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(????? ??? ???? ?????)

“Finally done washing the cars” Thalia sat down on the stairs next to Ellis.

Her stomach suddenly grumbled and she bit her lips as she rubbed on it. Ellis chuckled.

“How about we go out and grab some pork… I know a pork restaurant which makes tasty pork meat” Thalia said.

“I don’t know… Boss said-”

Thalia groaned loudly, interrupting him.

“Boss this, boss that! I wanna go out! Beside he appointed you as my personal bodyguard right? You’ll protect me so let’s go.. Not like he’ll actually care if something happened to me. He’s just doing all these coz of his mom” Thalia said and stood up

“Gimme few minutes.. Need to change clothes!” Thalia said and ran in

Ellis watched as she ran in and he didn’t know when he smiled.

“Whatever you’re developing for her… It’s better you kill it now it’s early” A voice sounded and Ellis looked up to see a man of his age, his fellow bodyguard.

“I’m not developing anything for her… We’re just friends” Ellis replied.

“If you say so… Don’t say I didn’t warn you” The man said and left.

Ellis looked front, quite confused… What was he talking about??


“Ma gee!!!” Nelson exclaimed as he met Calvin skate boarding in the park.

“I passed!!” They both said at the same time and their eyes brightened as they hugged each other tightly

“Let’s pop champagne tonight!” Nelson exclaimed.

“I’ll pass my turn.. Last time I drank alcohol, I almost f*cked my neighbor’s goat thinking that it was Nicki Minaj” Calvin face slapped himself and Nelson bursted out in laughter.

“Can’t wait for tomorrow. I measured the uniform and it looked so good on me!” Nelson said.

“Don’t forget our goal.. We must get ourselves a girlfriend and lose our virginity before we graduate from high school!” Calvin said

“Yeah!!” Nelson supported him.

They went to join their other friends who came skateboarding.


After what looks like eternity, Frederick finally came out of his office with papers in his hand.

“I thought he díed” Catalina said inwardly.

“Did you chase off a girl who claims to be my girlfriend?” Frederick asked and Catalina nodded. Actually Belinda called him, ranting on the phone

“She was too rude and pompous for my liking and also you gave me strict orders not to let anyone disturb you” Catalina said, expecting him to get angry but was surprised by his reply.

“Good” Frederick said and her eyes widened.

“Next time she comes here, don’t let her in like you did today” Frederick said and began leaving.

Catalina stood and followed him since from her schedule, it says they’re having a conference with some investors.

They walked in to meet three men dressed in black who stood up to greet Frederick.

“Good day Mr Reynolds” A man said and shook hands with Frederick before looking at Catalina who had a professional look on her face.

“I see you’ve hired a new secretary.. She’s pretty” He gave out a perverted smile before stretching his hand to Catalina.

“My name is Harry Johnson” He said

Catalina looked at his hand and at him with that same poker face.

“Good morning sir” She just said and went to stand next to Frederick, though not too close.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t like Frederick arrogance and pride, he was manageable than those three investors especially the one named Harry who looked displeased with how Catalina treated him.

“So let’s start the meeting” Frederick sat down and the investors did so..


“That was some good pork!” Thalia rubbed her tummy as they walked out of the restaurant.

“What should we do now?” Ellis asked.

“Let’s just stroll.. It’s been long I last did so” Thalia said and they began walking with her looking around the places.

She could see the nasty and hateful glances the public was throwing her but she didn’t care at all. Looks like she’s getting used to all the hate thrown at her

A thought about visiting her parents suddenly crossed her mind but when she remembered the disappointed look on their faces, she changed her mind.

Her expression dulled at that.

“What is wrong? You look bothered” Ellis asked and Thalia sighed.

“Just that I miss my parents but I doubt they will..” Thalia said.

“They chased you out thinking that you actually did what they public accuses you of?” Ellis asked and Thalia looked at him.

“How did you know?”

“I was among the guards who were sent to bring you to boss’s house so I saw it” Ellis said and Thalia sighed then looked down.

“It’s so sad I can’t tell them why I had to do it and I’m also angry they just assumed everything the public said. I’m their daughter, who will believe me if my own parents don’t” Thalia said.

“Well I do” Ellis said and Thalia smiled slightly.

“You know what will cheer you up? A good bowl of ice cream.. Come, I know a store who makes the best” Ellis took her hand and began dragging her.

Meanwhile, Flynn’s car could be spotted driving back to his company. He just went to attend to an urgent meeting and was heading back to his company.

“Um boss, isn’t that your wife?” His driver said and Flynn looked up from his phone to the window.

