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(??? ???ℎ????? ?)

“Gosh! I’ve missed you so much! Thought you completely forgot about us!” Catalina pouted and Marcel chuckled then dipped his hands in his pocket.

“How can I forget the two girls who frustrated my childhood” Marcel smiled.

“How is your phobia?” Marcel asked.

“Well as you can see it’s getting better. Can’t wait to be over it!” Catalina gushed

“Me too.. So I’ll be able to choke you for all the years you and Jolie made me copy your notes while you two went to party” Marcel demonstrated with his hands and Catalina laughed.

Marcel will always remain Marcel. Despite the fact that he became a model like he’s always wanted to be and he’s rich and all that, he never changed

“Mr Norman, you have a photoshoot in few minutes” His assistant came to him and said.

“Alright, from what I see you work at Reynolds Empire right?” Marcel asked and Catalina nodded.

“Great! I’ll come pick you up.. Catch you late Cat-Cat!!” Marcel said and Catalina waved as he left.

She now turned to Frederick and his photoshoot was over. He already changed to his former clothes and was buttoning up with a frown on his face

“Why is he now frowning more than usual” Catalina thought but shrugged since it was not her business.


“The meals here are so good!” Nelson smiled as they ate their lunch.

Dream kept starring at Calvin as he ate. The way his hair covered his eyes as he looked down to eat and how he munched slowly on his food.

Nelson ate his food silently as he watched how Dream was starring at Calvin.

“Should I tell her that she should stop whatever she’s developing for Cal?” He thought

“Nah… I wanna watch some sweet love triangle” He shook his head and stuffed his face with food.

He was still eating when murmurs began as Aubrey walked in with Alice

? The A²!

? They’re so pretty!!

? How can Alice dress like a boy and still slay

His mouth dropped to the floor as he stared at Alice. She was putting a big shirt and instead of the skirt, she was wearing the male’s trouser and had her hand dipped in her pocket with the other hand sweeping her short hair to the back.

Nelson stared at her with wide eyes till her and Aubrey went and settled down on their special seat.

Immediately they sat, two students rushed to them to serve their meals.

“Who’s that girl?” Nelson asked.

“Aubrey?” Dream muttered.

“No! The one with the short hair.”

“Oh it’s Alice.. Aubrey’s only friend. They’re the most popular girls in school.”

“She’s hot!” Nelson smiled.

“I’d say you take that back.. Alice is scary! Don’t judge her by her baby face, she beats up anyone that bugs her, boy and girl. Don’t judge her by her looks.” Dream said and took a sip from her smoothie.

Nelson nodded and looked at Alice then smiled. Alice’s gaze traveled to his direction only to see him gawking at her while smiling like a fool.

“Who’s that chameleon face looking at us” Alice muttered.

Aubrey looked at her direction of sight and when she saw Calvin sitting there, she rolled her eyes.

“I just hate that guy’s gut! I mean the one sitting beside the one looking our way.” Aubrey said and crossed her leg.

Her short skirt slightly raised up, revealing more of her thigh. The guys in there couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Aubrey smiled as she text with Drake while smiling. Alice looked at her.

“So you’re still dating that Drake guy” Alice muttered and Aubrey sighed

“Alice please spare me the long discussion” Aubrey said.

“I already told you. The day that dude will break your heart, believe me I’ll laugh at you coz I’ve already warned you about him. He’s using you Aubrey!” Alice said and Aubrey didn’t reply her.

Alice hissed and faced her meal but still felt Nelson’s gaze on her. She looked up and truly, he was still looking at him.

Nelson boldly winked at her and she frowned then gave him her middle finger.


“And done!” Catalina presses the last word on her keyboard before saving her work.

She stretched her body tiredly and yawned..

“I’m so tired!” She mumbled and stood up then began packing her things. She untied her loosened hair to tie it properly.

Frederick walked out of his office and locked the door then looked at Catalina who was tying her hair with her tongue sticking out cutely.

Catalina finished and looked up to see Frederick starring at her. She furrowed her brows

“Why is starring at me the whole of today? Do I have something on my face?” She wondered

Frederick looked away and cleared his throat.

