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(Melting His Icy Heart…)

Chapter 3&4

THEME; Making Him Fall.


Gbemi Writes ✍️



“But how’s that possible? How on earth do I have a wife?” Logan asked as he let go of Whitney who quickly move away from him.

“You don’t remember cause it happened a year ago. It’s part of the memory you lost” Rose replied her son who looked lost himself.

“Whitney, leave us alone for now” Rose said opening a way for Whitney to leave.

“No one leaves until I know what’s going on ” Logan said gruffly and that got Whitney starring at him.

He may be handsome but he looks like a devil when he’s angry, she thought.

“Leave us, Whitney” Rose ordered and Whitney quickly left the room.

“What do you mean by a wife? How come am married? ” Logan asked looking with distaste.

“It happened a few months earlier, you came back from your trip with her, claiming her to be your wife”

“But that’s impossible” Logan said as he sat on the bed.

“Why? Do you still believe yourself immune to women? Well things took a turn last year, she stole your heart and made you fall for her, so you better don’t deny her cause she came a long way just to be with you” Rose said telling him the lie she created for them both.

“I need to go check on her, so get some rest” Rose told him as she quickly left the room.

Whitney got to her hostel in the hospital still feeling shocked about what happened earlier.

“What’s wrong?” Elizabeth, a close friend of Whitney who was present in the room asked.

“I just made a big mistake” Whitney replied.

“What sort of mistake?” Elizabeth asked munching on her snacks.

“Have you ever heard of Logan Graham?” Whitney asked.

“Of course, he’s the money making machine in the business world though he’s a conservative man and there’s hardly a picture of him online. What? Don’t tell me that you run into him?” Elizabeth asked and Whitney nodded in reply.

“Really? I know that he’s being treated in the hospital but how on earth did you meet him?” Elizabeth asked again.

“Don’t ask cause it’s a long story” Whitney replied as she put on her doctor coat.

“Fine then, I won’t ask but what about Romeo? Did you confess your feelings to him?” Elizabeth asked and that got her recalling the night she told Romeo of her feelings.

“I did” Whitney replied.

“And what did he say? Did he pull you into his arms and declared his undying love to you?”

“He said I should give him time to think about it and I know that he is going to reject me” Whitney said looking sad.

“Don’t give up hope. From what I know no one have dared to admit their feeling to Romeo except you. You are the courageous one amongst us and that’s why we’ve given up hope on getting Romeo leaving him to you, so put your mind at ease. Romeo will surely say yes to you” Elizabeth assured.

“I hope so ” Whitney said as she got a call from Rose.

“Meet me outside and don’t bother asking for a leave, I already did that for you” she said before ending the call.

“Where are you going?” Elizabeth asked.

“Some where, see you later” Whitney said waving her off before leaving the room.

Whitney got outside only to be ushered into a waiting car.

“Am sorry about earlier” Whitney apologised.

“Why did you go to his room? I clearly told you to stay away until we plan this right” Rose said softly.

“I just wanted to take a sneak peek at him since there isn’t any pictures of him on the net” Whitney replied.

“So, What did you think after seeing my son?” Rose asked.

“That he is exceptionally handsome” Whitney replied which got Rose smiling.

“He got the genes from me after all” Rose replied with pride.

“Where are we going?” Whitney asked.

“Shopping” Rose replied.


“Since you think Logan is exceptional what do you think his preference will be when choosing a wife?” Rose asked.

“He will surely want an exceptional wife”

“Which I plan to turn you into and also you know nothing about Logan, we’ve got to get that remedied” Rose replied.

The next few hours was filled with Whitney trying on different outfits and jewelry.

Though she tried to stop Rose, Rose wouldn’t give her the chance to refuse.

It was almost noon when she went back to Rose home and there she got to know things about Logan.

“Do you get the things I told you?” Rose asked.

“I do, am a fast learner ” Whitney replied.

” Then we begin Tomorrow” Rose informed her.