“Stop the car”

The car parked to a halt, not far from where Thalia and Ellis stood. They were both eating their ice cream while laughing and Ellis smeared ice cream on Thalia’s nose and she pouted, looking so cute while Ellis laughed.

Flynn watched them for a while before ordering his driver to take off


“And that’s how I believe with this new soap, the face of this company will change for the better because it doesn’t just maintain once natural color but keeps acne away and it’s suitable for both genders” Catalina concluded.

Frederick has a surprise look on his face as the investors began clapping for Catalina who smiled and bowed in gratitude.

“Frederick where did you get this girl, she’s not only talented but she’s also very clever” A man spoke to Frederick.

When she asked for the floor, he was expecting her to flop but she came out with a very brilliant idea… Leaving him speechless.

“So now that it’s all concluded, what name should we give to the soap” Harry asked, stealing glances at Catalina who went back to her seat.

“How about Magic Beauty” Catalina proposed and they all looked at Frederick for approval.

“That makes sense..” He simply said.

“Then Magic Beauty it is then… We’re really happy we made a wise choice investing in your company” Harry stood and shook hands with Frederick then he smiled at Catalina who rolled eyes.

“I hope you’ll be there for the CEO gathering which will be held in few days.. You and your lovely secretary” Harry said and Frederick just nodded.

Catalina scoffed at Harry.

They exchanged some few pleasantries before the investors left. Frederick faced Catalina with an annoyed look on his face.

“Let it be the last time you’ll roll eyes or be disrespectful to any of my investors again… Had it been Harry wasn’t a lady’s man, you would have made me lose millions!” Frederick said with a serious look on his face.

“Oh so I should smile to him right? Or perhaps flirt with him right?” Catalina rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t ask you for your opinion… Was giving you orders” Frederick picked his files and began heading to the exit.

“Also, your short presentation was mediocre… A novice could have done better” Frederick said.

“A simple thank you won’t kill you” Catalina scoffed and rolled her eyes

“Keep rolling your eyes, perhaps you’ll find a brain back there.” Frederick said and left then closed the door.

“Ahh!! He’s so annoying!!” Catalina screamed out, dragging her hair like a madwoman


Thalia ate her meals with great appetite as usual, taking a walk and also seeing the outside world after one full week of being locked up here did her some good.

Flynn on the other hand ate slowly as usual, with him looking at Thalia who was tearing the flesh of a chicken lap as if the chicken did something to her.

She chewed and chewed then her gaze went to Flynn to see he was looking at her.

“What?” She asked with a mouth full.

“I saw you and your bodyguard outside..” Flynn said.

Thalia swallowed the meat.

“So?” She muttered and took another bite from her chicken.

“Thought I gave you clear orders not to leave this mansion” Flynn said.

“Do I look like someone who gives a dàmn? What should I be doing in this boring place alone?” Thalia scoffed.

“As the only heir to my father’s wealth, I have enemies.. Enemies who are ready to get to me by any means possible and now that the public knows you’re my wife, you’ll become an easy target. Besides, you’re downgrading yourself. What will the public think when they’ll see you and my worker together, acting like teenagers in love when you’re married” Flynn said.

“I still don’t care… Not like the public loves me, them hating me coz of that will be like a tiny droplet of hate added to the bunch of hate I’m receiving just because I married you. And you being the only heir still doesn’t matter to me.. If those ‘enemies’ succeed in eliminating me, how is it your headache? You’ll just replace me with another woman. The same way you did to my best friend” Thalia shrugged and took another chicken lap from the tray.

She took a bite from it.

“Just let me be yunno… At least Ellis treats me nicely and he’s a gentleman. Something you’ll never do” Thalia scoffed

Flynn frowned and stood up then began walking to her.

“You want to be treated like a lady huh? Then that’s what you’ll get” Flynn said and turned her chair to him.

“What are you-” Flynn suddenly lifted her up and placed her on the table with him standing in between.

“What the f*ck do you-” Thalia’s eyes widened when his lips met with hers.

It happened so fast that she couldn’t process a thing from what was happening.

Flynn grabbed her waist and pulled her closer as he devoured her lips hungrily.

“Good evening bo-”

Ellis paused when his gaze landed on the scene happening in the dining room.

For some unknown reason, he didn’t like it at all and his heart felt like it was being squeezed.

He slowly turned and left quietly


“Gosh… Just look how my son is so handsome in his uniform” Sarah said proudly.

Calvin smiled widely..

Catalina got out of her room hopping on a foot as she wore her shoes.

“Mom, I’m off!!” She said, heading to the exit.

“But you haven’t yet taken you breakfast” Sarah said.

“I’m not hungry! Have an early appointment with my psychiatrist” Catalina said, opening the door.

