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( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules


By, Ariel Mirabel




(?ℎ? ?????????? ?????)

“I’m home!” Catalina exclaimed sloppily as she walked in like a zombie.

She met Calvin sitting in front of the TV as usual, watching documentary about s*xy ladies.

“Oh sis, you’re home.. Mom just left for her nightly job and she made curry, yours is- argh!” Calvin exclaimed when Catalina fell on him.

“Get off me! You’re heavy!” Calvin said.

“I’m so tired! That boss is a maniac! A work obsessed freak! He never gets tired!” Catalina whined.

Calvin smirked.

“Tired to do what?” He asked with a naughty smile on his lips.

“To work! Wait, what are you thinking?” She looked at him and the naughty smile on his lips was enough to answer him.

“You’re so perverted!” Catalina rolled her eyes and stood up from him then went to her room


“Go and check how he’s doing? What if he kills himself, the public will now blame you for two murders” Her subconscious mind said to her.

Thalia was currently laying on her bed, about to go to sleep but her conscience won’t let her be. Mr Lambert’s body has already been taken to the morgue and his déad was already announced to the public

On their way back, Flynn didn’t even spoke a word to her.. Not like he’s the chatty type but the aura coming from him was enough to know he wasn’t fine at all…

She turned to the other side of the bed..

“No! He forced me into this marriage out of my own will, why should I sympathize with him?” She said

“Yes, but he had no choice to do it.. It was because of his father” Her subconscious mind said.

Thalia groaned and stood up from the bed then wore her fluffy slip-ons before leaving her room.

She saw him enter the door in front of hers so she assumed it was his. She walked in and was welcomed with a cloud of smoke covering the whole room.

“What the-” Thalia coughed as she fanned the smoke away from her face.

She walked to his window and opened it for fresh air to come in.

As the smoke dissipated a bit, that’s when she saw him sitting on the edge of his bed, smoking and drinking like a fish.

His eyes were so red signifying that he has being smoking for long.

“What the f*ck! Give me that! Are you trying to kill yourself in these” Thalia took the cigarette and alcohol from him

“Do you think that’s the best idea? Do you think your dad will be happy with you huh?” Thalia scolded.

“Do you-”

Thalia’s eyes widened when he pushed her to the bed with him hovering above her and before she knew what was happening, he slammed his lips on hers.

Thalia’s eyes widened more and she made to push him but he pinned both of her hands with his right hand. The kiss was rough and she could taste the cigarette mixed with alcohol coming from him.

Thalia kept struggling but he pinned her hands firmly on the bed. His hand travelled all over her slender body.

Thalia’s defense spirit weakened a bit at that and when his hand went under her nightie then cupped one of her br**sts, she slowly began losing it.

“What are you doing! Get a grip of yourself!” Her mind screamed and with all the strength she could muster, she pushed him off then what followed was a slap from her.

“Are you nuts! So forcing me to marry you isn’t enough now you wanna ràpe me too!!” Thalia shouted at him.

Flynn just stared at her and before Thalia could decipher what was happening, he broke down. Her eyes widened when she saw him broke down in tears.

“He was always there for me… We did everything together. Why must life be so cruel to take him away this way.. All he’s ever wanted from me was that I should be happy and have kids with the one I love,, that was his last wish yet still I couldn’t even fulfill it.. I lied to him” He cried out.

Thalia just stared at him and suddenly began feeling bad for him. Now she gets why he did that

“In life things don’t always go the way we want it to go..I’m sure he too didn’t want to leave you behind but life just happened. Yes you lied to him but you did that because you wanted him to rest happy. I’m sure he wouldn’t want you and your mother to live in sadness but he wants you guys to smile at all the beautiful memories he left behind” Thalia said.

“You.. You think so?” Flynn sniffed and Thalia nodded.

Flynn nodded and hugged her waist, placing his head on her chest.

“What are you doing!” She exclaimed but got no answer.

She looked at his face and saw him drifting off to sleep. Thalia sighed and looked at the ceiling.

“Just which family did I get myself involved in” Thalia sighed and yawned, feeling sleepy.

She closed her eyes and like that, she drifted to sleep too


Frederick was busy finalizing some documents when a knock came up on his door.

“Sir, Belinda is here” The maid announced and Frederick sighed.

“Let her in”

Few minutes later, the door to his room opened and a lady walked in. She was wearing a net top, her black bra clearly showing with a black mini skirt that ended just beneath her àss.

