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(Melting His Icy Heart…)

Chapter 5&6

THEME; Making Him Fall.


Gbemi Writes ✍️


“I can’t believe he is gay?” Whitney muttered to herself as the taxi drove her back home.

“Well, it’s the handsome ones that end up turning bad” she added as her phone began to ring.

“Hello, Mrs Rose” Whitney said as she answered the call.

“So how is it going? Did you enjoy your first day with my son?” Rose asked jokingly.

“More like I found out his dark secret” she thought this within not daring to say it to her.

“Well it went well until this guy showed up. I didn’t know Logan had friends and don’t you think he will end up saying some thing to Logan?” Whitney asked.

“Don’t worry, I know who you are talking about and I will have a word with him. Nothing else right?” Rose asked and Whitney contemplated on telling Rose about her son’s secret.

“Nothing else, I will see him tomorrow” Whitney said choosing to stay quiet.

“I wonder why I choose to stay quiet Logan Graham, you owe me big time” she muttered to herself when she ended the call.

Back in the house, Logan kept reading the script in his hands.

“Am sorry but I just can’t be with you, let’s end what is going on between us. Our love can’t be” Logan read out.

“It can! You can’t give up on me cause without you in my life, am nothing” Ben read out from the script with him too.

Having had enough, Logan put down the paper.

“Don’t you think this line is cheesy and besides, someone is in my home. What will she think if she heard us?” Logan asked.

“We aren’t doing anything bad, we are just reading a movie script. What do you think? Is the movie worth investing in?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know. It’s a bit boring to me” Logan replied truthfully and immediately Ben stood up from his chair and sat on Logan’s table.

“Common! It’s the first movie I will be acting in as the male lead, you can’t let me down. You’ve got to invest in it ” Ben pleaded.

Ben Dane have been a friend of his since high school and though their part in career is different, they’ve never drifted from each other.

“Fine. I will invest and you better make it a success cause am going to get my money worth” Logan replied which got Ben moving towards him with his arms wide open.

“Don’t you dare!” Logan warned with a stern face and that got Ben moving away.

“Ouch! You hurt my feeling” Ben joked as he went back to his seat.

“Now back to you. How on earth did you get married?” Ben asked.

“I should be asking you that. Since you know everything about me, you should be able to fill me in on everything that happened last year” Logan replied.

“Have you ever seen me with her before? Didn’t I ever tell you about getting married?” Logan asked and Ben shook his head in reply.

” You never hinted a thing about it though when you went to Brazil, I did find some thing weird about you” Ben replied looking thoughtful.


“You changed all of your wardrobe, some thing you never did before” Ben replied and that got Logan rolling his eyes at him.

“Is that what you found weird!”

“That’s what I noticed different about you but if you want, I can help you get info on her” Ben suggested.

“That’s the best suggestion you’ve ever offered in years” Logan replied.

“You know that apart from Susan, you aren’t close with any other girl until this wife of yours arrived. Will she be the one to melt that icy heart of yours?” Ben asked quirking a brow at him.

“No one will ever change me. This is what I am and it’s what I will keep on being. So forget about anyone ever melting my heart since I don’t have a heart in the first place” Logan replied having that serious expression on his face.

“I really miss the old Logan, this Logan is more scary!” Ben said before dashing out of the room while Logan followed.

Whitney arrived home and was about opening the door when she got a call.


“When did you leave?” Logan’s cold voice drifted down the line.

“Not long. I saw that you’ve got a guest and decided to leave. What? Are you worried about me? Do you suddenly miss me when I….” Whitney stop talking when he ended the call.

“So rude!” She muttered before going into the house.

“Am home mom” she called and her mom gave a reply from the kitchen.

She was heading up stairs to change when some thing cross her mind and immediately she went to her mom.

“Momma, have got a question to ask you” she said lingering on the counter.

“Ask away” Kate Archer replied as she continued with her cooking.

“What can I do to help a guy who is a gay?” Whitney asked.

“A gay?” Kate asked as she stopped what she was doing to stare at her daughter.

“Have got this patient who has become cold due to trying to hide his feelings, what do you suggest I do to help him?” Whitney asked.

” Why not try to help him bond with the guy he loves. You said he’s a gay right?” Her mom asked and she nodded.

“I think that if the two are always together, He won’t be able to resist seeing him cause if some one is in love, he or she always miss each other” Kate suggested which gave Whitney an idea.

“I know what to do now mom, thanks for your advice ” Whitney said blowing a kiss her way before dashing out of the kitchen.


Ben walk into the restaurant to see Rose Graham as the only the customer in the restaurant.

Rubbing his sweaty palm on his trouser, he quickly went to join her.

It’s been years since he’s known Logan mom and yet, he is still scared of her.

“You asked to see me?” Ben asked.

“I will go straight to the point. I know about the movie you are starring in and… ”

“Are you going to ask them to fire me?” Ben asked quickly.

“I have no intention of doing that. Infact am willing to support this movie as long as you keep shut about Whitney. To Logan, she’s his wife and so do your best in convincing him that she is” Rose replied airily.

“So you are saying she’s not his wife?”

