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(Melting His Icy Heart…)

Chapter 7&8

THEME; Making Him Fall.


Gbemi Writes ✍️



“Thank you” Whitney said to the waitress who brought their ice cream.

“How thoughtful! You wouldn’t know how bad have been craving for this” Ben let out in excitement as he eats a spoonful of it.

“That’s why I asked us to come here, to get you both to relax cause I know you’ve been working hard” Whitney said which got her a thumbs up from the giggling Ben.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Whitney asked the quiet Logan and his reply was to give her a hard stare.

“Have told you to smile, frowning always will make you look like an ogre” she let out in frustration and that got Ben laughing.

“Did you hear that Logan. You should smile frequently cause it’s the…”

“Shut up!” Logan said cutting Ben off.

“He told me to shut up, he is angry mode again” Ben whispered to Whitney.

“Is there a way to bring him out of this angry mode of his?” Whitney whispered in return.

“A beating will surely help” Ben whispered again and they both turn to Logan only to see him watching them.

“Touch me and you both are dead” he warn coldly which got them eating their ice cream in silence.

While eating her ice cream, an idea came to mind and she picked up a tissue to wipe Ben lips.

“You’ve got a stain” she said.

“Thank you” Ben replied.

“Why not help Logan wipe his lips too?” She suggested wanting Ben to be affectionate towards Logan.

“Sure” Ben answered turning to Logan only to stop when he saw him starring at him.

“If you die soon then touch me” Logan said which got Ben moving away from him.

Why is Logan being a jerk when he’s meant to use this opportunity to be close to his lover? She thought feeling angry.

“Why exactly did you ask us to come here cause am getting sick of this” Logan directed this to her and immediately she stood up.

“I just want us to bond a little and I think it’s time that we go and try all the ride?” Whitney said.

“Am not a kid Whitney and so I suggest you stop this. Am going back to the office” he declared as he stood up to leave but she took hold of his hand.

“Don’t go, I really want us to spend some time together” she pleaded softly.

“Have told you that I don’t like it when you touch me” he muttered and that got her letting go.

“Stop being a kill joy and just have fun with us” Ben suggested trying to help Whitney.

“I don’t have the time for fun, there’s a load of work waiting at the company and you want me to have fun? Sorry, but I will pass” he replied turning to leave.

“There are time when he’s hardheaded” Ben murmured to Whitney.

“If he’s hardheaded then am crazy. Watch me” Whitney said before going after Logan.

He was speaking on the phone when she got to him, snatching the phone out of his grip.

“Sorry but Logan is busy today. So don’t call him even if it’s work related” Whitney said to whoever is on the line before ending the call.

“Are you crazy?” He yelled out in anger.

“I am and if you want this then come get it” she replied poking out her tongue at him before running off while Logan followed.

Whitney kept running until she got to the ferris wheel and that was where Logan caught up with her.

“Have had enough of your craziness” He let out angrily as he held onto her hand.

“Am sorry. I just didn’t want you to leave” she replied breathing heavily.

“Have told you that I….”

“That you would rather be working than to have fun but do you know that all work and no play makes Logan a dull boy?” She asked softly.

“It’s referring to Jack and not me. So stop with your nonsense and let….” He was cut short when she suddenly hug him.

“What are you doing?” Logan asked feeling uncomfortable.

“Holding onto you so you wouldn’t leave” she replied as other people kept starring at them.

“Let go. It’s embarrassing ” Logan muttered and on hearing that she tightened her arm around him.

“I won’t let you go until you give me your word that you will stay ” she told him as she tightened her grip.

“That’s blackmail and I hate it” he replied.

“Then we can keep staying like this after all you smell nice” she whispered sniffing his body like a dog.

When some of the passerby kept starring at them, Logan had no choice but to agree and immediately she let go of him.

“See! It isn’t that hard of a decision to make” she chided softly which earned her a frown from him.

After sending a text to Ben, she turn to Logan only to see him frowning at her.

“Smile! What will it cost you to smile?” Whitney asked.

“And what’s it to you if I smile or not?” Logan asked.

“It will make you look humane cause right now you look so cold and distant” she replied and that got him looking away.

” Smiling are only meant for those who are happy” he said as a sad expression cross his face.

She was about to ask him what he meant when Ben arrive.

She got into the Ferris wheel with Logan and Ben.

Knowing that it was time for her to give the two lovers some time alone, she lied to them about visiting the rest room and urge them to go with out her.

“Since the two couple are together, it’s time to have some fun of my own” she muttered before going to the other ride.

A while later, she was waiting at the ferris wheel for Logan and Ben arrival when she saw Romeo standing admidst the crowd.

A smile lit her face and immediately she went to him.

“Whitney, what are you doing here?” He asked also happy to see her.

“Am here with some friends and you?” She asked.

“This is for you darling” A lady said as she approach them.

On hearing the darling part, the happiness she felt at seeing Romeo shattered into tiny pieces.

“Thanks Cynthia” Romeo replied as he took the single rose from her.

“Who is she?” Cynthia asked starring at Whitney who had gone quiet.

“She’s Whitney, a doctor at the place I work”

“Nice meeting you” Cynthia said to Whitney and Whitney could only nod in reply.

“Let’s head home already. I can’t wait to be alone with you” Cynthia added and that got Romeo starring at Whitney.

“You don’t mind us leaving right?” Cynthia said this to Whitney.

“I don’t, am also with some friend of mine” she replied quickly.

“See you then” Cynthia said as she pulled Romeo arm to herself before walking off with him.

Whitney stood watching them leave and unknown to her Logan had witnessed the whole thing and now he was watching her too.


