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?(Unforseen Love Story)?

Episode 5



By : Kebby NG Media Services


Iris jumped on her bed with a frown on her face. She has not been smiling since James left, he has not called nor sent her a text message.

He knew she was angry before he left. So, why on Earth is he acting like he didn’t notice her mood.

The thought that he could be in the OR crossed her mind but she waved it off and decided to imagine him cheating on her since she didn’t hear what the caller said to him earlier.

“Down to earth Iris!” Nora yelled snapping her fingers

“Learn to knock mom”She said and rolled her eyes as she sat up.

“Seriously? I have been knocking and trying to get you back to reality for the past four minutes” She stated.

“Stop exaggerating. You got here less than a minute”She said.

“Fine that’s true. Why didn’t you answer my question, you decided to stare at nothing in particular?” Nora asked sitting at the edge of the bed.

“I was thinking of the perfect answer to your question” she replied.

“Ohh! I see, so have you got that perfect answer?” Nora ask

She scratched her head and asked. “What was the question again?”

“Iris Drake! Where the heck was your mind?” She snapped.

“Stop yelling mom! I had a long day today and I will have a longer one tommorow. So for heaven’s sake let me rest” she uttered.

“You look sad. Nora said after observing her face. “You were excited this morning what happened?” Nora inquired sitting at the edge of the bed

“It’s Elias mom” She cried

“What happened to him?”

“Not him but me” She pointing at herself

“Okay, what happened to you?”

“Not me but us”

“What happened to you guys?” Nora ask

“Not us….”

” Enough just tell me what happened already” Nora cut her short.

“He left me at the mall saying he has some emergency”. She whined looking like a baby who is deprived of eating candy.

“And?”Nora urge her to go on

Iris stared at her as if there should be other reasons.

“That’s all” She mutter

“You are here acting like an abaddon kid because your fiancee went to work? Are you kidding me Iris?”Nora stared at her as if she’s not the daughter she gave birth to.

“Mom!” She cried hitting the duvet with her leg

“What?!” She snapped

“You should side with me.”She pouted

“On what?” Nora ask arching a confused brow. It’s not like they are fighting so why is she asking her to side with her.

“I have a feeling Elias is having an affair and it is one of those short leg nurses in his hospital” She blunted.

Nora hit her on the head and she groaned. “What was that for?” She wince.

“For behaving like a kid” she replied. “How can you think of such things? He is your finance. He should have your complete trust, but here you are doubting him” Nora shook her head in pity.

“I trust him I just can’t help but have this strange feeling. He is always in that hospital, it is more like he doesn’t miss me” She complained.

” I feel like I am the only one excited about this marriage and he just doesn’t care” She added.

“The reality is that you are the jobless one”

Nora replied.

“What if those siblings of his has poisoned his mind?” She wondered out loud

“I think you are too excited that you will be Iris’ Drake de Vera that you have lost your senses. I will get you a glass of juice and your favorite chocolate cake while I am doing that, find something reasonable to do”. Nora said and threw a mini pillow at her which she caught with a smile.

“A future bride should have a positive mind set” Nora added as she held her jaw.

“I will remember that” she said and Nora blew her a kiss before walking out of the room.

Ever since Iris father passed away when she was just two, her mother has been her world, her only best friend and adviser.

“Mom is right I should have a positive mind set”. She said to herself.


“What’s this for?”. Draco and Diana ask in a unison as they stared at the clothes on the couch with disgust.

“You both know that tomorrow is my wedding day and I realize we haven’t went shopping so I got this for you guys. You will be wearing this tomorrow “Elias answered.

“We told you that we are not coming for that wedding” Draco said.

“And you agreed” Diana added.

“Remember?” They chorused.

Elias chuckled as he sat on the couch. “We were mad at each other that morning and we said hurtful things to each other none of us meant it”

“We meant what we said”. Diana retorted.

“And we are not going back on our words” He added

“You are kidding”. Elias chuckled

“We are not” They chorused.

“Listen…” he was interrupted by Diana, ” you should listen to us”

“We don’t like that lady and we don’t want her for you. Just trust us don’t marry her” Draco said

“Elias, we are you siblings the only family you have we don’t want something bad to happen to” Diana stopped talking unwillingly by his loud voice

“Enough! I have had enough of you two. I am getting married to Iris and you guys are coming to the wedding” He said and stood up.

“Take your clothes to your rooms, the makeup artist will be here by seven be ready” he added before walking away

“A huge mistake” Diana mutter.


“You look beautiful my dear” Nora compliment her

“Thanks Mom” She blushed

“Has Elias called?” She ask

“I called him earlier but he didn’t pick up” She added

“You will see each other in church after that you will see each other every day” Nora teased

“Mom” she groaned her eyes

“To be honest I am going to miss you” Nora utter sadly

“I will miss you too. But guess what?! I will visit every day”She assured.

“You don’t have to” Nora said wiping her none wet face

“I should leave while you get ready… Mrs Drake de Vera” She teased

Iris turned to the mirror with a smile on her face as she stared at her reflection.

“After today I will live with Elias, I will become his wife officially gosh” She face palm herself. I can’t wait.

‘But why hasn’t he call or text isn’t he excited to see me?’ She thought walking towards her bed as she raised her ball gown with her hands to help her walk properly.

“I guess he’s busy with the wedding preparations” She mumble after checking the call log and message.


Diana and Draco frowned in their various rooms as the makeup artist apply some makeup on their faces

While Elias was smiling as he check himself out in the mirror.

He took a box and stared at the wedding ring in it with a smile, “Iris will finally be mine” he thought happily.

“Sir we are done”. The makeup artist chroused as they stood in front of Elias room the door was opened anyway.

“Where are they?”He asked and they moved to reveal Draco and Diana who could have been much more beautiful if they smiled.

“You guys looks like a prince and princess” He said closing the space between them.

“Yeah in a horror movie” . Diana mumble

“I’m sure I look worse than Voldemort” Draco added

“Stop saying stuffs like that you are even much more handsome than I am” He said squatting to reach their level

“Whatever” Diana rolled her eyes while Draco hissed

“I know this is not what you want but after today you will see things differently” He assured them.

“I’m hungry” Diana blunted not wanting to give him a reply.

“After breakfast you will head to the church”. He said standing up and they left without saying anything.


“I wish something will just stop this wedding” Diana said thoughtfully as she stared at people walking into the church.

“Come to think of it I haven’t seen Elias. i

Isn’t the groom suppose to wait for his bride?” Draco ask

“Yes I guess he’s running late” she replied.

” Elias is not the type to come late, especially to his own wedding” He mutter worriedly

“He must have changed his mind about getting married, maybe he finally realize that Iris is a b*th” she replied.

No that can’t be with the excitement on his face this morning, I doubt that. He said


“Ma’am we received a message now that the groom’s car was found on the way to the church with no one in it”. A guy reported to Iris

“What are you talking about? “She asked, nervously.

” Ma’am, your fiancee is missing” he replied.

“What the f*ck are you talking about?! How can my fiancee be missing?” She freaked as her hands became sweaty all of a sudden.

“What’s with the noise? We know you are excited you don’t have to show it” Nora uttered as she walked closer to Iris who was still sited in the car.

“Mom” . She call as tears threaten to fall from her eyes

“What’s wrong?” Nora ask with a worried look.

“He’s …. he..” she sturter pointing at the guy in front of her.

Nora turned to the guy and asked, “What happened?”

“I’m sorry ma’am but…. the groom is missing”. He repeated.

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