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( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules


By, Ariel Mirabel




(?.?.? ?? ???????)

Catalina got down the cab and went to knock at Jolie’s door while humming a song happily.

“Coming!” Jolie opened the door and almost immediately Catalina jumped on her, hugging her tightly.

“Ahh!” She shrieked as they both went down.

“Cat… You’re heavy” Jolie managed to say.

“I got the job bestie!! I got accepted to work at Reynolds Empire!!” Catalina screamed.

“Huh? Wait, I’m confused.. Weren’t you working for your boyfriend” Jolie said

“Let’s go in and I’ll tell you everything” Catalina stood up from her and they both walked to her living room. Jolie’s house is quite modern and chic, it was one of her exes that bought it for her.

Jolie served her the apple pie she made and they ate as Catalina narrated everything that transpired between her and Roman

“What!! That douchebag!! How dares he cheat on you!! Look at how pretty and s*xy you are!!” Jolie shouted.

“C’mon… I’m not that pretty” Catalina ate the pie.

“Stop being modest Cata… You’re way s*xier than me if not for these hideous clothes you put on. How dares he play you like that!! I’ll teach him a lesson he’ll never forget!?” Jolie screamed and began marching to the exit.

Catalina rushed to her and held her back.

“Calm down JoJo.. I’ll personally make him pay for that, his company will suffer for that don’t worry.. My plan 1 is already accomplished.. I’m officially the the secretary of CEO Frederick Reynolds” Catalina smiled.

“What! Ahhh!!!!” Jolie screamed madly, almost destroying Catalina’s hearing

“Jeez” Catalina muttered

“You’re the secretary of the hottest CEO in Australia. Oh my gosh!! I need to google how to be like you” Jolie said dramatically

“C’mon… He’s not even that handsome” Catalina rolled her eyes.

“Not that handsome?! Catalina, are you blind!!” Jolie exclaimed and brought out her phone when went to Frederick’s fan page where his stalkers post tons of his unaware pictures

“Look! Just at him… Look at his unaware pics!! What more of his aware pics!!” Jolie exclaimed..

“Look at this one… It was taken on a sunny and sweaty day yet still he still slayed it!! Catalina, do you know what you’re talking about” Jolie exclaimed and Catalina immediately raised her hands up.

“Okay… Okay!!” Catalina said.

“Cat… He’s my dream man” Jolie gushed as she scrolled through his pics.

Catalina’s just stared at Jolie with a funny look on her face, wondering how on earth can a frowny, overly demanding and a perfectionist be someone’s dream man.

“Hey Cat, now that you work there.. Can you help me get into-”

“I know what you’re about to say and it’s a no for me!! I’m not helping you into your silly matchmake fantasy.. Bye!” Catalina said, already leaving.

“C’mon!” Jolie whined, following her behind


Today was the day… The day for the scholarship exams. Calvin and Nelson read like their lives depending on it and right now, they were more than ready to slay the exam.

“Wow..” Nelson exclaimed as he stared at the huge logo of the school boldly imposed on the school’s gate.

“Let’s go… They said the exam will start by 10” Calvin pulled him in.

They couldn’t help but stare at all the school girls they walked across. They all looked so freaking cute and they were wearing skirts that ended slightly below their mid thigh level.

“This is what I’m talking about!” Calvin said and Nelson nodded.

The students kept passing them looks too

? Another badge of scholarship students!

? Those two guys are hot!

? The taller one (Calvin) is hotter..He’s just my spec on a guy!

? Still doesn’t change my opinion.. They’re poor and so eww!

“Did you hear that Cal! We’re getting famous!!” Nelson said and Calvin smiled as they went straight to the hall where they’ll take their exams.

Just at that moment, they began calling them in and like that they went in to take their exams.


Nelson and Calvin came out of the ball with an undecipherable look on their faces..

They both faced each other…

“How was it?” Nelson asked.

“I’m surprised..” Calvin muttered.

“Surprised that I could answer everything there!!.” Calvin exclaimed.

“Yeah me too!” Nelson laughed.

“I can just picture our future in this school.. Us wearing their cool uniform, coming here everyday with swag oozing from our body” Calvin said

“Us having all the girls in the school chasing after us..” Nelson added.

“I heard the girls of this school loves s*x and are easy to woo” Nelson said.

Calvin hung his hand round his shoulder.

“Then we’re good to go… I can already picture my future girlfriend, very cute, short, super hot and s*xy!” Calvin fantasized.

“I have this soft spot for short haired girls…” Nelson added and they began imagining how the girls would be.

