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( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules

GENRE: Billionaire romance

Tags: Office romance, highschool, secrets and mysteries, love triangles, jealousy, envy, S£x, suspense, forced marriage, comedy and many more

By, Ariel Mirabel


How does it feel when the love of your life, the woman you’re ready to díe and do anything for, breaks up with you in the coldest and most humiliating way ever??

That’s how Frederick Reynolds felt..

How does it feel when you suddenly develop this big fear of men and you tend to act violently each time they tend to touch you or come closer to you??

That’s how Catalina Watson feels..

Frederick Reynolds, a wealthy CEO of 27… Has the looks, height, body fit to be a top model and he’s filthy rich too making him an eye candy for all the women in Australia.

He can have any lady he wants just with a snap of a finger but that’s not the case because he despise them a lot,, with everything in him.

To him, women are just there to satisfy his s*xual needs and that’s all..


Meet Catalina Watson, a beautiful young lady of 24… Beautiful doll eyes, figure ‘8’ shape, pretty face too.

Her being the eldest of her family, she strives hard to help her poor mom put food on their table.

Not only that, but she has androphobia. She has this intense fear of men being close to her. Apart from her little brother, no other guy can get close to her and it all started when was 13..

What will happen when situation will bring these two together??

How will things turn out between them??

What or should I say who caused that phobia in Catalina??

So many mystery and questions surrounding these two and the only way to find out is if you follow up this spicy and juicy story ?

Don’t miss out…✍️?


( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules


By, Ariel Mirabel

(??? ?? ??? ?????…)

Inside a big hall, many people dressed in luxurious gowns and suits were seen walking round the hall. A soft piano tunes was playing in the background as the guests talked and laughed merrily.

The vibe and aura in the hall, exuded wealth and chicness. A four layers cake stood in the middle of the huge hall with “Happy 24th birthday Fred” embedded on the beautiful cake.

“And here comes the celebrant!” The emcee said and the spotlight shun towards the stairs.

A dashing looking young gentleman clad in a navy blue tuxedo with black shiny expensive shoes descended the stairs as they clapped at him.

His hair was gelled backward, revealing his sharp jawline. With a sharp piercing gaze, thin pink lips and pointed nose, he looked so handsome,, definitely every lady’s man but his heart belongs to only one person.

The only woman he’s ready to díe and kíll for…

“Happy birthday babe” A lady said, she was wearing a red backless gown that hugged her body perfectly exposing her s*xy curves.

Frederick held her waist and kissed her lips. They both held hands and then walked to where the cake was as the spotlight followed them.

“Thank you everyone for honoring my birthday invitation, I’m really honored you came in your number… I’ll like to use this opportunity to say something” He paused and turned to his girlfriend

She fidgeted with the serious look she was seeing on his face..

“Tatiana, I love you and I’ll do anything for you.. You made me discover what true love is and there’s no one else I’ll want to found a family with but you and that’s why in front of everyone here…” He paused and went down on one knee

? My goodness!!

? A proposal? That’s so romantic

? Tatiana is so lucky!!

“I know I’m not perfect Ana but for you I’ll be and even more… Tatiana, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me” He opened a black square shaped box.

A beautiful diamond ring stood there proudly..

Tatiana’s face crumpled to a frown. She looked at Frederick’s happy face and she smirked.


An icy silence descended upon the once heated hall.. Frederick’s eyes widened as he felt his heart sink

Tatiana chuckled and took the box from his hand, starring at the ring in the box.

“Do you think I’ll bring down myself by marrying a daddy’s boy like you? C’mon” Tatiana laughed.


“What will I gain by marrying you? Huh? You’re not even good in bed, you’re irresponsible and so not my type. You’re so weak always displaying your disgusting affection for me everywhere I go. The only reason I tolerate all this was because you have money which isn’t even your money to begin with,, daddy’s boy!” Tatiana laughed.

Frederick was still kneeling as he stared at her with shaky lips. He could feel his heart breaking as each word she said stabbed him like a knife.

“Become a man before thinking about marriage… And one more thing I never loved you and I’ll never do so..never!!” Tatiana said and dropped the box on the floor.

She marched on it and smirked at Frederick’s face before leaving, swaying her hips as she left.

Frederick stayed like that kneeling and he felt a drop of tear fell from her eyes as the words kept ringing in his head.

“I never loved you and I’ll never do so..never!!”

“I never loved you and I’ll never do so..never!!”

“I never loved you and I’ll never do so..never!!”

Frederick’s eyes immediately flew open and he sat up sat up on the bed. He held his head and sighed in annoyance when he realized it was all a dream.

A dream of what happened to him three years ago. That day which marked his life and changed him completely to what he is today.

“Why do I keep dreaming about it…” Frederick mumbled.

He looked up to see it was morning. He stood up and walked to his bathroom.


*beep beep, beep beep*

The alarm kept beeping but no reactions came from the person sleeping

The door swung open and Catalina peeped in with an annoyed look on her face. This is the third time she’s coming here to wake him up yet still nothing.