“What about my kiss” Calvin teased and Catalina shot him a glare before leaving.

“How I love teasing her!” Calvin laughed.

Sarah smiled but her smile immediately faded when she thought about something.


“Karen, hope I’m not late! There was this terrible traffic on my way here” Catalina said, entering the office.

“Oh it’s nothing! I was just preparing your daily dose of injection that helps reduce your anxiety when you’re close to men” Karen smiled.

“Oh, I see” Catalina smiled and laid down on the patient’s bed then rolled up her sleeve.

“Can’t believe how packed my day today is.. I have to grab my breakfast before heading to work then after I need to go and do some groceries and…” Catalina kept talking and talking as the Karen gave her the injection.

She failed to noticed the sorry look on Karen’s face as she gave her the injection.

“I’m sorry Catalina.. I’m really sorry”


Calvin got down the cab which took him to his school. He got down the cab and smiled as he stared at the logo of the school.

“Cal!” He heard a voice call him and he turned to see it was Nelson. He was wearing his uniform too and they both looked so handsome in it.

“Are you ready? Let’s go!” Nelson said and they both walked in the school.

? Look it’s the guy I told you about! The one who defended that nerd called Dream.

? He’s handsome! So handsome and hot.. Gosh did you see his friend?

? I hope they’re playboys… A single girl can’t enjoy such hotties alone

“Did you hear that Calvin! They’re talking about us!!” Nelson was about freaking out in excitement

“Shh! We have to keep acting cool, first impression matters” Calvin whispered to him

They were still walking when a car drove in. Nelson was quick to dodge but Calvin was too late coz the car splashed mud water all over Calvin’s white shirt and face

The car door opened and Greek god got down the car, just one look at it and no one needed to tell you it’s none other than Frederick’s little brother.

Drake Reynolds in person.

The girls immediately diverted their attention from Calvin and Nelson to him.

? OMG! Drake Reynolds!?

? He changed his hair color back to black… Gosh, he’s so hot!!

? I’m always wet for you Drake!!

Drake held an arrogant smile on his lips as he chewed on his bubblegum. He winked flirtatiously at some girls who became a blushing mess.

Calvin began advancing to him in anger but he stopped on his track when the girl he least expected came out of the car.

? Aubrey!!

A slim busty girl came out of the car. Her long black hair had some highlights of purple in it and it looked so good on her. Her body was a killer, tiny waist, huge hips and b**bs but her face was the contrary.. She had a baby face, very cute and adorable but she held an arrogant look on her face.

Calvin looked at her with wide eyes… This girl, this was the girl that bumped into him the other day.

“Babe” Drake grabbed her waist and kissed her right there. She kissed him back happily, their tongue dancing on each other.

The screams coming from the people intensified when they kissed. They broke the kiss and Drake held Aubrey’s hand before heading to their class.

Calvin just stood there on his spot, watching them leave. He couldn’t even explain how he felt..

“Sorry bro.. Looks like your first crush is taken” Nelson patted his shoulder.

Calvin sighed and looked at his uniform then he became annoyed again.

“Need to find my way to the restroom to clean this” Calvin said and began marching off angrily.

“Alright the male’s restroom is at the-” Nelson made to say but Calvin was already far

He shrugged and found his way to the principal’s office.


“Who does that dude think he is?! Just because he’s rich, drives a car, is super handsome and also he has a hot chick as girlfriend he thinks he owns the world?! Just look at my uniform!!” Calvin ranted as he walked

He suddenly thought of that day when she bumped into him how he felt the butterflies. He sighed.

“This should be the restroom” He said and without reading the etiquette, he opened the door grudgingly.

He looked up with a frown and immediately froze at what he saw.. The room was filled with naked girls who were undressing for sports.

The girls all turned to him and they kept staring at each other as silence reigned in the room.

Calvin looked left and all he could see was pointy b**bs with cleaned shaved p**sy. He looked right, still the same..

He gulped down nothing and opened his mouth to speak but his throat ran dry at what he heard

? He’s cute and tall!

? I’m sure his d*ck describes his height!

? It’s been a year I’ve last f*cked a good d*ck

? C’mon boy… Don’t be shy

Calvin’s eyes widened and he slowly began backing out as more than 20 ladies approached him. His back hit the door and he held the door knob then turned it but it couldn’t open

“What the f*ck” Was what rang in his head.

He began turning the door knob vigorously and hitting the door loudly. Who the f*ck locked this door? What kind of school girls are these?!

“Help!! Somebody help me!!” He began screaming while hitting the door.

One of the girls began pulling his trousers down and his eyes widened

“No!! Help me!! Ahhh!! Mummy!!!”


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