Her long curly hair fell freely on her back and she had makeup on, in short she looked s*xy

“Babe!” She exclaimed and rushed to hug Frederick from behind.

“What are you doing here?” Frederick asked, signing the documents

“I miss you… Can’t I come and visit my boyfriend?” Belinda said.

“Boyfriend? You seem to be forgetting the rules here… We’re just partners in benefit, my money for your body” Frederick said, still not looking at her.

Belinda frowned but smiled immediately.

“Yeah I know… Was just kidding” She let out a fake laugh.


“But on a serious note,, I miss you.. It’s been a week now since you haven’t call me over” She said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as she kissed his neck.

“I’m not in the mood Belinda” Frederick said, completely unfazed with the touches she was giving him

His mind suddenly drifted to Catalina and he frowned..

“Why did I just thought of that disrespectful ugly thing… If not because of the formulas I could have fire her.” He said inwardly

Meanwhile, Belinda was busy frowning behind him..


Calvin was busy having his beauty sleep when a knock came up at the main door. He frowned and turned to the other side of the bed still the knock came up again

With a frown, he sat up on the bed and left his room.

“I’m living with déad bodies! Why must I always be the one to do everything!” Calvin whined as he went to open the door.

“Good morning sir.. Here’s a box for Mr Calvin Watson” The delivery guy said.

“Oh it’s me..” He said and took the box then signed before entering the house

“What could it be?” He wondered and placed it on the table then took the letter attached to it and read it

“Congratulations Calvin Watson, you are among the lucky candidates who passed our scholarship test. We’ll be expecting to see you in our humble campus from tomorrow onwards”

“F*ck!!” Calvin exclaimed when he finished reading.

“I passed? I f*cking passed!! Cat! Mom! I passed!!” He exclaimed.

“What’s with all this noise? Mom just got back from her job… Don’t wake her up” Catalina said coming out of her room, dressed for work already.

“I passed the test sis!!” Calvin exclaimed happily and hugged her.

“Really?! Ahh!! I’m so happy for you!!” Catalina hugged her back.

They broke the long hug before walking to the box. Calvin opened it and his eyes widened… He could see books, his school uniform and his sportswear.

“Wow” He exclaimed

“Starship High, here I come!”


Thalia slowly opened her eyes and yawned loudly, stretching her body. She looked at her tummy to see he wasn’t longer there so she sat up.

“You’re awake” Flynn muttered as he buckled his belt. He was shirtless and his six pack stood out proudly.

“What time is it?” Thalia asked..

“About last night, thank you” Flynn said, wearing his white shirt

Thalia blinked.

“I’m I dreaming or did you just say thank you? Wow, so you have a heart!” Thalia exclaimed and he shot her a glare.

He finished wearing his shirt and suit then picked his suitcase..

“About last night.. I didn’t do anything stúpid right?”

Thalia immediately shook her head negatively, thank goodness he doesn’t remember about the kiss.

“Alright, clean my room and change the sheets… Be useful for once” Flynn said

“Who do you think I-”

He slammed the door as he left. Thalia cracked her knuckles in anger.

“One of these days I’ll surely kíll him!”


Catalina finished cleaning his office and also brewing his coffee before she returned to her seat while humming a song. The fact that her brother will finally finish high school was enough to make her day

Almost immediately Frederick came out of the elevator, heading to his office.

“Good morning boss” She smiled.

“I have a tight schedule today… Dismiss any visitors that will come for today, I don’t want any distraction” Frederick said and walked in..


After having her bath and breakfast, Thalia decided to tour the mansion since Flynn forbade the guards from allowing her to leave.

She looked out of the window and saw Ellis who was washing cars outside. Her eyes brightened and she quickly rushed out of the mansion to meet him.

“Hey Ellis!!” She ran to him.

“Oh ma’am” He smiled and Thalia frowned.

“I mean… Thalia” He chuckled and Thalia smiled.

“I’m so bored… Mind if help you out?” She said, already grabbing one sponge

“I’m not really-”

“C’mon! It’s not my first time to wash a car” Thalia puffed.

She braided her hair in one long braid and rolled up her sleeve. Ellis just shrugged and allowed her do what she want.

They began washing the cars while discussing and laughing. Thalia climbed up a stool to wash the top of the car but the stool was swaying.

“Argh!” She shrieked when the stool slipped off her feet and she began going down.

