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(Melting His Icy Heart…)

Chapter 11&12

THEME; Making Him Fall.


Gbemi Writes ✍️



“Aren’t you going to talk?” He asked which got her startled.

“It’s a long story” Whitney murmured softly.

Moving away from the wall, he went to seat on the bed, starring at her. “I have all the time in the world to listen. Start talking”

“Well am not your wife, I know nothing about you until that day in your room. Actually am a first year psychology major and your mom hired me to help you. She told me about your phobia and asked me to help you overcome it ”

“And you agreed?” Logan asked which got her shaking her head in reply.

“You don’t have to continue. You can leave now” He said.

“I can’t do that. Your mom…payed me and I believe in working for what I earn” She replied.

“Let me ask you this as a professional. Can you get rid of my phobia?” He asked.

“Do you want the truth?” She asked and he nodded.

“I can’t but I will try to….”

“Enough! You are just as useless as the other doctors”

“I know I lied to you but you are being rude”

“Do you prefer I call the police and make sure you spend the rest of your lying life in jail?” He asked and that got her shaking her head.

“Good then. I won’t call the police as long as you get out of my sight and out of my life” he stated.

“But your mom….”

“Will be handled by me. You can leave without feeling guilty and I hope our paths never cross again” he said before going into the bathroom.

A while later and when he is sure that Whitney will be long gone, he went back to his room putting on fresh clothes, he set out.

If the detective he hired to help him know more about Whitney hadn’t called to give him the answers he needed, he would have kept on believing her to be his wife.

This made him angry, angry at Whitney for deceiving him and angry at his mom for hiring a doctor without his consent.

Can’t she just live with the fact that he is not capable of loving some one? He thought as he sped his car down the streets heading for his mom place.

As soon as he got there, he went into the library where he knew she would be.

“Logan dearest! It’s so good to….”

“I know the truth now mom. How could you have payed Whitney to pretend to be my wife?” He asked interrupting her.

“How did you find out? Did Whitney tell you?”

“If it’s up to her, I would still be in the dark, thank God I hired some one into finding out the truth” he replied hotly.

“I only want your happiness. I want what every mother wants for a child, I want to see you happy with your wife and kids, I also want grand kids” Rose said softly wanting him to see reason.

“I don’t want any of that. Can’t you see that am happy the way I am?”

“You aren’t! If you really are you won’t be suffering from this phobia. You would be attracted to girls and would have ended up getting married to one!” She yelled at him.

“I don’t want that!” He said again.

“Why? Why don’t you want it! Why do you choose to close your heart to love? Were you hurt by someone in the past ? What exactly is going on with you?” Rose asked as she took hold of his arm,shaking him slightly.

Taking hold of his mother hand in return , he held onto it. ” I just don’t believe in love. I don’t want it and I will never need it. Am sorry that I won’t give you the grandchild you want but this is my path, it’s what I am and it’s high time you accept it” he said giving her a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.

“I won’t give up on you! I won’t let you grow old without knowing the joy of loving some one, I won’t give up!” She yelled after him.

Wiping off her tears, Rose picked up her phone and dialled some one number.

“I need your help” she said into the reciever.


Susan slowly made her way to Logan’s office holding two movie tickets.

It’s been a week since she’s been pondering on how to give the tickets to him and it’s also been a week since she has seen Whitney around him.

She once asked him about her and the reply he gave was quite satisfying.

Enough about Whitney. This step of hers is taking a lot of courage and she needs to focus on it.

She knocked and when she heard his brisk reply, she went into the room.

Like usual he was at his desk but this time he was sketching a new design.

“Looks beautiful” she muttered when she saw his drawing.

“Thanks. What brings you here ?” Whitney asked.

“I just wanted to know if you can come with me to the cinema, you see this movie just came out and it’s a movie have been anticipating and….” She pause when his phone began to ring.

“Sorry, I need to take this” he replied as he answered the call.

“I will be there” he said into the reciever before ending the call.

“What’s wrong?” Susan asked.

“My mom has been taken to the hospital. We will talk later about this, have got to go” he said rushing out of the office.


“What did you say?”

“She has pancreatic cancer and she’s in the fourth stage” The doctor replied and that got Logan thoughts drifting wild, his mom is going to die.

“Is there anything we can do for her?” Logan asked.

“If she had been in the third stage, chemotherapy might be possible but she’s in the final stage which nothing can be done”

“All we’ve got to do is to try to make her happy during her last moment” the doctor replied.

“How long does she has left?”

“Two to three months at most” the doctor answered

“Can I go and see her?” Logan asked and he nodded.

A while later, Logan got to his mom’s ward and when he saw her lying on the bed looking frail and weak, he felt so much pain.

She has always been the strong type and having to see her lying on the bed looking so weak….he just can’t bear it.

