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(???’?? ?????!!)

Her heart began beating fast but this time out of fear. She held the door’s knob and slowly opened to see Roman and the girl he saw earlier.

They were both naked as the lady sat on the table with his face buried in between her thigh as he ate her p**sy.

Catalina’s hand flew to her mouth as tears gathered in her eyes..

“Roman!!” She screamed in tears and Roman immediately stopped his administration to look up

He was beyond shocked when he saw Catalina standing there but his shock immediately diluted.

“How dare you do this to me!! How dare you!! I was ready to get over my fears for you!!” Catalina cried and Roman chuckled.

The lady sat back up on the table, not bothering to cover her nakedness as Roman wore his pants

“You seriously think I’ll stay there like Joseph’s reincarnation,, waiting for the supposed day you’ll get over your fears? C’mon!! It’s not done that way babe” Roman smirked and took one step closer to her but she subconsciously took one back.

Roman halted and smirked.

“See what I’m talking about?”

“Besides… You honestly thought I, Roman Robson will fall for a poor church rat like you? C’mon!!” Roman laughed.

“I was only after the formulas you used to make your skin care products and I have it” Roman said, bringing out the paper which has all the formulas she has composed.

“This was the only thing interesting in you… Apart from that you disgust me! I don’t deal with ugly immature things like you!!” Roman said it harshly..

“Well said babe” The lady giggled.

Catalina closed her eyes as tears couldn’t stop cascading down her cheek. At that moment, she felt so hurt, she felt used and she felt stúpid… So stúpid that she actually thought someone with this social standard will actually pick interest in her.

Roman walked to the naked lady and groped her àss..

“If you’re done, you can leave my mansion. Or do you want us to deliver you free pórn?” Roman smirked.

“I hàte you!! You’ll pay for this Roman, I swear it you’ll pay!!” Catalina screamed with red eyes.

Roman just laughed and kissed that lady as his fingers slipped inside her entrance.

“Yes baby!”

Catalina painfully tore her gaze off them as she ran out of the mansion in tears.


“Boss, we just lost 20% of our investors to R-R Investment”

“What’s our level of profit now?” Frederick asked through the phone.

He was sitting on a sofa in his room with only his joggers on, his phone on his left hand while his drink on the right hand as he occasionally took sips from it.

“Our level of profit is falling at an alarming rate boss”

“Sh*t” He cussed and hang up..

“This is bad,, really bad.. I can’t let him outgrow me” Frederick thought as he took another sip from the glass.

The door opened and a lady dressed in a red s*xy lingerie walked in with a s*xy smile on her lips

“Babe..” She called with her sweet voice.

“Get on the bed” He said and she did just that

She removed her lingerie, rendering her naked then she began fingering and touching herself while giving Frederick s*xy looks

Frederick just watched her from where he was standing. He gulped down the remaining of his drink before standing and walking to her.

Frederick dipped three of his fingers inside her and she cried out in pleasure

“Babe..” She moaned out, impatiently wanting to have him buried inside her.

Frederick pulled down his joggers and without warning, he slammed in his full thick length inside her then he began his fast and rough thrusts.

“F*ck it babe!! Yeah!!”

“Faster babe.. Faster!!”



Calvin was busy watching a documentary showcasing the s*xiest models in Australia.

“Oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about,, just look at that àss!” Calvin exclaimed.

“Those lips… Gosh, wish I could have a taste of it” He licked his lips, already fantasizing about it.

He was busy watching it when the door to the entrance swung open, alarming him. Catalina left not up to an hour, how is it possible she’s coming back already?

He stood up to see who it was when Catalina quickly rushed pass him in tears, heading to her room.

“Lina?” He muttered and went after her but she already got into her room and locked the door.

He stopped in front of her door. He could hear her sobs loud and clear.

“Lina!” He knocked.

“Leave me alone! Let me be! You men are all the same, all you know is to break women’s heart like they’re nothing to you!!” Catalina screamed from her room.

Calvin sighed.. He saw it coming anyways. Well he didn’t want to tell her sister for risk of getting her hurt but earlier, he saw Roman with another woman coming out of a hotel.

“Lina, please open the door.. It’s me your brother, I’ll never hurt you” He spoke gently.

After close to 15 minutes of no response, Catalina finally opened the door. Her eyes were so red…

“Lina..” Calvin called softly and Catalina broke down in more tears.