“Thalia!” Ellis quickly caught her by the waist but his foot hit the bucket of water and they both went down like that with her falling on top of him.

The water poured on them in the process, trenching them. Thalia gasped as the cold water came in contact with her body..

Ellis on the other just stared at her face with wide eyes. His eyes went down to her lips which was so close to his and he swallowed nothing.

Thalia removed the strands of her hair which was covering her eyes and she looked at Ellis. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“You should see the look on your face!” She laughed as she stood up from him.

Ellis blinked and looked away, standing up too then chuckled..

“Clumsy me” Thalia chuckled, looking at the mess she made.

“C’mon.. Let’s finish what we were doing before the soapy water dries on the car” She said and picked her sponge then resumed work.

Ellis resumed what he was doing too but couldn’t help but steal glances at Thalia every now and then


Looks like Frederick really meant it when he said he wanted no one to disturb him because it’s been almost five hours he went in and he didn’t even come out talk less of calling her.

“Not like I care” Catalina shrugged as she forwarded her work to him from her computer.

She stretched her body and was about to go grab some snacks when a lady walked in.

Catalina looked up to see a very beautiful lady dressed in extra revealing wears and she had too much make-up on but it still fit her.

“Miss how may I help you?” Catalina spoke.

Belinda looked at Catalina from head to toe and she frowned. She was dressed like an old lady yes, but she couldn’t over looked the fact that she was naturally so pretty and that’s what she doesn’t like…

Belinda scoffed jealously.

“I’m here to see my boyfriend” Belinda emphasized on the word “boyfriend”

Catalina raised a brow.

“Boyfriend isn’t a name miss” Catalina said.

“It’s none other than the CEO of this company since your tiny brain can’t reason it out” Belinda smirked.

Catalina frowned at that but she immediately smirked.

“Boss says I shouldn’t let anyone in..” Catalina repeated

“Are you cràzy!! Who do you think you are to give me orders!! I want to see my boyfriend!!” Belinda slammed her hand on the table

“How can I say it a way only stúpid people understand… My. Boss. Doesn’t. Want. Disturbance” Catalina said slowly.

“Me? Stúpid?” Belinda wasted no time in slapping her.

“How dare you talk to me that way… Your poor wretched slút!!” She slapped Catalina on the other cheek

Catalina’s face turned to the side. She rolled her tongue inside her mouth and smiled then chuckled

Before Belinda could process what was happening, Catalina landed a deafening slap on her cheek and she went temporarily deaf as all she could hear for few seconds was just “shrriiii”

Catalina slapped her on the other cheek and she staggered backwards, almost falling down.

“Security!” Catalina exclaimed and two guards ran to them.

“Take this thing out of this company and make sure she never steps foot here again!” Catalina said and they nodded them grabbed Belinda on both arms.

“Also, make sure you call a pet shop and let them know one of their dogs escaped” Catalina said.

“Let me go!! Do you know who I am!!” Belinda screamed as she was taken back..

Catalina sat back on her seat and massaged her temples.

“God if this is some kind of temptation then I don’t like it coz I fear I’ll kíll someone before one month runs down… Everyday a new headache” She spoke to herself


Inside a club, at the VIP sector… Two figures were seen sitting on comfortable chairs..

One was a lady, she had a model body and she was putting on a white gown with black heels.. Her hair was styled perfectly and decorated with expensive pearls.

One look at her, one will think she’s in her late 20s but she was in her mid late 40s.

The other figure was a guy, dressed in an expensive suit. They were both sipping wine from there glass.

“Where’s that psychiatrist” The lady asked, her manicured fingers running through the tip of the wine glass.

“She’ll be here any minute from now mom…” The man replied and took a sip from his glass with his leg crossed.

Few minutes later, a lady walked in with two bodyguards walking behind her.

“M.. Ma’am?” The psychiatrist stuttered and sat down.

The psychiatrist was none other than Catalina’s psychiatrist.

“How’s her treatment going? Is her androphobia getting any better?” The lady asked and took a sip from her wine.

“Yes boss..” She replied.

“Alright, I see… Make it as fast as possible, I need her for my next plans and make sure you keep giving her that injection in order to block away the memories she lost” The lady said and the psychiatrist nodded.

“But mom, why will you be needing her? Why don’t we just kíll her since she’s more of a threat to our plans” The man asked.

“You’ll see..” She smiled devilishly and took a sip from her glass.


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