“Logan” Rose called and regaining his wits, he went to her.

“How are you doing?” Logan asked.

“Better now that I can see you” She replied.

“Judging from the look on your face, Doctor Hampshire must have told you about my illness”

“He did but I promise you that am going to do my best in finding a cure for you and….”

“I don’t want that, Logan. I was told that I only have two to three months left to live. Let me live it in happiness, I don’t want to be cooped up in the hospital till it’s finally my time” she said sadly.

“You won’t die, I won’t allow that to happen” He said with affirmation.

“I know that you are going to do your best in finding a cure but I would hope that you use this few time to get married and stay happy” Rose said and on seeing the refusal on his face, she added quickly. ” It’s my last wish for you. I want to see you happy son, I don’t want to leave this earth knowing you will be by yourself, please Logan do this for me, it’s the last thing I will ask of you” She pleaded.

“But mom I….”

“Logan….Lo…gan…I…I can’t…breathe” she said hoarsely as she held onto her neck.

“Doctor!” Logan ran out of the room calling for a doctor who arrived on time, Logan was told to leave by the nurse who came along.

Doctor Hampshire move towards Rose only for her to hit his hand away.

“You are okay?” Doctor Hampshire asked.

“Of course I am. Help me seat up” Rose said as he help her seat up.

“I just faked the suffocation for Logan to feel more agitated” She replied.

“Don’t you think this cancer plan of yours is going too far?” Doctor Hampshire asked.

“It isn’t. It’s the only way to get him to see reason, if he won’t give me the grandchild I want easily, he will do it by force” Rose said grinning evily.

“But still…”

“Don’t worry. If things go wrong, I will handle it myself. Now I want you to tell him this once you go out” she said.

A while later Doctor Hampshire left Rose ward only to see the worried Logan standing by the door way.

“How is she?”

“What did you say to her?” Doctor Hampshire asked.

“Nothing. We were only talking about….”

“From now on, I forbid you from telling her things that will make her worry. She needs all the rest and care at this particular moment and you as her son should be able to fulfil that ” He said to Logan who nodded slowly.

“I suggest you do things that will make her happy. She only have two to three months left on earth, you need to do every thing you can to make her happy”Doctor Hampshire said again.

“Keep that In mind. She’s sedated for now, you can see her later” he said to Logan before walking off.

“Am sorry. Am only doing what your mom told me to do” Doctor Hampshire muttered.


“That will be all for today class, see you during the next class” the doctor said before leaving the room.

“Thank God it’s over. Can’t wait to know what’s for lunch” Elizabeth said in joy but the person she was talking to was too deep in thoughts and it wasn’t until Elizabeth smack her on the back that she return to the present moment.

“Ouch! That hurts” Whitney said holding onto her back.

“Where on earth did you zoom off to?” Elizabeth asked.

“No where” she replied as she carried her things.

“Oh! I know, you must be thinking about Romeo ” Elizabeth said.

“How come you can read my thoughts?”

“Cause am the only friend you have and the only one who knows you well enough. If you are that worried about him, why not go and see him at the second hospital where he is doing voluntary work?” Elizabeth suggested.

“Why would I do that? Am not even his girlfriend” Whitney said as a sad expression cross her face.

“You can be his girlfriend. Don’t give up girl cause I know you are the destined girl for Romeo” Elizabeth teased as they got to the second floor only to see some men carrying some equipment into a room.

“What’s going on?” Whitney asked.

“A hospital romance drama will be taking place in the hospital. This is the first time we will be doing some thing like this, am really anticipating it” Elizabeth said in excitement .


On hearing the announcement from the speaker, both girls turn to each other.

“Did you forget to do his assignment or what?” Elizabeth asked which got Whitney shrugging.

“I don’t think so. I will be back” she said waving Elizabeth off before going into the elevator.

She got to the last floor and went straight to Mr Ray office.

“Good afternoon sir, you asked for me” Whitney said to the person who was seated on the chair.

The chair swerve around and it wasn’t Mr Ray who was seated but Logan.

“What are you doing here?” Whitney asked in shock.

“Did you perhaps bring the police?” Whitney asked starring around.

“I didn’t, I only came here to talk to you” he replied getting out of his seat.

“I thought we said everything that day. What other thing do we have to talk about?” Whitney asked moving back wards.

“I know we said everything that day but I…I need to talk to you about some thing important ” he said still moving towards her while she kept moving back wards.

“Then say what you have to say and you should stop…Woah!” She let out when she trip on some thing and would have fallen if he hadn’t held her by the waist.

She stared at him with eyes wide open wondering what has gotten into him.

She tried pulling out of his arms but his hand tighten on her waist preventing her from achieving her goal.

“What are you doing?” Whitney asked.

“Listen up, Whitney ” he said softly which got her starring into his eyes.

“Marry me”

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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