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HIS SWEET LOVING WIFE – Episode 53 & 54


🖤🖤 His
Sweet loving
Wife 🖤🖤.
Theme:{His possession}

Genre: Romance.

✍️ By Fortunate library.

^ Chapter 53🔥54°°°°°°°°°°°°

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It you i love………I mean you are my husband and it normal for me to submit myself to you. Shaoshao said as she looked away.

So the love is the submittive part right? Feng Xi asked.

Yes Mr Feng Xi.

Have you ever loved me? Feng Xi asked as she was about to leave.

Mr Feng Xi,there is no way you are asking me that question and be expecting an answer in return. You should already know that……..

It would be no! Feng Xi said disappointedly.

Miss Zhao Mei is still there. Am just a wife to you by contract and when the year is come to an end,it final. Shaoshao said.

Do you ever want to find out why I wasn’t angry with you when you want to go after the man who got you pregnant? Feng Xi asked.

It clear that we have no feelings for each other so to part ways won’t be difficult. If you are not angry,it think that would be the answer to your question.

Shaoshao said as she walked away.

What if she finds out that the guy she spent all her life searching was right beside her everyday.

Feng Xi thought and also went to his garage and drove out of the mansion.

Wang Chi, I can’t believe you still have feeling for that Shaoshao of a girl. Dylan Yi said.

Dylan Yi was just one of his friends he share his thoughts with and so he knew about Shaoshao.

I can’t stop thinking of her everyday even now that am not inviting her banquet,I feel uncomfortable like something is happening to her. Wang Chi said.

Stop all these! This is crazy! If you keep lusting after her while she is still married,then you will regret it because you know what type man Feng Xi is. Dylan Yi said.

Despite his evil doings, only I, can stand against him. Wang Chi said arrogantly.

Just end Shaoshao trouble already. Dylan Yi said.

Why? So she can stop seeing me as her friend? Or so that she can hate me?

But she would do so if she finds out that her long time best friend knows the man who slept with her.

She would not find out and I will never let that happen.

And is that why you joined hand with her evil sister to sell the child? Dylan Yi asked.

That was the best I could do for her at that time Dylan. You know it. Wang Chi said.

You should know that wickedness. You are just trying to be clean outside Wang Chi. Dylan said.

Despite my wickedness and evil doings,I still love her. Wang Chi said.

How will you apologize for what you have done to her. You ruined her life, future and career. Dylan Yi said.

I wanted the best for h……………

Stop saying that you want the best for her when you watch her suffer as she search for her child.

That child was his and I hated the fact that she bore a son for that fool so what bad if i sold out the son?

She isn’t at peace do you know that? Dylan said.

That because Feng Xi is still part of her life. Wang Chi said.

Let them go and free your heart to love someone else. Dylan Yi said.

No!!!!!!!!! Not until am done with Feng Xi.


Maxson Park and Sirou returned back to China today because of an urgent shot and ta-da it just a call to make them rush over.

Sir Maxson Park, would it be okay if you stay at the hotel?

That would be so boring. No someone to talk to but busy. I would be a loner if I stay here alone.

So what are you deciding on?

Am thinking I can stay with you. Maxson Park said.

That can’t be possible. I didn’t prepare a place for people like you to stay?


Get lost Maxson!

At Sky hotel, Shaoshao rushed to the given room number and ring the bell to inform the person that she is around.

The door was open by the tall, elegant young man. He was looking cool and handsome even his scent was so romantic but he had a mask on so only his jaw we’re visible.

Welcome darling.

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