“He.. He used me Calvin. He was just after the formulas I had Calvin.. He wasn’t even feeling remorseful nor pitiful, I’m stupid Calvin! I’m so stupid for trusting another man!” She cried loudly

Calvin sighed and pulled her in for a hug.

“It’s okay sis… I’m really sorry, maybe he’s not the one for you.. You’ll find your prince Charming some day” Calvin said and Catalina immediately broke the hug while shaking her head.

“No! Me and love we’re done! I’ll never trust any man again in my life!” Catalina shook her,

Calvin just hugged her as she cried..

After half an hour of crying, Calvin successfully put her to sleep. He covered her well with the duvet and patted her hair.

Calvin is her litter brother but they are sometimes you’ll doubt if he really is the younger one or not. He may sometimes love to piss her off or annoy her but one thing sure is that he never jokes with her

Calvin took one last glance at her before leaving her room with an angry look on his face.

“Roman or whatever your name is… I’ll make sure you pay for this one” Calvin said while gritting his teeth.


Thalia dragged her feet to her house, from the look on her face one could tell she’s deep in thought.

Everything that happened today to her seem so much like a dream… Or should I say a nightmare.

She walked in her house and her worried parents immediately spranged up from their seats

“Lia!!” Her mother exclaimed.

“Young lady did you see the time.. It’s almost 10pm!!” Her father scolded her but she was still deep in her thoughts.

“Dad.. Mom” Thalia finally looked at them.

“I.. I’m,, I’m.. I just got married” She stuttered and her parents looked at her with a bewildered look on their faces.

Did they just hear her correctly??


Frederick walked out of the elevator, heading to his office. The moment Irene saw him approaching, she began fixing her b**bs, making it look fuller and bigger.

“Good morning boss” She stood up and greeted

As usual, Frederick entered his office without sparing her a glance. She frowned but immediately smiled as she brought out a small pack from her pocket and “durex” was written on it.

“It’s today or never..” She thought and sat down on her seat with a smile playing on her lips as she stared at the small bottle of aphrodisiac on her table


“Good morning everyone!” Catalina greeted cheerfully as she walked in the living room.

“Lina..” Sarah called

She got back home late and Calvin told her everything about what transpired between Catalina and Roman. She was expecting Catalina to look so dull but it was quite the opposite.

“I’m hungry!” Catalina said and took her seat then began dishing her meal.

“Sis, are you…okay?” Calvin asked.

“Of course I am, I’m perfectly fine!” Catalina chuckled as she ate her meal.

Sarah and Calvin looked at each other before looking at Catalina who was eating with great appetite.

“Lina about yesterday..” Calvin began.

“Please let’s not talk about it… He’s in the past and isn’t worth my tears” Catalina said and Calvin smiled.

Now he recognizes his sister..

He smiled and began eating his meal too.

Once they were through, Catalina got ready and left the house with a smile on her face..

She boarded a cab which took her to R-R Investment. She got down and walked to her office to see another lady sitting there.

“Good morning miss, how may I help you” The lady stood and greeted her.

Catalina smirked..

“How fast… He already replaced me” Catalina said.

“The nerves you have, showing up here again… Oh, I forgot your little àss can’t afford another good paying job” A voice sounded behind her and she turned to see it was Roman.

Roman was surprised when he saw her smile..

“Oh hey ex… No need for all these, I came here to resign” Catalina said and threw her resignation papers to his face.

“Mark this day Roman… This company grew because of me and it’ll fall because of me,, enjoy the little moment of fame you have for now” Catalina smirked and turned then began leaving

She halted and smirked as she looked at Roman sideways…

“I’m sure you must have been born on a highway because that’s where most accidents happens and if you wanna know more about mistakes, you should ask your mom.” She said and walked off.

Roman folded his fists tightly in anger as he glared at her retreating figure.

“You!!” He shouted at the secretary who jolted in fear.

“Make sure she never steps foot here or else I’ll fire you!!” He yelled and stormed in his office.


“Have you gone nuts!! Tell me why? Just why on earth did you have to marry your best friend’s fiance!! Tell me, did you really do what the public is accusing you of?” Thalia’s mom shouted at the top of her voice.

“What? No mom!!” Thalia retorted.

“Then tell us why you had to do this..” Her father asked and she clamped her lips.

She doesn’t know if it’ll be wise to let them know he threatened her.

“See? The public was right!! My daughter is a murderer and back stabber!!” Her mother lamented.

Her father just gave her a look of disappointment. They were still at it when someone knocked on the door..