As soon as they got back to his house, Whitney sat on the sofa deep in thought while Logan went to the study to make a important call.

Half an hour later, he went out of his study to see Whitney still seated on the same spot and she was crying.

Being some one who hates weak people, he decide to ignore her but some thing got him walking to her instead.

“Tears is one thing I hate most, if you will keep on crying then I suggest you leave my house ” he said harshly and was about heading to his room when something hit him on the back.

Out of anger, Whitney had thrown her bag on him.

“Are you crazy!” He yelled at her.

“I am crazy. Just because you are an unfeeling jerk, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will be like you!” She yelled at him too.

“Did you just call me a jerk?”

“Yes! You are a jerk, a big one. I wasn’t expecting you to hug or comfort me but still you should have kept your thoughts to yourself” she yelled at him again.

“I suggest you…”

“What can I expect from a gay like you” she muttered and that got Logan eyes widening in shock.

“Did you just call me a gay?” He asked.

“There’s no need to act. I know what your preference is! You might be able to control it but think about Ben who is suffering alongside you” she lashed out in anger.

“So you think that Ben and I are gay?” He asked again.

“I heard your conversation yesterday and there’s no way you can deny that you are a gay. Lying doesn’t suit you!” She yelled at him and this got him walking towards her.

She began moving back and it wasn’t until her back hit the wall that she realized that there’s no place for her to run to.

Why did she have to open her big mouth? She thought as he got to where she was starring down at her with anger.

“Since you think that Ben and I are gay why don’t I show you how wrong you are” he said gruffly.

“Wh…at…what…do you intend to do to me?” She stuttered helplessly and instead of giving her a reply.

He gave her a kiss, a rough one and no one had to tell her that it’s her punishment for running her mouth loose.

“Let go of me!” She manage to croak out and when she succeeded in pushing him away, she turned to leave but he pulled her back and carried her over his shoulder.

“What are you doing Logan!” She yelled as she kept hitting his back.

“Proving to you that am as manly as any other guy out there . This will teach you to stop jumping to conclusion” he answered steely as he carried her up stairs.

“Put me down! Put me down!” She kept yelling and it wasn’t until he got to his room that he let her down.

She made for the door only for him to pull her roughly on the bed.

She wanted to crawl to the other side of the bed when he took hold of her leg, pulling her to him.

“You don’t want to do this, Logan” she said hoping he would stop with this madness of his.

“Once I set my mind on some thing. I never change it” he replied as he knelt over her.

She tried to get out of his hold but he didn’t make it easy for her.

He tried kissing her but Whitney made it hard for him to achieve.

Suddenly he pulled off his shirt leaving him only in his trouser.

“Get off of me! Get off of me!” She yelled as she tried to push him away but she failed in her attempt.

He began to loosening her shirt button and quickly she held onto his hands.

“Please Logan, don’t do this” she begged with tears in her eyes.

She didn’t know if it was her pleading or her tears but he got off of her.

Slowly she sat up buttoning back her loose shirt.

“You said we’ve been intimate or is that a lie?” He asked.

“I…I …lied” she stuttered out in fear.

“Get out! Get out of my house” he ordered and immediately Whitney rushed out of the room and when she got downstairs, she pick up her bag and dash out of his house.


“Aren’t you going to answer that?” Elizabeth asked when Whitney’s phone kept ringing.

“Am doomed, Elizabeth” Whitney let out in frustration.

“What’s wrong ?” Elizabeth asked starring at her worriedly

“I…I…thought some one to be gay” she replied truthfully.

“Did you perhaps tell this to the person?” Elizabeth asked and Whitney nodded in reply.

“How can you think such a thing? Hope he didn’t do some thing to you out of anger?” Elizabeth asked again and on remembering what took place between her and Logan the other day, she shied away from saying the truth.

“Let’s continue our discussion once you answer that” Elizabeth said starring at her phone which was ringing again.

Whitney picked it up wondering how she will tell Rose that she can no longer work for her.

After what she went through in the hands of Logan, she hope she never see him again.

“Hello ma’am ” she said as she finally answered Rose call.

“Thank Goodness you pick, where on earth are you?” Rose asked.

“At the hospital”

“Then get out of there cause Logan is coming there in search of you” Rose said and immediately that got her on her feet startling Elizabeth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Have got to go” Whitney said as she took to her heels.

As soon as the elevator door open, she ran out of it and was heading outside only to see Logan getting out of his car.

Quickly, she ran back into the hospital but ended up running into Romeo.

“Glad I saw you” Romeo said holding onto her hand.

“Am afraid this isn’t the right time for a chat and….”

“I need to explain yesterday to you. What you think is happening between me and Cynthia isn’t the truth” Romeo said but Whitney wasn’t listening cause she was wondering why Logan is here for her

Did he intend to take her back to his house and punish her for thinking him as gay?

“Look, Romeo. Can we save this discussion for later, have got to…” She stopped talking when some one took hold of her hand.

She knew who it was even before she turn to him.

“We’ve got to talk” Logan said as he turned to leave but Romeo took hold of her other hand.

“Can’t you see that she’s talking to me?” Romeo asked Logan as his gaze went to the possessive way Logan was holding onto Whitney.

“Sorry to intrude but I have some thing to talk about with my wife” Logan said as he pulled Romeo hand off of Whitney.

“Wife? She’s your wife?” Romeo asked still at shock by Logan revelation but he couldn’t ask Whitney because Logan had pulled her out of the building.

“Let go of me” Whitney said pulling her hand out of his.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

“Listen carefully cause I will only ask this once” he said and that got her starring at him.

“Go on a date with me”

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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