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( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules


By, Ariel Mirabel




(???? ??????? ?? ???? ???????)

“0%? Like a total 0%? Gosh!!!” Catalina laughed so loudly, almost falling off the chair she was sitting

“I’m sure they rigged it” Calvin scoffed.

“C’mon kiddo.. Just admit that you’re a dullard” Catalina smirked and Calvin scoffed then rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry… There’s still other schools, just try and have 40% this time” Catalina ruffled his hair.

“Hey, don’t touch my hair!!” Calvin slapped her hand off.

“So… What’s up with you and your boyfriend?” Calvin asked and Catalina sighed.

“I don’t know… He’s been acting so aloof and he used to pick my call but not anymore, maybe he’s just busy” Catalina said and Calvin just eyed her.

“Okay, don’t give me that look…” Catalina said.

“But you already know what I’m going to say.. You know from the very beginning that I don’t like that guy. Which kind of boyfriend, constantly hides his girlfriend like he’s ashamed of her” Calvin said.

“Maybe he’s like me… He doesn’t like broadcasting his personal life” Catalina retorted.

Calvin sighed and raised his hands up in defeat.

“I’ll say nothing more..” Calvin shrugged.

“Need to go get ready… Today is my free day, I’m spending it with my friend” Catalina stood.

“You mean Jolie? The s*xy and curvy one? I’m coming along” Calvin immediately stood.

“Kiddo, rest would you… She’s not of your age” Catalina rolled her eyes.

“It’s not age that matters, it’s what’s inside my jeans that does” Calvin smirked.

“Says the dude that has never seen the shape of lady’s b**bs before” Catalina said

“But I’ve seen yours” Calvin said.

There was a short silence as both of them looked at each. Calvin immediately took to his heels when Catalina slipped of her sandals and began chasing him.

“I was just kidding!!!”


“You heartless monster!! You kílled my daughter!! How dare you show your face on the day of her burial” An elderly woman dressed in black kept shouting as she hit on a young lady.

The lady she was hitting looked like she was in her mid twenty, very beautiful and cute despite the tears in her eyes. She was wearing black too.

“I’m sorry aunt… I didn’t know it was going to turn out like that” Thalia cried.

“Get out!! Out of my sight!!” The woman screamed and made to continue hitting her but the woman’s husband rushed to hold her.

“Thalia please leave” The husband said calmly.

Thalia looked at everyone and the hateful glances they were passing at her. She slowly turned and left…

Tears couldn’t stop streaming her eyes as she walked.. The guilt she felt at that moment was second to none, she kílled her best friend… She really did.

It all started two week ago. Her best friend, Liv was going to get married to a handsome and wealthy billionaire though it was arranged but for a lady who came from a poor background it was like a dream come through.

Her and Liv decided to go have fun on the eve of her wedding day to celebrate her last day of being single, little did she know that was going to be the last day for her best friend.

As they went to have fun, some bad gangs ambushed them and tried having their way with them. Miraculously, she escaped but her friend didn’t..

By the time she had informed the cops, it was too late because upon arriving at the scene all they saw was a déad Lia who was raped and shot.

Like that, everyone pinned the blame on her… Some said she was jealous of her friend and as such plotted all that

“It’s my fault… It’s all my fault” Thalia sat on a bench and bent her head, crying her eyes out not minding the people passing by.


It was a Friday and Frederick doesn’t go to work on Fridays. He could be spotted swimming in his big pool

He emerged from the water and ran his hands through his wet hair which stuck to his forehead, his lips became more pink making him look so handsome.

He swum to the edge of the pool and picked his glass of wine then sipped on it.

“Sir…” One of his maid came to him

She couldn’t help but lust over his perfectly sculpted body and abs but she quickly took her eyes away from him. She knows what awaits her if she’s caught drooling over him.

“Sir, your secretary is here..”

Frederick took another sip from his glass..

“Tell her to come over..” He muttered.

The maid nodded and left. Few minutes later, the secretary walked in.

“Good morning boss” She greeted.

“Did you do what I asked you to do?” He asked and Irene nodded.

“R-R Investment just launched their latest product… A facial cream and it’s selling a lot just few minutes of it being released” She said

“His company is fast growing and it’s making us loose buyers… Roman what could be the reason behind this sudden success” Frederick muttered.

Irene frowned as she looked at him. She made sure to dress prettily and she even applied makeup but he didn’t even spare her a glance since she arrived.


“Hey Cata, check out my latest boyfriend… He’s hot right?”

Catalina sighed..

“Jolie, I’m getting confused already just how many boyfriends do you have” Catalina said.

“This is the fifth.. So long as he’s handsome, has a good d*ck and is rich… Then that’s a go for me” Jolie winked and took a sip from her cappuccino.

