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(Melting His Icy Heart…)

Chapter 13&14

THEME; Making Him Fall.


Gbemi Writes ✍️


“You said what?” The startled Whitney ask.

“Marry me. I want you to marry me” He said again still holding her in his arms.

“What do you say?” He asked when she kept starring at him in silence.

She tried to pull away and when he didn’t let her go, she step on his foot which got him yelping out In pain and letting go of her.

“If this is a joke to you then it isn’t to me” Whitney said hotly.

“Does it look like am joking to you” He said in return which got her starring at him keenly.

“Why? Why on earth do you want to marry me. Just a week ago, you told me to never cross your path again and then you do this? ” She asked.

“Back then I only said that out of anger but when you left, I realized that you’ve earn a place in my heart” Logan said giving her the lie version he created.

“Your heart? Don’t tell me that you….”

“Yes. Am in love with you” he said having that cold look on his face.

“Have you forgotten that am a doctor who knows about your condition?” She asked.

“I haven’t. Am no longer the sick guy you thought me to be, am perfectly okay and I would like us to get married” he said moving towards her while Whitney move back wards.

“What must I do to show you that I really am in love with you?” He asked as he stood towering over her while she stood glued to the wall.

“You don’t need to….”

“Should I give you a kiss?” He asked and that got her putting a hand over her mouth.

“It might have been years since have kissed some one but let me make it clear to you that am a very good kisser” he stated moving close to her.

The knock on the door distracted him which gave Whitney the chance to leave the room.

She ran as far as her leg could take her and when she got to her dorm, she bolt the door breathing heavily.

What has gotten into him? Why is he suddenly showing interest in her? Is this some sort of revenge tactic to get back at her for pretending to be his wife?

These thoughts ran through Whitney head one at a time leaving her feeling more confused.

Her message alarm beep which got her checking it.


“This is crazy?” Tiffany mumbled as she quickly text him in return.

★ AM NEVER GOING TO MARRY YOU★ with that sent, she set her phone aside before jumping on her bed.


“You did what!” Ben asked when Logan told him about what he did.

“I asked her to marry me” Logan replied.

“And what’s her reply?” Ben asked which got Logan showing him the text she sent.

“She rejected you” Ben replied and that got him nodding.

“But why on earth do you want to marry her? You don’t feel a thing for her” Ben added.

“I don’t but I think it’s high time I get married and I think Whitney is the best amongst the rest” Logan replied coldly.

“I really thought you want her out of your life now that you know of her deceit but here you are wanting her to be a part of your life”

“I know what am doing and besides you also covered up for them” Logan admonished which got him looking a little guilty.

“That’s because your mother threatened to pull me out of the upcoming drama. You know how scared I am of her and besides you….never mind. Tell me what you plan on doing?” Ben asked.

“I called you because I don’t know. What can I do to make her accept me?” Logan asked.

“You really insist on doing this right?” Ben asked and when Logan nodded in reply, he let out a sigh.

“Fine then. Here are some tips I know on how to make a woman fall for you and which will end her running into your arms ” Ben said smiling naughtily.


” Am starving” Elizabeth let out as they made their way to the hospital cafeteria.

“That’s your life slogan” Whitney mocked and that got Elizabeth pouting at her.

“Am I a foodie?” Elizabeth asked.

“You are not a foodie but a big horse who is ready to eat a house if possible ” Whitney said mocking her.

Their attention was taken when they saw some female nurse heading some where.

Wanting to know what is going on Elizabeth stopped one of them.

“Seems like a proposal is going on downstairs. There’s flower and all, I don’t want to miss it” The nurse replied before running off.

“Should we go and take a peek?” Elizabeth asked and although Whitney shook her head in reply, Elizabeth still pulled her towards the elevator.

They went outside only to see people gathered around some one or some thing.

Due to the crowd and because of her height, Whitney could not see who was causing the chaos but from how the female present praised a man, Whitney could tell that he must be very handsome.

“Thank you all for listening to the serenade but am looking for some one in particular?” On hearing that familiar voice, Whitney stood frozen in her spot knowing what will come next.

“Who? ” A female amongst the onlookers yelled in excitement.

“Whitney Archer. She’s a first year student and the one I plan to propose to, have anyone seen her?” Logan asked and immediately Whitney turn to leave but Elizabeth took hold of her hand screaming at the top of her voice.

“She’s here! Whitney Archer is here!” Elizabeth yelled just as the crowd made way for them and she ended up standing in his presence and in front of everyone.

He was holding onto a bouquet and he was dressed handsomely no wonder the nurses couldn’t stop complimenting him.

“What are you doing?” She mouth at him.

” I told you that I don’t Intend to give up” he replied.

“But this is… ” She stop just as he knelt in front of her stretching the bouquet of roses to her.

“I really want to marry you. Just say yes” he said and everyone began to chant out that she should say yes.

When the pressure became much, she took the bouquet from him and taking hold of his hand, she pulled him out of the crowd leaving everyone starring after them.

“Why are you doing this?” She yelled at him as soon as they got to a private place.

“Have told you that I want to marry you ”

“And have told you that I have no interest whatsoever. I don’t want to get married and so take back your flowers and leave me alone” she said pushing the bouquet into his hands.

“And have told you also that I don’t intend to give up. Giving up is not a word in my vocabulary and I don’t intend it to be” he yelled after her and once again Whitney ran to the safety of her dorm hoping no one would ask her about the spectacle which just happened down stairs.

For the next five days, Whitney got to know what Logan meant by not giving up.

He sent her flowers the first day which ended up in the bin and the second day a food truck was sent to the hospital.

