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(She belongs to me only)

By; Samuel Favour




I watched as Tyler walked away and it broke my heart.

“I don’t know why it took me so long to realize you’re a horrible person” those were the words ringing in my head.

The pain I felt was much more than the one that I felt for Mason.

I didn’t mean any words I said, I was angry that he wasn’t on my side . How could he say that what I felt for Mason wasn’t love but obsession.

I didn’t know as tears started to roll down from my eyes.

I can’t believe I lost a friend.

I watched as Tyler walked away until he was out of sight.

I walked back inside my car as I poured my emotions out.

He’s gone, I don’t know why it hurts so much.

But it’s his fault not mine,he pushed the button and called me a spoiled brat.

Immediately I reached home I run straight to my room not even answering my parents call

I locked myself in it as I cried heavily till I fell asleep.



I stared at Mason,I missed him so much. I stood up and hugged him.

“Why did you leave me like that” I said hiccuping.

I buried my face in his neck as I continued to cry.

“I knew you’ll never leave me right,” but all I got was no response.

I broke the hug and looked at Mason who was not looking at me.

“Mason, please tell me what Westley and the rest said was not true”.

But he kept quiet.

I was already crying, as I looked at him in pain.

“I thought you loved me Mason,you promised me that you’ll never leave me”.

Then he finally looked at me with a cold expression.

That made me cry the more as I stared at Mason with a broken heart.

“Do you ever love me?”

But he just stared at me with a cold expression while his eyes were looking at me boringly.

“Answer me” this time I screamed as the tears were rolling down my eyes.


I felt hurt , this is the worst pain ever. He never loved what I was thinking.

But I can’t believe this.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him but he didn’t kiss me. Instead he pushed me, making me hit my leg hard on a stone as I fell hitting my butt hard on the ground.

I stared at looking so hurt as the little pieces of my broken heart shattered finally.

It was crushed with someone’s foot stepping on it hardly without any mercy.

I was crying as I tried to get up .

I couldn’t believe my eyes and didn’t even know that my left leg was already bleeding.

“You used me after I confessed my feelings to you. Was I a toy to you?”

“What do you think you were to me? Do you think I’ll ever love someone like you?”

“I don’t love you, the person I love is Arianna as I’m going to be getting married to her”.

“You just a bet I made with my driver that I could get any girl and I want and you gladly fell for it”

I listened to all what he was saying as the tears were pouring more as I stared at Mason.

My heart was saying this is not true but my mind screamed at me that this is reality.

“I hate you Mason, I hate you and I wish I never met you “.

With that I walked away as I ordered a cab to get in.

I didn’t want to go back there as I told the driver to take me to a hotel.

I paid for a room and I’m very sure I look like a mess.

I laid on the bed as I cried my eyes out.

It hurts, it fucking do,

I held my chest tightly as I curled myself into a ball.



Immediately Avery left I broke down as I sat on the floor as I cried my eyes out.

I hated myself for what I did to her. I’m a monster and now she hates me but that’s the only way she could leave me alone.

I cried so much that I regretted that my mother gave birth to me.

It could have been better if I wasn’t born than to face this unbearable pain I’m going through right now.

I didn’t mean to push her that hard Making her on her butt.

There remained a little I could have helped her up , hug her and tell her I’m sorry.

I didn’t know how long I was there before I made my way down.

My eyes were already weak with no more emotions in it.

I just stared at nothing in particular.

My driver noticed it but when he asked if I was okay he got no reply.

I just looked outside the window, as a tear fell from my eyes.

Even my tears were already heavy as I felt pain everytime a tear was dropped.

Immediately I reached home I didn’t wait for my driver to get down a d open the door for me .

I did that myself as I walked inside ignoring the greetings of the maids and butler.

I walked straight to the living room where my parents were.

“I did as I was told, I didn’t tell her anything now please can you leave her and her family alone”.

“Not yet until you get married to Arianna”.

That was it , I’ve heard enough of all the trash this old man was saying.

“I fucking broke up with Avery because of you, I decided to get married because you told me to do it,I didn’t even give Avery a reason why I broke up with her because of you”

“I sacrificed my happiness because of you and all I’m asking right now is just to leave her alone” I screamed.

I saw how surprised my parents were because I’ve never shouted or yelled at them.

Tears started to roll from my eyes .

“What else do you want me to do, kill myself will that be enough because whatever I do it’s never enough for you both”.

“You force me into a marriage I never loved . Did your grandparents ever force into marry mom”

“Have you ever had a marriage where there’s no love?”

I stared at my parents as they couldn’t say anything.

“No, you both married each other because you love each other then why can’t I just have that”.

“You never treated me like a son, you never had my attention when I was young,you never came for the most important things that every parent should attend “.

“Now, you are coming as if you’ve ever been present In my life telling me to get married to someone I don’t even love”

“Sometimes I wish you were never my parents because all you care about is your selfish desire and all the profit it will get “.

“Now I’m asking you to stay away from Avery and her family and you’re telling me until I marry Arianna “.

“Have you ever considered my feelings, or how I felt?”

“Do you know how I felt growing up without a parent to show me love and affection because mine was too busy with their own business “.

“You better stay away from Avery or I’m cutting off this marriage and I’ll make everything you’ve built to crumble right in front of your eyes “.

“This isn’t some warning but a threat “.

“I hate you both and I wish you never gave birth to me”.

With that I walked out of the house entering the car as I drove straight to my eyes as the tears came rushing down.

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