“Tomorrow is the CEO’s gathering. Make sure you’re present at the venue, 7pm on the dot” Frederick said.

“Okay boss”

Frederick nodded and walked away. He got out of his company and met Marcel leaning on his car with his hands in his pocket as he stared at the road.

Marcel looked at him and was wondering why Frederick was starring at him. Not knowing what to say, he just smiled.

Frederick ignored him and walked to his car. His driver opened the door for him and he got in before the car took off.

“That was cold..” Marcel muttered, watching as his car drove off


Marcel smiled and turned to face Catalina who walked his way.

“Just saw your boss leave. Dàmn, he’s cold” Marcel said and Catalina scoffed.

“Not my problem.. Come let’s go to Jolie’s place” Catalina said and opened the car door then got in.

Marcel got in too and drove off


“Ahh!! I can’t believe it!!” Jolie screamed literally clamping her feet round Marcel’s waist, hugging him so tight.

“JoJo.. I can’t breathe” Marcel said breathlessly.

“Gosh! I missed you so much dog face! Just look how much you’ve grown and how handsome you’ve become! And I who lost hope that you’ll ever be handsome” Jolie said, coming down him

Marcel pulled her hair hard.

“Ouch!” Jolie pouted and hit him.

“I felt nothing” Marcel smirked and Jolie glared at him

Catalina chuckled.

“I’ll go get us some orange juice” Catalina said and walked in the kitchen.

Jolie noticed how Marcel looked at Catalina till she disappeared behind the kitchen door.

“Can’t believe it’s been more than 5 years we’ve last seen each other. Cat grew so beautiful” Marcel smiled

“What about me?” Jolie frowned

“You’re still as annoying and petty as before” Marcel poked her forehead.

“You still love her… Right?” Jolie said and Marcel looked at her.

He smiled then nodded.

“I thought I just crushed on her but it’s insane how those feelings still remained there despite the fact that I was away for so long.. But I’m back now, and I’ll make sure I show her how much she really means to me” Marcel said.

Jolie smiled and rubbed his shoulder.

“That’s it dude” She muttered.

“I’m here! Sorry, it took so much time!” Catalina smiled and placed the tray on the table before sitting too.

“So girls. Tell me, what did I miss?” Marcel muttered and took a sip from his glass.

Catalina and Jolie exchanged looks before they told him everything he missed without leaving out details.

“Wait, this Roman dude was using you so you two broke up and you decided to apply at his rival’s company as secretary. I don’t get it, couldn’t you just sell your formula to him and then make money from it”

“Yeah, Max is right… You’re talented girl!” Jolie said.

“Well I know all that.. But no billionaire CEO will accept to buy the formula from a random girl who came out of nowhere to propose a formula which supposedly is a natural talent. Do you think it’ll even make sense. Beside if I decided to start producing the product on my own, where the hell will I get the capital from.. Also, I want to be at the front seat as I watch Roman’s company crumble to the ground” Catalina smirked

“You’re so bad!” Jolie giggled..

Marcel’s phone suddenly begin ringing.

“Sorry. Need to answer this call” He stood up and left the living room

Catalina looked at him, making sure he left before she spoke.

“Max is back! What are you waiting for to tell him how you feel? That you’ve always liked him since high school” Catalina said and Jolie almost choked on her drink.

“Uhm..” Jolie bit her lips.

“Wait.. You don’t longer love him?” Catalina raised a brow.

“I still do, alot… But” Jolie paused

“No buts! You need to tell him before another lady steals him away from you” Catalina said.

“If only you knew that that lady… Is you” Jolie thought and took in her lower lips.


Thalia was busy making dinner since she was bored. She hummed her favorite song as she cooked dinner, the delicious aroma filled the whole kitchen.

Flynn who got home minutes ago got out of his room, wearing a casual outfit. His hair was wet due to the shower he just had.

He went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water only to meet Thalia cooking. She was wearing a blue bum short with a big white tee and white fluffy slip-on, looking extra cute in it.

Flynn walked to her and hugged her waist from behind before planting a kiss on her neck.

Thalia who was taken by surprise gasped and quickly pushed him away.