“Need to use the restroom. Can’t believe I almost did it on myself due to the anxiety I was having in there” Nelson said and Calvin chuckled.

“I’ll be waiting for you at the school gate” Calvin said and Nelson nodded before leaving to search for the restroom.

Calvin dipped his hand in his pocket and began heading to the school gate while admiring the school.

He was still walking when he saw two guys bullying,, well more like harassing a girl who looked like she was at the verge of crying.

“Where’s our homework we asked you to do” One of the guys asked and placed his palms on the wall, caging the girl in between.

The girl looked down in fear and swallowed hard, hugging her books to herself.

“I.. I…”

“Words Dream… Words, you’re not dumb” The guy other guy said.

“I couldn’t do it… I.. I had to revise for the exposé today” She stuttered fearfully.

The guy caging her against the wall clicked his tongue and smirked

“What did we tell you last time if you refuse to do whatever we asked you to do” The guy said and touched her cheek. She shifted in fear, blinking back her tears.

His hand left her cheek and began trailing down to her chest.

“I’m sorry! I promise I’ll do them today.. I’m sorry!!” Dream began crying

“Argh!” The guy yelped when a stone his head.

“Who the f*ck is that!” He hissed and turned back, touching the place the stone hit and it was slightly bleeding.

They both turned to see Calvin, holding another stone in his hand with a smirk on his face.

“Aren’t you ashamed.. Harassing a girl to do your homework and I who thought my IQ was low, I can see I’m far better off than some people” Calvin said.

“You… You poor thing!! Do you know who I am?” The guy left Dream and angrily marched to Calvin.

Before he knew it, the guy landed a punch on Calvin’s face, Dream gasped.

Calvin raised his hand and touched the cheek he punched.

“Seriously, is it all that you’ve got? What a pity… I know women that can punch better than you” Calvin chuckled but his face suddenly became serious.

He leaped in the air and turned then gave him a back flying kick on the face. He immediately went down unconscious.

Calvin landed back on the ground and looked at the other guy who look so surprised.

“I’m a black belt holder in Taekwondo so I’d advice you take this pathetic excuse of a guy and leave” Calvin said and the guy immediately took his unconscious friend and ran off.

Calvin walked to the girl and picked one of her books which fell then he dusted it and gave it to her..

“You must be on scholarship for them to bully you” Calvin smiled and she nodded.

“Just because they’re far off better than you financially doesn’t give them the right to treat you like trash, you have to stand up for yourself yunno” Calvin said.

“Thank you… For defending me” She said in her tiny voice and Calvin smiled.

“She’s cute but not my type” He thought as he looked at her.

“I’m Calvin and you?”

“Dream” She replied.

“Dream.. What a-”

“Cal!!” Nelson called coming to them.

“Thought I asked you to wait for me at the school gate?” Nelson frowned.

“Guess it’s a good bye..hope we meet each other again, bye!” Calvin said and dragged Nelson away.

Dream stood there as she watched them leave. She slowly smiled.


Thalia was having her beauty sleep when a knock came up, waking her up. She grumbled as she sat up

“What!” She said.

“Ma’am… Sir is waiting for you for breakfast” The maid said and Thalia raised a brow.

Why is that iceberg waiting for her??

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes” She said and got down the bed.

She went in her bathroom and brushed then changed out of her pajamas before leaving her room for the dining room.

She got there and met Flynn sitting on a chair as he ate his meal slowly. Thalia glared at him and scoffed before going to sit five chairs away from him.

The maid served her food and she mumbled a “thank you” before she began eating.

“Yum!” Her mind exclaimed and she began eating really fast. Her being a foodie, that was the only good thing in this house for her.

Flynn glanced at her and scoffed… He didn’t know he got married to classless pig.

Few minutes later, a maid walked in holding a beautiful navy blue gown.

“The gown you ordered has arrived sir” The maid said.

“Good. Go and place it on her bed” He said and the maid nodded then left.

“After breakfast, wear that gown.. We’re going somewhere” He said and took a sip from his coffee

“I’m not going anywhere with you… You forcing me into this tasteless marriage is enough, you’re not also going to boss me around.” Thalia rolled her eyes..

“Will you wear that gown willingly, or do you want me to do it by force” Flynn said calmly.

“Do your worst I don’t give a f*ck!” Thalia glared at him.

Flynn took another sip from his coffee and placed it on the table.

“Since you said so…” He muttered


“Let me go!! Are you crazy!! Let me go!!” Thalia began screaming as two maids pinned her down while two was dressing her.

“Fish face!! I hàte you!!” She screamed as the maids dressed her


Catalina was already at work and she was busy reviewing some files she’ll hand Frederick.

