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{ His Personal Maid }?

By, Cisca. H.



(Leaving California…)

He had packed his bags, ready to leave California to his home. Dacia had just sent a letter to him last night, telling him how much she really missed him.

And how his plans were moving as expected. She also made him know that she was gonna make his favorite sandwich when he returns.

Reading the letter alone made Mr Rutherford smile, almost forgetting he still has an unsolved case with him.

Opening the letter was the last thing he did before leaving the mansion to the waiting vehicle outside. ” Safe flight, sir. ” All his maids wished him a safe journey.

” Thank you. ”

Honestly, no one knows when next he was gonna return to California, and he has no idea either. He couldn’t believe he was beginning to miss California already.

He smiled.

” To the airport. ” He said, and his driver started the car, zooming out of the compound to the airport.

After a month and few days, finally he was gonna meet the love of his life. Each time he thought about her, those sweet memories about her always made his day.

And he just can’t stop blessing the day he first met her. She was like a saviour to his life, without her, he could have been long dead.

” Don’t worry, my love, I’ll be home very soon. ” He mentally said to himself.


Writer ✓

” Keep moving! ” Stella cried in a loud voice. ” The master returns today. ”

Everyone kept moving helter skelter in their various duties. Every maids in the dish section could be see here and there.

Those who have to get the dinning hall decorated, could be seen spreading designing garments on the wall, and some who were busy with the tables and chairs.

Now, you may be asking, what’s so special about this man. Why things has to be done in a rush like the saviour of mankind was coming.

But the honest truth is, maybe that’s what he is. Or maybe, he’s just the opposite of the saviour. That up to you to decide.

A man who finds pleasure in condemning innocent lives for his dirty gain.

On the other side, he’s got a fiancee who encourages him on his job weldon. He thinks ruining human lives was the best thing could ever do.

And on the other hand, no one queries him why. Not even the government can do anything about it. Maybe, that’s because no one has reported him to the government yet.


Avery was still sleeping silently on her bed while the others got the dirty clothes washed. Because they were a lot of maids in the laundry room, no one noticed her absence.

The master was returning wasn’t for sleepy Avery and she has no idea on what was actually going on. And Victoria seem not to have noticed Avery’s absence either.

” Where is your friend? ” A girl asked.

” Who?” She asked. ” You mean Avery? ” She asked back.

” Yes, I mean Avery. ” Said the girl.

” She’s… ” Then did victoria realize that indeed Avery was nowhere in the room, nor outside where the clothes were spread. ” Oh no, that girl is gonna get herself into real trouble. ”

” Yeah, yeah. Guess she already is. ”

” What?! ” Victoria exclaimed.

” Just saying. ” The girl shrugged. ” You better go wake your sleepy head friend from her slumber or she eventually enters into the real trouble. ” She smiled, leaving victoria.

Victoria left the cloth she was spreading, and off to the room. She went straight to Avery’s bed, tapping her by the back.

” Hey, dumb head, get your lazy ass off the bed. ”

Avery mumbled, rolling to the other side. ” Hey, wake up! ”

” Just a minute, Please. ” Avery mumbled.

” Yes, madam Dacia, she refuses to wake up. ” Victoria pretended to be talking to Madam Dacia.

” No, I’m up! I’m up! ” She said, jerking out of bed. ” Forgive me, ma’am, I’m up. ” She said with her head down.

Victoria bursted out in a loud laugh. ” Just as I expected. ” She held her stomach, looking at the already angry Avery. ” Did you see you face? You really need a camera to see how you just looked. ”

” That’s not funny, Vic. ”

” Yeah, it is. I thought you wouldn’t wake up. ”

” I was almost close to it. ” She hissed.

Victoria stopped laughing. ” Almost close to what? ” She asked.

” Nevermind. ” She scratched her hair. ” It’s nothing. ”

” Oh, you were having love struck dream right? I get it now, guess I’ll just have to make Madam Dacia time your hour of sleeping. ”

” Victoria!. ” She flew her eyes open at me.

” Just kidding.” I chuckled. ” Well, The Master will be returning today, you better get your ass over to the laundry room. And again, we’ll be having a meeting with The Mistress in the next thirty minutes. ”

” Did someone break the rules again? ”

” No. ”

” They finally found those culprits? ”

” No. ”

” What then? ”

” Can you at least let me finish talking before you go on asking your million questions? ” She hung her hands on her waist.

” Fine. ”

” I think she is trying to announce her so-called lover boy’s return. Or maybe the do’s and don’t she always prophecy about, who knows? ”

” I better go take my bath. ” Avery said, running to the bathroom. Stopping at the door, she turned to victoria who was also making her way out of the room. ” Thanks. ”

” Anytime. ”


(Thirty Minutes Later…)

The bell was rung and everyone stood in a queue, waiting for Stella to show up. When she finally did, she started and they all followed behind.

” Are you sure no one broke the rules? ” Avery asked again.

” Yeah, sweetheart, trust me after what happened to Eve, no one will ever think of breaking the rules again. ”

” But those people who implicated Eve are still around. ” She whispered.

” Guess their leader is still thinking of a new plan. I’ll say… they are on a little break. ”

” That’s only if they are. ” She rolled her eyes.

” Whatever, all I know is, this time no one broke the rules. ”

They stopped at the door, the guards opened it and they all entered madam Dacia’s room.

” Hello, girls. ” She addressed us.

” Good morning, madam Dacia. ” They all chorused at the same time.

” I know you all must have known why I called. Well, someone special will be returning today. I don’t think it’s actually necessary to have that person introduced.

All you’ve got to do is to follow whatever Stella and her colleagues asked you to do. Failure to do so, attracts a special punishment. And I’m pretty sure none of you wants that, do you? ”

No one talked. She smirked.

” That was a question! ” Stella yelled.

” No, we don’t! ” We said in unison, leaving Madam Dacia laughing.

” You all are just so pathetic to my liking. I don’t want anyone to ruin my day, I’ll render mercy today. Don’t expect such next time. ”

” Thank you, ma’am. ”

” Well, as I was saying… For those in charge of the dishes, I won’t tolerate anyone who tampers with the meals. You wouldn’t want to experience what happened to that poor pathetic girl, would y… ”

” No, ma’am. ” We didn’t let her finish her statement.

She laughed for a while. ” You’ve all learned. Honestly, I am impressed. ”


The master is coming… Who wants to tag along in the dinner ???

To Be Continued…

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