“Tomorrow? Am to start pretending to be his wife tomorrow?” Whitney asked.

“Yes. Logan will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, if you stick to the things have told you then it won’t be hard making him believe. Have got a fake wedding certificate here, all it needs is your signature” Rose informed as her butler brought in the paper.

Though Whitney was a bit hesitant, she remembered the money given to her by Rose and it’s also thanks to her that the landlord won’t harass her and her mom again and so, she ended up signing the paper.

“Now that this is out of the way. The rest lies in your hand, please make sure you heal my son” Rose implored which got Whitney nodding in reply.


Dressed in one of the clothes bought for her by Rose and added to it is a little touch of make up which enhance her beauty turning several heads her way.

Whitney didn’t notice any of the stares sent her way due to her meeting with Logan.

Soon she will be pretending to be his wife and she hope that nothing goes wrong.

“Whitney?” On hearing the male voice from behind, she turn to see Romeo starring at her.

Romeo is also in the same faculty as her but he is an employee and not a student and also, he’s way older than her but he’s dashingly handsome and kind hearted.

His caring attitude is one of the reason she fell for him.

“Hello” she greeted grinning like a fool.

“You look….different today” Romeo commented starring at her outfit.

“Oh! Am actually into some thing” Whitney replied.

“Is that why you got a month leave of absence?” He asked.

“Am surprise you know about that” Whitney replied shyly.

“Well I just happen to see it by chance. Will you be returning to the hospital when this business of yours is done?” He asked.

“Of course” she replied and that got him ruffling her hair.

“Touching me will only get me more madly in love with you” Whitney said boldly and that got Romeo pulling away.

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that when I…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself. Am just letting you know about how I feel whenever you touch me. I agreed to wait for your answer and I will wait no matter how long it takes” Whitney said before walking off while Romeo stared at her, a sad expression on his face.

Whitney got to Logan’s ward and taking in a deep breath, she opened the door.

“Good morning” she said as she saw Logan standing by the window, all dressed up and she wouldn’t deny that he look more handsome out of the hospital uniform.

“Mom told me that you will be picking me up ” he said not giving her a glance.

“Yes” she replied softly.

“Then we better leave” he said walking out of the room and when she followed, he stopped to stare at her.

“And who is going to get that?” He asked starring at his bag which was still on the bed.

“Oh!” She exclaimed as she quickly went to carry the heavy bag.

If he noticed how heavy the bag was for her, he chose to ignore.

As soon as they got to the car, the driver took them to his apartment.

Still carrying the bag, Whitney went into the house with him.

On seeing the interior of the room, she couldn’t stop from letting out a loud gasp some thing which Logan noticed.

“It seems like your first time here, didnt I bring you here in the past?” Logan asked.

“You didn’t, since I live at Kentucky, you never….”

“That’s enough! I didn’t ask for more info” he said cutting her off and Whitney couldn’t help but to think him rude.

Picking up a glass cup, he poured his whiskey into it.

“I don’t think you should be doing that, you just got out of the hospital” Whitney cautioned and he gave a smirk in return.

“Have you started exerting your role in my life?” Logan asked.

“It’s my duty to stop you from harming yourself” Whitney replied thinking about his mom.

Is he selfish enough not to worry about her?

“I don’t get it. Why on earth did I pick you to be my wife? You aren’t that attractive enough to even get my attention”

*Like I want your darn attention, if it isn’t because of my debt? I will make you eat your words* she thought this within before faking a smile at him.

“You are right, am not attractive enough to steal your attention but I did and we even got married. So quit being rude and tell me where your room is, so I can put your stuffs there” she said.

” No woman will dare say that to me” He told her, looking angry.

“But am not just any woman, am your wife and you should get used to it” Whitney replied before going up stairs.

She found his room and began to unpack his clothes for him.

She was almost done when the door open and he came in.

“Can you help me with this?” He asked which got her turning to him.

“With what?”

