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(Melting His Icy Heart…)

Chapter 9&10

THEME; Making Him Fall.


Gbemi Writes ✍️


“What did you just say?” Whitney asked which got him frowning down at her.

“Okay. I heard what you said but why on earth do you want me to go on a date with you?” Whitney asked.

“You haven’t seen the news right?” He asked which got her pulling out her phone.

“Did some thing important happen?” She asked as she search for some thing online.

“Thanks to the outing yesterday, every one thinks am gay” he answered as he took her phone from her.

Typing some thing into it, he return it to her.

Whitney eyes widened in shock when she saw a picture of Ben and Logan in the ferris wheel and a caption added to it.


“But I was there with you!” Whitney said.

“The reporter who took the photo have been looking for ways to bring me down and he finally got to do so thanks to you” He said which got Whitney feeling guilty.

“The news isn’t the problem. The problem here is the havoc the news is causing” he said which got her asking for an explanation which he gave.

“There’s this client of mine. Have been hoping to get my business done with him and it was going well, the signing would have been done today if he hadn’t seen the news”

“Mr Parker is a man who strongly believes in family and on hearing about my sudden preference, he canceled the contract signing leaving a message that he wants nothing to do with a company who has a gay as it’s leader” Logan explained.

“Isn’t that being mean” Whitney murmured.

“And that’s why I asked you to go out on a date with me. Have tried booking an appointment with him today and so if you accompany me there and make it clear to Mr Parker that am not gay then this misunderstanding will be cleared up” he said.

“Would he believe it?” Whitney asked doubtfully.

“That depends on how you act. We might not be the best married couple but we can as well try tonight. Have got to get this contract” Logan said with determination and that got her nodding.

“Since it’s my fault, am willing to help” she said.

“Then get into the car” He replied opening the door for her.

“Right now? But am not dressed ” Whitney said as he open the door for her.

“What you are wearing is perfect, I only need to change mine and we are off” Logan said as soon as he got into the car with her.

“Is there anything I need to know about Mr Parker?” Whitney asked.

“None. Just seat still and let me do the talking” he replied steely.

“Tch! If I let you do that then there’s no way Mr Parker will believe us” Whitney muttered

“Just do what I say for once. If this deal is to be ruined then I….”

“You won’t forgive me right? I know and so I will seat still like a puppet while you do the talking” Whitney replied cutting him off abruptly.

He chose to ignore her sarcasm and when they got to his house, it was to see Susan waiting for him.

On seeing Logan, Susan face brighten with a smile but when Whitney got off from the other side of the car, her smile faltered.

“What’s wrong?” Logan asked as soon as he got to her.

“It’s just that Mr Parker has cancelled his appointment with you. He insist on not seeing you” Susan said as she stared at Whitney.

“Try making an appointment again” Logan insisted.

“I did it sir but he keep rejecting it” Susan said.

“I suggest we should let it be for a while and….”

“No! We shouldn’t let it be cause have got an idea ” Whitney said cutting Susan off.

“And who are you?” Susan asked.

“I am…”

“She’s a friend of mine” Logan said interrupting Whitney.

“A friend. Have never seen her before” Susan said starring at Whitney from head to toe.

“You are not working for me to know which friend I have, Susan” Logan caution.

“Am sorry, it’s just that its my first time seeing you with another girl and it got me asking questions which are none my my business” Susan replied.

“Do whatever Whitney tells you. Am going to change” he said going into the house, leaving the two girls alone.

“What do you want me to do?” Susan asked holding her anger in check.

“Nothing much. Just get us info on where Mr Parker will be today” Whitney replied.

“Okay ma’am” Susan replied.

“Am not ma’am. Just call me Whitney ” Whitney said but Susan chose to ignore her.

“It’s been confirmed. Mr Parker is having lunch at a famous restaurant ” Susan told her a while later.

“That sounds great, we will be able to catch him off guard” Whitney said in excitement.

“What do you plan to do?”

“It’s a secret but I know it will work out for Logan and the company ” Whitney replied just as Logan came out all dressed in another outfit.

“Come to think of it. You are always in black, are you batman or some thing?” Whitney said to Logan who chose to ignore.

“Any update on Mr Parker?” He asked.

“Have got it all figured out, let’s go!” Whitney said as she took hold of his hand not giving Susan the chance to reply.

“Do you want me to come?” Susan asked quickly.

“It’s fine. Just go back to the company” Logan told her before driving off.

“Since when did he get close to another girl?” Susan asked as she kept starring at the car till it turn to another direction.


“What do you have in mind?” Logan asked as Whitney pulled him into the private restaurant.