Whitney got to work that day only to be thanked by the employee for the food her boyfriend brought. She wondered what boyfriend it was and when she saw the food truck, it finally dawn on her what they meant.

And on the third day after class, Whitney got to her room only to see it filled up with all sort of goodies. Things which girls like.

“I think this admirer of yours really mean business. If you weren’t in love with Romeo, I would have told you to say yes already” Elizabeth told her as she munch on one of the snacks.

“Do you want it?” Whitney asked her.

“But I can’t finish all”

“Take the one you want and give the rest to whoever wants it. I don’t want to see it when I get back” Whitney yelled before leaving the room.

Logan didn’t stop there cause on the fourth day he sent her a bag filled up with designer dress, shoes and bags.

“Okay, am really loving this guy” Elizabeth said in excitement but Whitney only ruffled her hair in frustration.

Then on the fifth day. Whitney was set on going to pay a visit to her mom when two men dressed in black showed up in front of her.

“Who are you?” Whitney asked.

“We are your new body guard assigned to you by Mr Graham ” one of them said.

“But I don’t need a guard. I can take care of myself” Whitney said trying to refuse but they payed no attention to her insisting on accompanying her.

She was about getting into the car they brought when she got a call from her mom.

“Did you pay for a one month trip for me to the Caribbean?” Kate Archer asked.

“No, I didn’t”

“Then has this been sent to the wrong address” Kate Archer asked starring at the flight ticket in her hand.

Whitney knew who is behind it and that got her ending the call with her mom.

“Where on earth is your boss! I need to talk to him cause have had enough!” Whitney yelled at the guard.


Susan was buying a cold drink for herself and Logan when she saw Whitney arrive.

Hating the fact that she’s in the same place with Logan, she quickly went to her.

“Why are you here?” Susan asked.

“Get that boss of yours here! I need to talk to him!” Whitney demanded.

“And why should I do that? You are not that important to him” Susan replied.

” I know and that’s why am here to talk to him. So, please help me go get him” Whitney replied.

“Now look here, I….”

“Whitney ” Logan who had seen Whitney called as he walk towards them.

“Are you here to say yes?”Logan asked as she walk up to him.

“Yes my foot! I came here to tell you to stop. I can’t marry you, I never want to marry you and I never will!” She yelled at him hoping to get the message sent to him but Logan response got out her screaming out in shock.

He suddenly collapse into her arms, losing conciousness.


“It is his anxiety attack. Just a few day rest and the right drug and he will be fine. I suggest you keep him away from stress cause if he keeps having this attack, it might be fatal” the doctor said to Whitney before leaving his ward.

She turned to him only to see Susan holding onto his hand while she kept crying.

“He is going to be fine, the doctor said that….”

“Shut up! This is all your fault. If you hadn’t shown up then Logan won’t be here!” Susan yelled at her.

“I did nothing. It’s Logan who is…”

“Get out! You don’t have a right to be here, so get out!” Susan yelled at her cutting her off for the second time.

“I want to talk to her” Logan said suddenly and they both turn to him.

“Are you okay?” Susan asked looking very worried and that got Whitney wondering if Susan is in love with him.

“I am. Thanks for staying but I would like to talk to Whitney alone” he said and Susan send a glare at Whitney before leaving the room.

“Got nothing to say?” Logan asked when she kept starring at him.

“How long have you been having this anxiety attack?” Whitney asked the first thing that came to mind.

“For ten years” he replied truthfully.

“Ten years! And you never did a thing about it? Do you know that if this should continue then it will lead to your death?” She asked feeling angry.

“I know and that’s why I want you to marry me and….”

“Have had enough with your lies! You keep saying you love me but I know that you feel nothing for me. So why not tell me the truth? who knows, it might just move my heart!” She demanded and that got him telling her the whole thing.

“So you are saying that your mom only have a few months left to live and in order to make her happy, you want to marry me?” Whitney asked and he nodded in reply.

“You are the only girl I could think of and that’s why I need your help. We will only be married for two to three months and….”

“Am not interested “Whitney said suddenly.


“I don’t want to lie again much less to a woman who is dying. So please stop bugging me to marry you and stay out of my life. Goodbye Logan” she said turning to leave.

“If you won’t lie to help me with my mom. Then do it to heal me” he said suddenly and that got her turning to him.

“You want me to heal you?” Whitney asked.

“That was the deal you made with my mom in the first place and so am making the deal with you now. Heal me Whitney, help me get rid of this phobia” he requested.

“I can’t Logan. Am not qualified to treat you, it’s best you find someone else” she said still refusing him.

“Then I will help you get the man you love. It’s Romeo right? That doctor you were talking to that day?” He asked.

“How on earth did you know that?” Whitney asked.

“I found out when I did the back ground check on you. You love him but he doesn’t, I can help you get him and….”

“I know how to handle my life and I will certainly get the man I love with my strength,stop trying to persuade me cause have made up my mind. Have got to go” she said before walking out of his room.


Logan got discharged from the hospital that night and he went back home.

He went to the fridge and after drinking a cold bottle of water. He headed for his room only to hear the door bell ring.

Wondering who it was, he went to open the door only to be surprised by who he saw there.

“A warning for you. Am not a qualified doctor yet and am not sure if I can heal you but I promise to do my utmost best in helping you. If you agree to it then it’s a deal” Whitney said stretching forth her hand while waiting for his reply.

Slowly he took her hand in his, starring at her.

“It’s a deal”

“Good then. Help me take my suit case in ” she said pulling her suit case out of hiding.

“Are you going to live with me?” Logan asked.

“Why else would I be here with my suit case then?” she replied innocently…

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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