Thalia went to see who it was only to see those two bodyguards again in front of her house.

“Thalia Hewitt, as out boss’s wife, we’re here to take you to him. From now, you’ll be living with them” He said and Thalia’s eyes widened.

“No..” Thalia said.

“Go with them”

Thalia turned to her mom with furrowed brows..


“Go with them! Why are you acting like you don’t want it,, this was your main goal after all.. Out!!” Her mother screamed

Tears immediately gathered in her eyes..

“Dad.” She called and her father looked away.

She looked at her mother who was glaring at her in tears.

“Okay..” She muttered with her head down and like that, she followed the guards to the car where the car drove off afterwards.


Calvin and Nelson just finished revising for the scholarship exam which will be held in less than two days and strangely, they understood something.

Now, they were both at the skatepark, talking to a girl who was dressed like a tomboy… With short hair

“So you are saying that if I disguise as a s*xy grown up woman and then I do this to this man… You’ll pay me 100 bucks” The girl said, chewing on her gumball.

“Yeah… Here, it’s my savings” Calvin said and showed the money to her.

The girl smirked..



Frederick was busy working on his laptop when a knock came up on his door.

“Come in”

Irene walked in the office with a seductive look on her face. Frederick looked up to see it was her.

“Here take this files, I want you to work on them” Frederick said but got no response.

He frowned and looked up but was caught by surprise when Irene suddenly turned his swivel chair to face her.

“Boss… I’m sure you must be tired, why don’t I make you feel good” She whispered it to his ear as she massaged his shoulder.

Frederick blinked and looked at her.. What the hell was happening?

“It’s being long I’ve been giving you signals but why can’t you just notice it huh? Why can’t you notice how bad I want you” She said and bit her lips seductively as his hands ran from his chest going down.

Frederick immediately frowned in anger. Just when her hand made to touch his bulge, he grabbed it…taking her by surprise.

“Aren’t you ashamed?” Frederick glared at her.. If looks could burn, she would have been ashes by now.

Irene on the other hand was confused. Her confusion cleared when she glanced at the table to see his mug of coffee..

The coffee she spiked with aphrodisiac was still there, untouched.

Her eyes widened in horror and it was at that moment she knew… She f*cked up

“Ahh!” She whimpered when Frederick added pressure on her wrist he was holding.

“Aren’t you ashamed of even thinking that I’ll stoop so low to have something to do with you? Just look at your face.. I can remove 99% of your beauty with a wet tissue, you’re so dumb! I’d say you’re useless as a rock but at least a rock can hold a door!” Frederick spatted the word at her face.

“Boss.. I’m sorry-”

Frederick pressed a button on his table and almost immediately two security guard rushed in.

“Get her out of my sight! And make sure she never steps foot ever again in my company” He tossed her over to the security guard who began dragging her off.

“No,, wait!! Boss I’m sorry… Please don’t fire me!! This is all I have!! Boss!!” She screamed as the guards took her away.

“Sh*t!” Frederick muttered in anger and walked in a door that led to a small room to change the shirt she touched.


Roman was busy reviewing some documents when his new secretary walked in.

“Boss a lady wishes to see you” She said.

“Lady?” Roman thought and smirked.

“Let her in” He said and sat properly on his seat.

His jaw dropped to the floor when a very s*xy lady walked in. She was wearing a black off shoulder mini gown which had a small slit on her left thigh, emphasizing on her hips.

Roman’s gaze was mostly focused on her orange sized b**bs, which jingled as she walked.

“Hey..” She said s*xily and boldly walked to him then entrapped her hands round his.

“You called for me?” She said and Roman for a second wondered on when he did so but when she sat on his groin, rocking her àss on it…his senses flew away.

He wounded his hand round her waist and pulled her closer then made to kiss her but she placed a finger on his lips.

“I don’t kiss lips hottie… I worship d*cks” She said in a s*xy voice that Roman felt his d*ck twitch in his pants.

She got to her knees and unzipped his pants, bringing out his manhood which was rock hard, ready for action.

She began stroking it and Roman closed his eyes then let out a pleasurable groan.

She opened her purse and brought out a red colored bottle from her purse which read “hot hot chilli pepper”

Before Roman could realized what dawned on him, she poured the whole content on his d*ck.

Roman’s eyes immediately flew opened and his eyes slowly began turning red. He could feel sparks from all angle of his body and his whole body felt like he was burning in fire, a furnace of hell

The lady ran out of the office almost immediately..



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