She smirked and left. Few minutes, she came back with a bucket of cold water and before one could guess, she poured the water all over him.

“Ahhh!!!”Calvin jolted from his sleep and spranged up… Ready to fight.

The way his eyes and lips were wide and also how his whole body was drenched was so funny..

Catalina bursted out in laughter.

“Lina what the f**k.. What is wrong with you?” Calvin shouted, shaking from the cold water.

“It’s your turn to watch the plates, get your àss off there” Catalina scoffed and left him.

Calvin sighed and squeezed his face like he wanted to cry. He was dreaming of kissing a very s*xy girl and just when they were about to f**k, Catalina happened..

“Another day of being single… Who did I offend in this life” Calvin whined and left the bed


“Good morning mom!” Calvin created cheerfully as Sarah, their mother entered the room.

She smiled and touched his hair before settling down beside Catalina for her breakfast.

The house they lived in was small, with three small rooms. Her mother is a single mom, she does a lot of part time jobs so that she can help Catalina in managing the house.

They might not be the richest but one thing there is.. Is that they’re happy, happy and contented with what they have.

“Mom,, the scholarship exam I told you once.. Guess what? It’s out!!” Calvin said.

“Wow.. I hope you have at least 40%,, something different from all the 20% you keep bringing home” Catalina said and Calvin glared at her.

“I’ll pass this scholarship exam with… 100% you’ll see!!” Calvin said and Catalina just chuckled in mockery.

Calvin is Catalina’s brother. He’s 19 years of age and on the norms will be through with high school but unfortunately he had to drop out because of financial issues and since then has been writing scholarship exams every month in different schools but keep failing.

Sarah smiled as she watched her children pick on each other… That’s their daily routine, always looking for each other’s trouble.


That’s Frederick’s company.. It’s the most popular skin care producing company in Australia and it has gained global recognition with many branches all around the world.

He just won an award as the most successful CEO in Australia this year and last year too. No doubt he’s among the richest men in the country

His black limousine stopped in front of the company and his driver got down then opened the door for him and he got out.

He ran his hands through his hair with that usual cold look on his face. He was putting on a black suit but he held the suit’s jacket in his hand.

The first three button of his white shirt was left unbuttoned, exposing his chiseled chest and as he ran his hands through his hair, his biceps twitched

Despite the cold look on his face, he looked so handsome. With his dressing, no doubt he’s someone with a good fashion taste and that gives him more a model-like look

Frederick walked in the company, his aura exuding charisma and wealth.

“Good morning boss!” His secretary rushed to his side but he didn’t even spare her a glance, talk less of replying her.

She frowned, slightly disappointed but nevertheless, she switched on her tablet.

“Today you have a business meeting with some potential investors coming all the way from France by 9 and a conference at 12 then you have an…”

Frederick suddenly halted making her to stop talking. His gaze turned to the left and he looked at a particular lady.

The lady boldly smiled seductively at him, half of her shirt buttons was left loose, exposing her cleavage.

“We’re not in a brothel here. The seconds you used in showing me your yellow smelly teeth, you could have used it to make me money… Security!” He said and they immediately came.

“Get her out of my sight” He muttered.

His cold gaze travelled to the other workers and they immediately began working intensely. He resumed his steps

His secretary smiled as she followed him while starring at his handsome feature.

“He’s so hot and s*xy..” She drooled, completely lost in her own fantasy.

“Last time I checked, I didn’t give you permission to stop talking” He said and her eyes widened.

“Oh… So you have a conference by 12 and-”


Catalina came out of her house and smiled, clenching her grip on her bag. She began heading to work on foot since she still had time.

She was wearing a blue shirt on a brown skirt that almost kissed the ground, her hair was tied up in a messy bun and she had no makeup on but despite that, her beauty was glowing… The only thing off was her dressing sense.

As she trekked, she could see the eyes on her… Well she was used to people criticizing her fashion sense

As she walked, she could see two ladies dressed in skimpy outfits standing by the roadside like they were waiting for someone.

? Here comes Saint Catalina

? Does she think we live at the prehistoric era?

? I’m sure she dresses this way to get the men’s attention. Like mother like daughter

Catalina halted when she heard the last comment. She turned to those ladies and looked at them from head to toe..

“What are you looking at… Ugly chimpanzee” One of them spoke up.

“I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one.” Catalina smirked

“How f**king dare you!! Do you know who we are?”

“Do I look like I care? If eye pollution existed you two would have been the cause.. Go and make something of your life, sl*ts” She scoffed and began leaving..

“F*ck you!!”

“Just the same way your moms f*cked a baboon and that led to you two” Catalina said without turning

She smirked as she heard them cursing at her but she paid deaf ear.

She made to take another step when a car stopped beside her and a man came out of the car. He looked buff and had tattoos covering the whole of his left arm with a piercing on his eyes brows.

“Babe!” The ladies smiled and gushed to the guy

The hefty guy, kissed one while squeezing the àss of the other. Catalina twisted her face in disgust and turned to leave.