Catalina sighed and shook her head. Jolie is her friend, they met in highschool and since then they bonded very well

It fascinating how they both have contrasting personalities yet they are good friends.

Jolie, just like her name implies, is very pretty with hips and b**bs to díe for..

“When will you ever get tired of all these.. You’ve been playing with men since our highschool days till now. We’re adults for f*ck sake why don’t you try and settle down with your life… Why don’t you get just one boyfriend and settle down with him” Catalina said.

“I would have done that if they had what I wanted in a guy but nope… And besides what about you, you always tell me you have a rich boyfriend.. Who is he? Why haven’t I seen him yet?” Jolie said.

“He’s… He’s just busy” Catalina said and Jolie chuckled shortly.

“No man is too busy for someone he loves. Maybe he’s slowly falling out of love,, why don’t you try and make things flow well between you two” Jolie said and Catalina began thinking.

Is it true? Could she be right? Maybe Roman is slowly losing interest in her because of her phobia…

She was still thinking when her small phone beeped and she brought it out. She looked at it and smiled..

“Jolie look… The facial cream I composed is selling so much!” Catalina gushed loudly.

“I’m so proud of you babe!” Jolie squealed.

She smiled as she looked at it. There’s this natural talent she has and it is to compose various skin care product which are very effective.. No body knows apart from her family, Jolie…. And Roman


“A hundred thousand products sold just few minutes of it’s arrival at the market… F*ck” Roman smiled as he checked the statistics on his phone..

“Congratulations baby” The lady sitting beside him whispered and bit his earlobe.

He smirked and spanked her àss..

“I never knew that she’s going to turn out to be my golden ticket to success” Roman smirked as he scrolled through his phone.

The lady took the phone from him and tossed it to the other couch before she straddled him.

“Why don’t we celebrate it the right way?” She smirked, grinding her butt on his groin.

Roman smirked and tore off the gown she was wearing rendering her naked since she was wearing nothing beneath.

He took in one of her n*pples in his mouth as he sucked on it then bit on it


The lady unzipped his trouser and brought out his manhood, stroking it gently before she slowly slipped it inside her wet entrance

“You’re so huge baby… So huge for me” She giggled, bouncing on his d*ck

Roman groaned and threw his head backwards..


Nelson and Calvin could be seen scrolling through the net, looking for a perfect school that offers scholarship.

“Why not try this one..” Nelson said.

“Nah.. I’ve heard that the girls there are flat” Calvin said as they kept scrolling.

“How about this one.. I’ve heard the girls there are quite busty and cute too” Calvin said.

Nelson looked at the logo of the school which says “STARSHIP HIGH”.

“Then that’ll be our next destination. Yunno I’ll follow p**sy everywhere it goes” Nelson said.

“Says the dude who’s still a virgin” Calvin smirked.

“You too..” Nelson smirked.

“I know stop reminding me..” Calvin said and looked back at the logo of the school.

“This time we need to study like our life depended on it.. We need to eat, breath, sleep on our book so we can pass this scholarship! For the love of p**sy!!” Calvin sermoned.

“For the love of p**sy bro” Nelson chorused and they bumped fists.

The others in the cybercafé who heard them, stared at them with funny looks on their faces.

Once they were through, they paid for the computer they used before leaving.

As they walked, Calvin mistakenly bumped onto someone wearing a hoodie and the person almost fell but he caught the person by the waist.

The cap she was wearing fell off her long hair sprawled all over her face. Calvin’s eyes widened.

Round doll eyes, pink full lips, small round nose, an oval shaped face. She looked so beautiful…

“Watch where you’re going!” She said rudely and scoffed.

“Young miss!!” Two men wearing corporal suits shouted.

“Oh no.. They found me!” She muttered and immediately took to her heels as they men went after her.

Calvin just stood on his spot as he stared at her run away..

“Nel did I break my leg? Coz I think I just fell in love” Calvin muttered.


Frederick’s car drove in the villa. That’s his family’s house, where his father and little brother live in.

Frederick’s mother díed 9 years ago, when his little brother was 10 and him 18. Autopsy confirmed that she díed of heart disease

Maybe that was part of the reason he got so attached to Tatiana since she was there to support him..

Frederick got down the car and went in the house.

“Good day sir”

He just nodded as he went straight to the study room since that’s where his father spends half of his day.

“Dad..” Frederick called as he walked in the study room.

Mr Reynolds looked up from the book he was reading with a serious look on his face.

Frederick sighed as he sat down.

“Dad, don’t give me that look… I already know what you wanna say” Frederick said.

“If you know then why aren’t you doing anything then.. For heaven’s sake son, you’re 27 and we need to keep our family lineage moving. When are you going to produce a daughter in law to me?” Mr Reynolds said.