“That doesn’t concern you. Just do as have told you, make Logan believe that she’s his wife and you will get my support in everything you want. This is very important to me, so don’t screw it up” Rose warned which got him nodding in return.

“You are my son’s only friend and am grateful for you being there for him all the time but I won’t tolerate it if anything goes wrong with my plan” she added when she stood up to leave.

“My mouth is sealed” Ben said giving her his word..


As soon as Logan walk into his company , it was to be greeted by his staff who were waiting to welcome him since they all know about his accident.

“Welcome back boss” they said in unison.

“Thank you all though I would like you to refrain from doing things like this in the future” he said gruffly which erased the smile from their lips.

“Get back to work” he ordered as he head to his office and while everyone went to their desk.

A girl followed him and he ignored her until he got into his office.

“What is my schedule for today?” He asked the girl who followed him.

“Nothing much sir. Since you were involved in that accident, all of your activities have been suspended ” Susan replied as the effecient assistant she is.

“Am back to work. So get it sorted out” He replied picking up some files on his desk.

“Any thing else?” Logan asked Susan who was still standing there.

“The employee were only welcoming you ” Susan said stating her mind.

“I didn’t ask them to” Logan replied.

“That’s a bit harsh”

“Have always been harsh and you know that I don’t joke with time. You should have told them not to do it” he rebuked.

“Am sorry sir, it won’t happen again” Susan said softly.

“I hope so, get back to work” Logan ordered as he went back to checking the papers in front of him.

Susan had gotten to the door when she turn to him once again.

“Boss” she called softly which got him looking up.

“Am glad you are okay and I wish you good health always” she said looking a bit shy before leaving the room.

Logan let out a sigh as he got a call from the reception.

“Boss, some one is here requesting to see you?” The receptionist said.

“Direct the call to Susan and she….”

“No Boss. She says she is some one important to you, she claim to be your wife” the girl said and that got his attention.

“Under no circumstance must you let her in” he replied before ending the call.

“What the hell is she doing here?” He murmured to himself.

A while later, he got off business call with a client when he got a call on his mobile phone and he picked up with out checking the caller.

“Go downstairs and see your wife!” Rose voice drifted into his ear.

“Am busy with work and….”

“And so you intend to keep her waiting. I suggest you go to her or I come there and make a scene. You hate it when I make a scene right?” She asked sweetly before ending the call.

Knowing how crazy his mom is , he decided to go to Whitney.

“Sir your coffee…” Susan said as she walked in only to see him preparing to leave.

“I need to be some where” he replied as he walk past her leaving her staring after him.

As soon as he got downstairs, Whitney ran towards him with a bright smile on her face.

“You came”

“Why did you have to call my mom?” He asked having a frown on.

“I only called her since you won’t see me and anyway you are here and so you are coming with me” She said taking hold of his hand as she pulled him out of the building.

Logan stared at her hand on his and clearing his throat, he pulled away.

“I don’t want you touching me” He said glaring down at her.

“There you go again with this no touching rule of yours. Do you know that you look like an ogre whenever you frown? You should smile often” She advised and that earned her a deep frown from him.

“Mind your darn business” he growled before getting into the car.

“He’s always in a foul temper. I hope that when he sees his gay lover, it will put him in a good mood” She murmured as she quickly got into the car with him and unknown to the both of them.

Susan stood on the second floor window, watching them while wondering who the girl with him is?


“Why are we here?” Logan asked as he turned to Whitney who was grinning like a fool.

“To have some fun. Your mom told me that you hardly go out whenever you are here and I could only think of this place”

“You will get to relax and enjoy yourself and you know what? Some one very important to you is joining us” She added In excitement.


“Your friend Ben” she replied.

“Do you know Ben?” Logan asked and she nodded.

“Of course. I know you two are very close and when I say close, I mean intimate” she whispered as her gaze shifted from him to his trouser.

“What are you starring at?” Logan asked as he move away from her.

“Nothing but I keep wondering how you and Ben do it at night?”

“Do what?” Logan asked.

“How you two do the…you should know since you two are very close or haven’t you done it yet?” Whitney asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” he replied hotly.

“Forget it then. I know you wouldn’t want to tell me since it’s a bit embarrassing but you can trust me. I promise to keep your secret safe” she said putting her hand on his arm.

Logan pushed off her hand like he was dusting off a dirt.

“When you are done spluttering your nonsense, come meet at the cafe” he said heading off in the cafe direction.

“It’s a pity a handsome, sexy man like you is a gay. A girl just lost a future husband ” she murmured to herself as she kept watching him.

“Whitney?” On hearing her name being called, she turned to see Logan’s lover arrive.

“And you are Ben right?” She asked stretching fourth her hand to him but he ignored it.

“What exactly is your plan? Why did you agree to deceive Logan with his mom?” Ben asked.

“My plan entirely is to heal Logan. Am a psychiatric Doctor and Logan mom hired me. So am not planning to harm him rather I want to help you both” Whitney replied.

“Help us with what?”

“It’s a secret but I promise to make sure Logan accept himself the way he is, so don’t worry cause Logan will end up being with you. Let’s go join him at the cafe” Whitney suggested as she walked off while Ben stared at her In confusion.

“What the hell is she talking about?” He asked no one in particular….

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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