“Hey you! How dare you say mean things to my girls” The guy said, approaching her.

Catalina immediately hastened her footsteps without answering him.

“Hey I’m talking to you!” The guy barked and marched towards her before grabbing her by the shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!! Stay away from me!! No!!” Catalina pushed him off.

Her eyes was already red as she held a very frightened look on her face. Her breathing was very sharp and fast.

“What the f*ck are you-”

The man couldn’t finish his statement when Catalina picked a plank nearby and hit it on his head really hard.

“Argh!?” The man held his head.

“Stay away from me!! No!!” She kept screaming in tears as she hit the plank repeatedly on the guy.

The two ladies even became afraid to come closer to her. Just what was happening??

She kept hitting the man till he lost consciousness, blood oozing from his head.

“Please stop you’ll kíll him!!”


“Here’s the letter for you” The female attendant handed him two letters

“Thanks pretty” Calvin winked and the lady rolled her eyes.

Calvin got out and a guy of his age stood up from where he was sitting. His name is Nelson

“Here’s your own letter” Calvin handed one of the letter to him.

“Ready to see out results.. I’m sure, we aced it” Nelson giggled.

“On the count of 3… 1, 2, 3!?”

They both opened their letters and read it. Like slow mo, their broad smile kept falling and falling and falling till it was negative.

“What!! 0%?! How come!!” Calvin exclaimed once he finished reading it

“I have 1%” Nelson showed it to him.

“This is scam!! They scammed us!! How can the great Calvin have 0% in a f*cking scholarship test” Calvin said, reading through it.

“Today is not the 1st of April so it’s not April Fool’s day… How on earth did I have 1%” Nelson kept complaining

They sighed and slumped back on the bench there.

A saying says “bird of the same feather flock together”. Well Nelson and Calvin took it too seriously

Nelson and Calvin have been best buddies since kindergarten and they both are dropout because of their family’s financial status.

The looked at the papers again like it was some sort of witchcraft.


Catalina got down the cab and sighed as she stared at the huge and magnificent company in front of her.

“I need to book another appointment with my therapist” She pouted as she went in the company.

Well those ladies phoned the cops (female cops) and she was taken to the police station… They later released her with a warning, since they can’t arrest someone who’s mentally unstable.

The company in front of her was none other than “R-R Investment”. A big skin care producing company too and they are rivals with Frederick’s company.

She works there as a secretary…

Catalina got in the company and rushed to her office at a fast pace. She got to her office and was disappointed.

“No flowers?” She pouted

Every morning, she was used to seeing a big bouquet of flowers on her desk gifted to her by none other than her boyfriend but lately that’s not longer the case

She sighed and sat down on her desk then resumed the work she left yesterday

Few minutes later, the CEO’s office opened and Catalina’s eyes brightened but it dimmed when she saw him coming out of the office with a very s*xy lady by his side.

“Roman?” She called and Roman looked quite surprised to see her.

“Uhh… Babe,, thought I told you to stay at home today” Roman said awkwardly

“I couldn’t… Was bored” Catalina said, her eyes still moving to the girl beside him.

“Who’s she?” Catalina asked.

“Uhh… She’s my,,, sister” Rowan smiled awkwardly.

Catalina just nodded.

“I’ll see her off… Will be back” Roman smiled and left.

Catalina pouted and sat back down on her desk.

Wondering how her and the CEO began dating? Well it all started two months ago. She started working here 7 months ago and one day he suddenly became nice to her

At first she tried to keep it professional but as time went on, she slowly began picking interest in him. He was so nice and kind to him

After months of courting, she accepted to date him.. Though most of their talking, they do it through video chat since she still isn’t able to come closer to him

She isn’t the kind to prodcast her life so she kept it private. Only her brother and mom knows they’re dating..

Catalina smiled as she remembered how sweet and nice he has always been to her. He’s even the reason she is so determined in getting over her phobia and the therapy session she has been attending greatly helped her.

At first she hated the sight of men but now she can discuss with them though it’s at distance.

“I need to get over this phobia.. So that we can finally be happy forever after” She said and resumed her work


Catalina settled on her bed in her pajamas and she picked her phone. It was time for her and Roman to FaceTime each other.

She dialed his number and it rang and rang but didn’t pick. She tried again still the same..

She tried again but this time the phone was switched off..

Catalina looked at her phone with furrowed brows

“Maybe he’s tired..”


“F*ck!? Harder baby.. Harder!!”

“Give it to me Roman… Aish!?”

“Ahh.. Right there.. Ahh!!”

Roman was busy drilling the lady he saw off earlier. Her huge b**bs kept bouncing on her chest as he gave her hard thrust.

He took one of her n*pples in his mouth, sucking on it like a baby and she responded with moans.

“Yes baby.. Ahh!!” She moaned out in ecstasy.

She could feel his d*ck growing bigger,, thicker inside her… Her p**sy was literally on fire..

“Ahh!!!!” She released an ear splitting scream as she squirted.


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