“I’m not really interested in marriage dad” Frederick sighed.

“Son,, be serious with me… Are you gay?”

“What?! No!! I’m not just ready to trust any other woman wholeheartedly again… Beside there’s Drake, he’s 19 and it’s just a matter of time before he turns to a full grown adult” Frederick said.

Mr Reynolds just stared at his son and sighed. If someone told him his once flirty and outgoing son will turn out to be this way he could have denied it.


“How much is four apples” A lady asked.

“Oh that’ll be 50$ ma’am” Thalia said and the lady paid for it.

“Thank you ma’am” She smiled shortly and resumed pushing her carriage.

Well she sells fruits and vegetables to earn a living. Thalia continued pushing the carriage when suddenly a black car halted in front of her making her to stop walking too.

Out of the car came two men dressed in black suits and dark shades.

“Thalia Hewitt right?” One of them spoke.

“Uhh.. Yes?” She said.

“Boss asked us to bring you to him. You have two choices, to cooperate or we take you by force” The men said.

Thalia looked at them and from the looks of things, they were really serious.

She nodded and walked to the car.. Not like she even has something to lose.

“Wait, what about the things I’m selling..” Thalia said but the men ushered her in.

“It’s not necessary, you won’t be needing them anymore anyways” They said and the car immediately vamoosed.

Few minutes, it halted in front of a very big and luxurious mansion. Thalia’s eyes widened, refusing to close as she stared at all the luxuries before her.

“Please follow us” They said and she did so..

Her mouth remained wide open as she took in the magnificence of the mansion, from the fountain to the garden and cars parked.

They led her to the living room.. Thalia kept looking around completely dumbfounded..

“You may leave now” A deep voice was heard and that’s when Thalia noticed a presence in the living room.

The guards excused themselves, leaving the both of them in the living room.

Thalia stood there, feeling a bit nervous with the intense gaze the man was giving her.

He had his leg crossed as he sat gallantly on the sofa while smoking his cigarette, gazing at her intensely.

“So you’re the one who killed my fiance” Flynn said and Thalia’s eyes widened.

Wait does that men this is Liv’s supposed fiance??

“You really have a lot of guts… Plotting against my fiance” Flynn chuckled and smoked.

“I didn’t kíll her,, it wasn’t intentional!” Thalia spoke while frowning. She’s getting tired of people pinning the blame on her.

“That’s not even my main concern, if you didn’t convince her into going to your silly ambuscade then all these wouldn’t have happened. You took away my fiance, I’m taking you freedom…” Flynn smirked

He pushed a paper towards her.

“Sign it”

Thalia read through the paper and her eyes widened. Marriage certificate? Is this man high from smoking or what??

“Is marriage some sort of joke to you! I’m not signing anything!” Thalia flared up. She turned and began leaving. She doesn’t care if he thinks of her as a murderer..

As she took her fourth step,

“Take one more step and watch as I destroy your family…” His voice echoed round the room.

Thalia’s eyes widened and she turned to him..

“Your father owns a small shop and your mom is a cleaner in my company.. It’ll be really sad if your mom gets accused of stealing my company’s fund right?”

“Your family or your freedom..” He smirked..

A drop of tear fell from Thalia’s eyes…


Calvin was busy watching TV when he heard the sound of heels coming to the living room.

“Kiddo how do I look?”

He looked up and his eyes widened..

“Who are you and what did you do to Catalina” Calvin said.

Catalina was wearing a red gown that ended below her knees with black low heels. She straightened her hair and allowed it to fall freely plus the lip gloss she applied made her look effortlessly beautiful.

“Is it that bad?” Catalina asked, slightly nervous.

“Not at all.. You look,, different. The good different” Calvin said

“Wait where are you heading to?”

“To Roman’s house… I think it’s time to face my fears” Catalina said and Calvin’s smiled fell.

“I’ll be going now… If mom comes home and ask about me tell her I went to see Roman” She said and rushed out.

Calvin just looked at her till she was out of sight. He sighed and faced back the TV.

“Think I should go and buy tissues.. someone will need them”


Catalina got down the cab and since she can’t hand the money to the cabman she just kept the money on the back seat.

She faced Roman’s mansion and sighed, taking deep breaths..

“You can do it Cata.. He means no harm” She said to herself, calming down her racing heart.

She nodded and went in the mansion. The maids allowed her in since they know her as their boss’s secretary,, only

“Sir is in the study room” The maid said and directed her

Catalina nodded and followed the direction. She took deep breaths trying to calm herself down and then raised her hands to knock but paused when she heard strange noises.

Her heart began beating fast but this time out of fear. She held the door’s knob and slowly opened to see…


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