“Help me take my shirt off ” he said having a daring look on his face.

Is he trying to test her or what? She thought as she kept starring at him.

“Are you too shy to take my shirt off? Don’t tell me that you and I haven’t been intimate? ” he asked.

Moving towards him, she began to undo his button.

“So does this mean that you and I have been intimate?” Logan asked, his face void of expression.

” Yes. Have seen everything about you just as you have with me” Whitney replied hoping he wouldn’t try to put it to test.

She finish unbuttoning his shirt and on seeing the tantalizing view of his abs, she couldn’t help but to stare.

He noticed her stare and that got him moving away from her.

“I don’t recall a thing that happened between us and I don’t think I ever will. So why don’t we just settle for a divorce, am willing to pay you a hefty amount as long as you get out of my life” He said as he took off his shirt.

“I didn’t marry you for your money” she replied.

“So you are saying you married me for love”

“Whether you believe it or not, I do and there’s no way am going to give you a divorce so you better…..what happen to your back?” She let out on seeing the large scar on his back.

“It’s nothing” Logan replied moving away from her but Whitney went towards him, turning him around so she could inspect the scar herself.

“It must hurt, how did you get it?” She asked fingering the scar.

“I don’t want you touching me!” Logan said moving away from her.

“You could only have got that from an accident. I don’t think it’s your current accident and so it must be….”

“Mind your darn business!” He yelled which stunned her into shutting up.

“Am your wife and so whatever concerns you should concern me too, let me have a look at it again” she said moving towards him but he took hold of her arm and push her against the wall.

They stood so close to each other that she could see herself in his eyes.

“I told you that I don’t want you touching me, I hate it !” He growled which got her gulping down her spit.

“I don’t recall us ever getting married and I don’t recall you too, so let’s put an end to this sham. Give me a divorce” he added menacingly.

“And have told you that I don’t intend to give you a….” She was cut off when he pulled her on the bed with him over her.

“You are really testing my patience!” He warned.

“And you are too heavy, get off of me!” Whitney said trying to push him off of her.

“So you aren’t scared of me right?” He asked.

“Am not cause am your wife. So get off of me” she said pushing at his chest and when he still didn’t budge.

She began tickling him which got him rolling off her.

She stood up to leave only for him to pull her back.

Whitney lost her footing and ended up falling on him but this time their lips met.

Both of their eyes widened in shock and immediately she pulled away from him.

“You did that on purpose right?” Logan asked.

“Of course not! I….I need to use the bathroom” she said as she quickly left the room.

She was still in the bathroom downstairs when she heard the door bell.

She wondered who could have come visit and when she went to take a peek, it was to see a man hugging Logan.

“I thought you died” the man said crying in Logan arms.

“Am fine now and you should come in” Logan said pulling away from the hug.

“Do you have a guest?” The man asked on seeing her bag.

“Yes. My wife” Logan replied.

“Your what? When on earth did you get married?” The man voiced out in shock and that got Whitney going back into the bathroom.

Will her cover be blown? What if he tells Logan about his missing memory? What will she do?

She was about to call Rose when she recalled that her bag was in the sitting room.

Whitney stayed in the bathroom for a while and when she could no longer hear them, she open the door and left the bathroom.

She will just escape before he finds out the truth, she thought as she pick her bag heading for the door way but on hearing some thing, she stopped.

Trailing their voice to a room which door was left slightly open, she heard the shocking truth about Logan.

“I love you, I love you so much. How can you do this, how can you get married to her?” The man from earlier asked.

“You know we can’t be together, our love isn’t some thing the society will accept” Logan replied which got Whitney eyes widening in shock.

“I don’t give a damn about the society cause I only want you and I know you want me too” the man said again.

“I do want you even when I know it’s bad, I only want you ” Logan said again.

Whitney quickly left where she stood not wanting them to catch her.

Logan isn’t suffering from Philophobia or anything because he is a gay, he’s nothing but a freaking gay….

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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