prove. All we know is that some group of girls implicated Eve, the rest should be history. ” Victoria added.

” I need to tell Becca about this. She needs to be careful. ”

★ ★ ★ ★

” Your sickness is getting worst, Mr Rutherford. We need to run an extra test on you. ” Doctor Ivan complained.

” Don’t worry about me, doc. I can take the herbs if the medicines aren’t working. ”

Doctor Ivan looked ate in surprise. ” Local herbs? ” He repeated. ” That won’t be good for you. ”

” Why? ” He questioned.

” The state of your condition doesn’t need any of that. Plus, what do you think people are gonna say when they find out that you take herbs. ”

” It’s only my fiancee who will know about this. And besides, she isn’t a talkative. ”

” I still suggest you take the medicine rather than the herbs. ” He suggested.

” My father lived on herbs for two years despite his famousity, which I can testify kept him that long. And do you know the worst part of the story? Two months after his doctor persuaded him to take the normal drugs, he died. ”

” I don’t wanna end up like my father, I still have a lot to accomplish. So, what do you think? ”

” Well, that’s a pretty bad story. But, we can go ahead with the test on you right? ”

” Yeah, sure. ”

Doctor Ivan took a little amount of his blood studying it on the test tube. His eyes was filled with confusion as he studied the blood.

There was something strange about it. He looked at Mr Rutherford who was sitting on the bed, his leg crossed over the other, looking less bothered in thoughts.

” Mr Rutherford? ” He called and he moved only his head to doctor Ivan’s direction.

” Any good news? ” He asked.

“I wish there is. ” Replied the doctor.

” Tell me this isn’t a bad news either. ”

” I cant really tell but, I hope it’s neither of them. ”

” Okay. Just go ahead and stop keeping me hanging. ”

” First, ” he started. ” I found this in your blood. ” He gave him the blood sample result, ” There seem to be something growing in your blood. But if you don’t mind me asking, have you had a blood transfusion before? ”

” Yes, that was last week Friday… I guess. Why? ”

” From my own perspective view, I think the blood transferred to your body is contaminated. Therefore, causing this foreign bodies to germinate. Gradually they kill your antibodies, making them unable to fight against this foreign bodies. ” He explained.

” Is there something you can do about it, like any drug? ”

” I think so. But before that, I need to know the signs and symptoms you do experience during this few days. ”

” I always have severe headache, high temperature. Sometimes I easily get hungry but I lose appetite to eat anything. That’s weird, isn’t it? ”

” Yeah, it is. One more thing, your delay for a medical attention has resulted to your condition getting worst. I need to check if there is any drug for it. ”

He went to get a drug with a glass of water. ” Here, have it. ”

Mr Rutherford drank the drug and for some seconds he felt normal. ” How do you feel? ” Doctor Ivan asked.

” I feel… normal.” Doctor Ivan felt relief but not after a while, Mr Rutherford started vomiting. He vomited a huge amount of blood out of his mouth. He wiped his mouth with the back of his palm, ” Doctor, what is happening to me? ”

” I don’t know. I guess your body is allergic to the drug or maybe, something worst. Guess I need to run another test on you. ”

He took a drop of his vomited blood, going into his test room for a proper supervision. ” This is getting so complicated. ” He said to himself. ” What the heck is this? ” He asked himself. ” I’ve never seen this before. ”

He walked out of the test room to where Mr Rutherford stayed. ” What did you see? ” He inquisitively asked.

” The foreign bodies has finally taken over your antibodies. I doubt there is any left to protect your body. ”

” What?! ”

” Your system rejected the drug I gave to you because, your immune has been infected already. I also doubt if the herbs can solve this condition. ”

” Meaning? ”

” They had the wrong blood fused into your body. I don’t know, but, I’ll try my best. ”

” So, if you think my blood has been contaminated, that makes me what then? A host to some virus or what? ” His voice deepened in anger.

” This is not a virus, Mr Rutherford. ”

” What is it then? ”

” That’s something I’m yet to find out. ”


To Be Continued…

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