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?(Unforseen Love Story)?

Episode 3



By : Kebby NG Media Services


“Do you think Elias will push through with the wedding?”Diana asked Draco whose gaze was fixed on his laptop

“I don’t know all I know is that I hate that lady.”He spatted

“Same here I feel like chasing her out of our house, things will really become unbearable once she gets married to Elias I mean just imagine it.”

She imagined their lives together. She will have to take them to school, their homework and all other stuffs.

“Gosh”Diana shook her head sideways. “The imagination is scary, I will have to see that ugly face of her every day from morning till night”

“I will be forced to talk to her, she will prepare our food and a lot of other things she will practically be our mom” Diana stated sadly

“Ewww” . Draco utter with disgust

“Don’t say that? I will rather die than have that sugarcane looking thing as a sister in-law not to mention a mother, we need to stop the wedding”Draco said with a stern look

“You are right we can’t let our brother get married to the devil” She nodded in agreement

“And please stop imagining crazy things that will happen if they get married…. your imagination might come true”. He said

“I won’t, thinking about it is making my head hurts”. She said reaching for her phone just as she did they heard a knock on the door.

“Who’s there?”Draco ask

“It’s me, Iris.” She answered

“What do you want?”Diana ask

“It’s time for dinner. Your brother asked me to come get you guys” she said opening the door

“Learn some manners lady we never said ‘come in'” Diana snapped

“But you already know it’s me” She defended

“Yes but we don’t want you in the room, so use the door”. Draco said

“Come quickly din..”

“We will be there”. Diana said. “Use the door.” Draco finished

She sigh with the thought. ‘little devils’

“Gosh I need to disinfect my room”Diana frown folding her tiny hand on her chest

“While you are doing that I will be on my way to the dinning table” He said walking towards the door

“Draco wait for me”Diana pouted getting off the bed.

Seven minutes later………

“Elias you should share this new recipe with us” Diana said

“Yeah the food is great” Draco added

Elias and Iris shared a glance before he said. “I didn’t prepare the food.”

The twin shared an eye contact saying. ‘Iris prepared this’

“Unm Elias” Diana call

“Humm” He humm since there was food in his mouth preventing him from talking

“I just remembered I didn’t finish my homework because I was worried about Casper now I need to go and finish it” She lied

“Huh now?” He ask and she nodded. “But we are having dinner, can’t it wait?”

“I wish but it will be past my bedtime and remember the saying early to bed early to rise” She said giving him a cute puppy face

“Let her go sweetie I will help her with the homework so that she can return to finish her dinner” Iris said

“I can do my homework on my own” she said rudely

“Fine you can go” He granted her permission and before they know it she was on the way to her room.

“Elias I need to go it I have a test tomorrow”. He lied

“Huh? What about your food? Iris put a lot of effort into preparing this meal.” He said and Draco gave him the look saying ‘thats exactly why I don’t want to eat it’

“I’m sorry Iris but I have to go we can give the left overs to Casper”. He said before rushing to his room too.

Elias knew they didn’t finish their food because he said he wasn’t the one that prepared it.

“Don’t mind them” . He pouted at Iris and she kissed him.

“I don’t because I love you” . She said creasing his cheek.

“I am lucky to have you”He said before pulling her closer for a kiss.


“How was your day dear?”Nora ( Iris mom) asked but she only nodded as a sign that she heard her before collapsing on the couch

“Why the long face?” She inquired

“Those little devils I am about to have as sister and brother in-laws are pissing me off” she complained

“You need to tolerate them” she advised

“For how long I have been doing that for the past four years” she cried

“Just a week more and you will put them in their place”. Nora said

“You are right mom, once I marry Elias I will show those brats what I am made off. I even prepared dinner for them and they refused to eat it, giving stupid excuse and Elias bought it, can you believe that mom?” She scoff in disbelief

“Seriously! And what did you do?” Nora asked

“I couldn’t do anything I had to play the sweet fiancee” She rolled her eyes.

“Once you become the wife teach those spoilt brat a lesson” she said demonstrating beating with her hand

“That’s right they have been treating me wrongly because I have been lenient with them”. She said

“Don’t let them ruin your mood go to your room and have a wonderful rest” Nora said

“Thanks Mom good night” she stood up to peck her cheek

“Night baby girl” Nora mouthed

“Stop calling me that I will be a mother soon” she pouted

” Are you pregnant?!” Nora freaked.

“Of course not, it is what will happen once I get married” she replied.

“I don’t care you are still my baby girl” She said

Iris groan before walking away.


“Eat your breakfast Romima” Nanny Gloria snapped dropping the cup of juice in front of her.

“I am”She mutter obviously lost in thought

“Why do you keep stabbing the meat?” Nanny Gloria inquired

“I’m not” She mumble

“Here” Nanny Gloria pointed at the places she had stabbed the meat “See” she added

“I had no Idea” she mumble

“Of course you don’t you were obviously lost in thought, what’s on your mind?” She ask drawing a chair to sit.

Because everytime she has a problem there is always a long explantation.

“Can you believe the nerve of that doctor Nathan? He can’t help mom yet he keeps collecting my money when he is fully aware of his incapabilities….. Gosh” She rough her hair and held the knife firmly.

“If not for the fact that I have not hired the new doctor he spoke about I would have stabbed him like this” She said stabbing the poor food.

“You should be greatful he admitted his weakness and he didn’t waste your time, giving you false hopes” Nanny Gloria said

“No nanny he should be grateful I didn’t lock him up” She said

“And that annoying bastard that calls himself my brother. He is still after the company but I won’t let him have his way,. he is a stranger I won’t let him take what dad worked hard for” She said shaking her head making her rough hair fall on her face.

“Why can’t you accept him as your brother? Even if you won’t give him the company, acknowledge him as a Zaragoza. A DNA test was carried out remember?” Nanny Gloria remind her

“No nanny I have a strong believe that the DNA test was tampered with, it’s a fake” She said. “That bastard is not dad’s son”

“Fine, believe whatever you want” . Nanny Gloria said

Romina phone beep indicating a message, she took it and checked the message. It was an email from doctor Nathan, she quickly tap on it.

“He’s hot” she drool staring at Elias picture

“Who?” Nanny Gloria ask curiously stretching her neck to check what was making her eyes dazzle

“Nothing I will leave now” . She said grabbing her bag from the other chair on her right hand side.

“Your break..” . Nanny Gloria paused staring at her back view before finishing her sentence with her gaze now on the food. “Fast.”

“I guess I will have to throw you into the bin”. Nanny Gloria said carrying the plate of food but it fell when she suddenly heard her name.

“Nanny!” Romina yell with her head stuck between the door

“Don’t kill me child”She scolded

“Sorry….. Check mom IV and call doctor Nathan love you nanny” she said that last part already rushing to her car

“She’s unbelievable”Nanny Gloria shook her head before cleaning the food that spilled on the table when she dropped it.


“Twins” Elias call and they both stared at each other knowing he only call them ‘twins’ when he’s pissed

“I didn’t like how you treated Iris yesterday” He added

“Boring” They mutter below their breath so low that he didn’t hear them or he is so engrossed in what he was about to say to even notice them.
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