“Just follow my lead”

“If you ruin this meeting for me then I….”

“Stop with your whining and let me concentrate” she said as she kept searching for the room Mr Parker booked for himself.

“This is it” she said on getting there.

“Whitney you…”

“Shut up and listen!” She muttered.

“Did you just tell me to shut up?” Logan asked steely.

“Am sorry. I just wanted you to listen but since you won’t listen then it’s best i just do it” she said opening the door and before Logan could protest, she push Logan into the room and followed suit.

“Why are you here?” Mr Parker yelled on seeing them.

“Am sorry sir, I just….”

“This is a rude act, am going to call security ” Mr Parker said cutting Logan off.

“You are the one being rude. You just read some thing on a piece of paper and choose to cancel the contract instead of giving him a chance to explain and now that he’s here to explain, you are accusing him of being rude” Whitney spoke which got the man starring at her.

“Who is she?” Mr Parker asked.

“Am Logan wife and if you still insist on not speaking to him then I won’t leave you alone. I promise to be your closest shadow and follow you around till you give him the chance to…Humph!”

Mr Parker kept starring at her and when she thought she had made a mistake by saying her mind, he burst into laughter.

“She’s really some thing. Have a seat” Mr Parker said to the both of them and they both took their seats.

“Explain things to me so I can understand” Mr Parker said and Immediately they explained the whole situation to him.

“Am sorry, I never knew that your wife was with you when the reporter took the picture. It’s just that I have a thing for gays and when I heard about you being one. I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to work with you but with this explanation, I get it and by the way, your wife is lovely” Mr Parker said to Whitney who gave him a smile.

“My secretary will come see you tomorrow with the necessary document to sign. The deal is yours” Mr Parker said and Logan gave him a hand shake in return.

“Why don’t we toast to this?” Whitney said raising her glass for a toast.

“I don’t think I…”

“Stop being a kill joy and just toast to this moment” Whitney said picking his glass up for him and the three of them shared a toast to the new business deal.

A while later Whitney and Logan stood watching Mr Parker car leave.

“My idea worked right?” Whitney asked turning to Logan.

“Yes, it did….” Logan slurred out before falling into her arms.

“Logan! What’s wrong Logan!” She called out in fright but when he began snoring she realized that he was drunk which got her laughing since he only drank one glass.

With the help of some men, she got him into the car and drove them back to his house.

Though it was exhausting, she manage to get him to his room.

When he was safely in bed, she was about to leave when he began to groan out.

“Logan, Are you okay? Logan!” Whitney called as she took hold of his hand but he held her hand which got her falling on the bed too.

Moving towards her in fear, he curl his arms around her.

“Don’t leave me. Please, don’t go. Don’t just go” he said this crying.

Knowing he was having a nightmare, she wrap her arms around him and he snuggled close in return.

“Shhh….you are only having a night mare. It’s going to be okay” She said tapping his back lightly.

Logan woke up only to hear some one snoring. He doesn’t snore, so who is snoring? He thought as he open his eyes only to see Whitney In his arms.

What the hell is she doing here? Quickly he pulled away from her and got out of the bed.

This woke Whitney up too and she sat up yawning with her mouth wide open.

“What’s the time?” She asked still stretching.

“Seven In the evening” he replied.

“That late! I need to go home” she said as she got off the bed.

“Why didn’t you go home? Why stay here?” Logan asked.

“Oh, you were drunk as a log and so I brought you to your room intending to leave when you began having a night mare and so I stayed to comfort you” she replied.

“Comfort? By sleeping on the bed with me?”

“You pulled me into the bed and held onto me. I doubt that you remember since you got drunk with just one glass” she mocked.

“It just happened that way” Logan said defending himself.

“I know. Let me use your rest room before I leave” she said going into his rest room.

“She just do what she wants whenever she’s in my house” he let out angrily.

His phone began to ring and he answered.

Mean while Whitney finish touching up her make up.

She left the room only to see Logan resting against the wall, his arms cross on his chest.

“What’s with the pose? Intending to work for Vogue?” She asked as she went to get her bag.

“When it comes to stuff like that I can’t do it but when it comes to sniffing out a rat, am very good at that” he said which got Whitney looking at him.

“Well Its best I leave you to keep on doing that. Have got things to do” she said turning to leave but when she got to the door she was surprised to find it lock.

“Why is it lock?” She asked.

“I think it’s time you come clean” he said suddenly.

“Come clean about what?” Whitney asked knowing what will come next.

“Why did you lie about being my wife? I want the truth Whitney and you better start spilling it or you won’t be leaving this room” he stated…..

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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