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HIS SWEET LOVING WIFE – Episode 55 & 56


🖤🖤 His
Sweet loving
Wife 🖤🖤.

Theme:{His possession}

Genre: Romance.

✍️ By Fortunate library.

^ Chapter 55🔥56°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

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Welcome home darling. The man said.

Home? Where you expecting me? Shaoshao asked as she scan the elegant looking man.

I was baby mama. He said as he pulled her in and automatically,the door closed.

Baby mama? Do you know me? Shaoshao asked as she felt that he talks familiar.

Have been monitoring you all this while but what painful is that I just recently found you. The man said.

What all these games? Do you think it funny? Shaoshao asked.

You needed the money and you were ready to offer yourself down to me and I did that which was right.

Right? You call taking advantage of me was right? Shaoshao as she boiled in anger.

Easy baby mama. We both know it would result to this so why shout at me? The masked man asked.

Am here to clear things. You would tell the world that you are responsible for my pregnancy and then be punished by the Feng family for the insolence you did to me.

We did that before we got married. He said.

Before we got married? I don’t understand.

Shaoshao was confused about this man identity and she raised her brow a little demanding for an answer.

Yes you can’t but I hope you forgive me kitten. The man said.

What!? Who are you? Only my……..

Yes! Only I call you that! The masked man said he removed his mask.

Feng Xi! The monster!


Shaoshao fell to the ground as tears gushed out.

No! No you are not the one! How can it be you! Shaoshao asked as she couldn’t understand what was going on.

It me little kitten! Am the random guy who slept with you that night and on this bed. It I who is also your husband. Feng Xi said as he moved to her side.


Shaoshao spat on his face when he came close to her.

You liar! Monster! How could it be you!

Feng Xi wiped his face off with his towel and looked at the devastated Shaoshao.

Am sorry this happened Shaoshao. I wanted it at first but when I found out that you are the killer of Zhao Mi I hated you.

Yes! We should hate each other. I shouldn’t be with a monster like you! I wanted a good life. A good life where I,my children and husband can live together in our house in love.

And I am here to give you that Shaoshao.

Don’t touch me! Shaoshao yelled as she slapped his hand off.

I hate that this is happening to us. I began to love you when I knew you were kitten. Feng Xi said.

I hate you Feng Xi! I hate you! I wished I never knew you! Shaoshao cried as she stood up.

You should resent me all you want because my sins to you are unforgivable but I hope you forgive me Shaoshao.

Shaoshao! Since when do you call my name this nicely? Shaoshao asked as she looked at him with an annoying eyes.

I understand where the hatred is coming from but Shaoshao you should just calm down. Feng Xi said as he walked to her.

Before he could touch her,a slap welcomed his face real hard.


The slap stung like hell as it was the first time he would be hitted this way and it painful. For the first time in his life,he felt like a loser and a monster.

Let part ways. Let end it here and now! Shaoshao said feeling no remorseful of what she did just now.

Would that make you feel better? Feng Xi asked her as he stared into her angry eyes.

She has never been too angry or sad like this. Thus,this was his first time seeing her this way.

This would make me feel better. Let end it now! Shaoshao said as more tears escaped her eyes.

When we end it here,what happens to our child? Feng Xi asked the leaving Shaoshao.

Child! It ringed like a bell to her hearing.

Yes she had a child she long to be with and embrace and if she end things up with him, she won’t be able to see him not to talk of embracing him or watching him grow in a……….

I don’t want a child who would be like his monster father. You can keep the child.

Shaoshao said and turned the door knob to leave but then, Feng Xi hugged her from behind and planted a kids on her head.

Let go off me!!!!! Shaoshao screamed out.

I won’t. You can call me a monster but don’t call our child that knows nothing that name.

Our child? Shaoshao looked back at him.

Hmm. Our child. Feng Xi nodded.

I already aborted the baby a long time ago. I was only traumatized. Shaoshao said.

You can’t abort that gentle soul. I know you than anyone else because I was your boss at the bar. Feng Xi said.


You are my what? You monster!!!!

I never knew you kitten. I was told by Mingyan kitten. I only set my eyes on you for a few months back then.

You animal! Shaoshao shouted as she hitted Feng Xi chest hard. Despite all this,he didn’t let go of her and still held her tight.

You animal! I hate you! Die! Just die please! Shaoshao shouted as she pulled his collar.

If I die, would that be okay? Would you forgive me? Feng Xi asked her.

Please just die! Leave this world! You don’t deserve to live among people. Shaoshao said as she looked so helpless.

Fine! If leaving this world would make you forgive me,then I would. Feng Xi said as he let go off her.

I love you! I do love you Shaoshao. Feng Xi said as he finally let go of her.

Shaoshao ran outside the room. She was just disorganized and hopeless. She didn’t know what to do.

Just as she was about leaving the hotel,she met Mingyan coming in.

Ohhhhhhhhh! Look who is here! How was your meeting with your low class boyfriend.

If only you know who he was. Shaoshao said.

You look so awful. Did he perhaps beat you up. Ohhhh! Mingyan mocked her.

Why is my life like this? What have I done to deserve this kind of life?

What you did was that you lived and that why all this happened. Why don’t you just die and don’t come back? Mingyan said seriously.

Why do you hate me this much? What my offence?

Your offense is that you survived despite all you went you and that you had all what I should have had.

So you resent me?

You should not be asking why I resent you instead you should be asking for your child’s location right now.


Your child is missing Shaoshao and no one knows where he is gone to except I. Mingyan said as she raise her head high.

What did you do! You animal!

Ohh! Are you worried about a child you don’t know? Well your man is going to die also so get ready.


Is sure to be………

Move! Move! The police rushed into the hotel.

What going on? Mingyan stopped and ask one of the police men.

Mr Feng Xi, Mr Feng Xi is in trouble. He was attacked by some unknown men five minutes ago.

What! Uncle…..

You did…..

She is the culprit! Take her! I saw her coming out of the hotel in an haste so I know she is behind this! Mingyan said.

Ma’am,this is Mrs Shaoshao Feng!

Take her I say!

Yes ma’am.

Mingyan rushed upstairs pushing Shaoshao to the ground.

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