She heard the bell from his office so she stood and walked in his office.

“You called for me sir?” She said

“What’s this? Are you trying to poison me? If there’s a vocabulary worse that bad I’d use it” Frederick frowned and pushed his mug of coffee towards her.

“Sorry” Catalina said and took it then walked to the coffee brewer. She made another coffee and gave it to him.

He took another sip and spat it out immediately.

“It’s too sweet” He said.

Catalina took in a huge breath and nodded with a forced smile on her lips. She went to make another one.

“Too cold”

“Too hot”

“Too spicy”

“Too bitter”

Catalina was already breathing in and out as she brewed his sixth mug of coffee. If he’s testing her patience then it’s sure working.

She placed the mug on his table, literally glaring at him as he took the coffee and took a sip from it then spat it out.

“What’s this?” Frederick looked at her.

“Change it… Too sweet” He said and faced his laptop.

“Sweeter than your life” Catalina spatted and Frederick looked up at her.

“It’s too hot! It’s too cold! It’s too sweet! What about you huh? Are you-” Catalina stopped herself from insulting him

She heaved out and left his office

“Come back here!!”


A limousine stopped in front of the house and almost immediately, the reporters rushed to their car.

Flynn turned to Thalia who was glaring daggers at him After much struggles, the maid succeeded in dressing her up and they also applied makeup on her face, she looked extra cute

“We’ve arrive. Try and smile”Flynn said and Thalia rolled her eyes

Flynn got down the car and the reporters began flashing their cameras on them. Thalia got down the car too and questions immediately began bombarding them.

? Mr Flynn Lambert, is it true you got married on the same day of your ex fiancee’s burial

? Is she the famous Thalia everyone is talking about?

? Ma’am why did you marry your friend’s fiancee? Where you perhaps in love with him?

? Is what the public accusing you of true?

Thalia immediately began feeling nervous and panicked at all the questions fired at her.

She blinked when Flynn held her waist and they began heading in the mansion with his body guards protecting him

“Don’t touch me! It’s all your fault,, I hàte you!!” Thalia pushed him off when they got in.

Flynn just stared at her with a bored look on his face.


“Son!!” An elderly woman exclaimed and rushed to him then hugged him.

“Mom” He hugged her back

They broke the hug and Mrs Lambert looked at Thalia before smiling

“Is she your wife? She’s so pretty!! Come here!” She exclaimed and took Thalia in her arms.

Thalia’s eyes widened and she looked at Flynn with a confused look on her face but Flynn wasn’t looking her way.

Mrs Lambert released her and touched her hair.

“I saw the fake rumors that you killed your best friend to have my son but I know it’s all fake… Right?” Mrs Lambert turned to Flynn who slowly nodded. Thalia’s eyes widened

“Come, your father is waiting for you” Mrs Lambert said and Flynn nodded then followed her.

Thalia had no choice than to go along since she was holding her hand.

They walked in a room and met an old man laying weakly on the bed, he looked so thin that his skeleton was clearly showing… As if his flesh was gummed to his body

“S-Son” Mr Lambert said weakly.

For the first time since Thalia has known or seen this man, he smiled as he walked to his father.

He sat next to him and held his hand..

“How are you doing dad?” Flynn said and Mr Lambert smiled.

“As you can see” He replied and looked at Thalia who was standing beside Mrs Lambert

“Is.. Is she the one?” He said and Flynn looked at Thalia then slowly nodded.

“Yes dad.. She’s my wife” Flynn said slowly.

Mr Lambert weakly stretched his other hand towards Thalia.

“Go on…” Mrs Lambert ushered Thalia who dragged her feet to them.

She slowly sat down next to Flynn, feeling quite uncomfortable and confused

“She’s so beautiful… You have a good taste son, just like your father” He smiled.

“What is your name my child?”

“T.. Thalia, sir” She said.

“Thalia, what a unique and pretty name. I know my son isn’t the best husband one will want but please be with him while I’m gone.. Love and support him and also guide him in any decision he takes okay??” He said.

Thalia looked at Flynn and then slowly nodded.

“Son, make sure you protect this lovely wife of yours okay? Always be there for your mom” He said and coughed.

Mrs Lambert was standing behind them as tears streamed down her eyes.

“Honey, take care of our son okay. If there’s one thing I’ll never regret, that’s loving you” He said to Mrs Lambert who walked to his side and sat down.

“I love you all very much and that’ll never change” He smiled and closed his eyes as he took his last breath… With a smile on his face

Flynn brought his hand to his lips and kissed it before looking down as a drop of tear fell from his eyes to the hand he was holding.


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