“Why did you do that?!” Thalia said, touching that part of her neck he kissed.

“Can’t I give my wife a neck kiss?” Flynn smirked and placed both his hands on the counter, caging her.

Thalia rolled her eyes and looked sideways but Flynn turned her back back to him.

“Stop rolling your eyes at your husband” Flynn said.

“Stop calling me your wife then! We’re just husband and wife in paper but not in real life nor in my heart.” Thalia crossed her hand around her chest.

“Really? You’re sure about that?” Flynn said, his face coming closer to hers.

Thalia gulped down but still maintained the frown on her face

Flynn’s nose brushed through her cheek and she immediately shivered.

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer, their chest crashing against each other.

“Are you sure I won’t be able to make you fall for me? Are you daring me?” Flynn whispered closed to her ear, his breath tickling her neck.

He buried his face on her neck and placed a wet kiss there. Thalia gulped down as she balled her fists tightly.

He kissed her there again and slowly began sucking on the sensitive part of her neck, his warm tongue rolling around the area.

Thalia bit her lips hard, her cheeks were so red.

Flynn released the skin he sucked on and slowly and sensually planted wet kisses, moving upward to her earlobe.

“Please… Stop” Thalia moaned out and he smirked before releasing her.

“Today marks day one of the dare you gave me” He said.

“Hurry up with the cooking. Your husband is hungry” He muttered and left the kitchen

Thalia heaved loudly as she patted her red cheek.

“Gosh! Why is he acting this way! Why is my body even reacting to his touches!!”


The venue was almost full to the brink with important personalities. CEOs, investors, billionaires, they all came to attend to the glamorous gathering each accompanied with their dates.

One will think it’s a fashion show due to how fashionable everyone was dressed. The reporters were all present, doing their job which is to interview the important personality who arrived.

A red carpet could be seen at the entrance of the venue..

A limousine stopped in front of the venue and reporters and photographers immediately got their cameras ready.

Thalia looked at the amount of reporters waiting for them out there and she slowly began feeling anxious.

“Are you scared of them?” Flynn asked and she shook her though it was clearly written on her face that she was scared.

“Just relax and let me do the talking if you’re scared” Flynn said and she nodded.

His driver opened the door for him and the minute his foot landed on the red carpet, the camera began flashing their camera light.

He got down and tendered his hand to Thalia who took it and got down the car. The media were awed by her beauty.

She was wearing a grey backless gown which hugged her curved from her chest till her hips before it flared out reaching the ground. It had a V neckline with some sparkles on the gown.

Thalia hugged Flynn’s hand and when they took one step, the reporters flooded around them

? Mr Lambert is she your fiance? Liv Cruz?

Thalia grip on Flynn tightened when he said that. If not for the fact that Flynn promised not to bug her for the day of tomorrow if she came along, she would have refused.

“I presume you’re not deaf nor blind in order not to hear the news that my ex fiance is no more. Meet my lovely wife, Thalia Lambert” Flynn said.

? Is it true of what the media is saying? That you killed your best friend?

“I’d advice you to not trust what the media says every time. I and my wife, we’re happily married and we’re planning on having our first child soon.. So if you’ll excuse us” Flynn said and ushered Thalia in

Thalia looked at Flynn as they walked. First child? Really?

Immediately they went in, another car stopped by and the reporters flooded round the car too.

The driver opened the door and Frederick stepped down the car with that usual cold look on his face. He was wearing a black suit, his hair gelled to the back.

? Mr Reynolds! You look so handsome today!!

? Mr Reynolds! The rumors has it that you’re back with Tatiana is it true?

? Mr Reynolds! Tomorrow is your birthday.. Any words for that

Frederick ignored all their questions and walked in the venue. He looked around like he was looking for something,, or should I say someone

His eyes finally landed on her, Catalina. She was standing at the corner, looking around for him and from the look on her face she felt so uncomfortable.

Unlike the exaggerative long skirts she use to wear, she was now putting on a black gown that ended on her knee level with black flat shoes.

Unlike the messy bun she use to do, she brushed her hair and allowed it to fall freely on her back.

She was seen rubbing her wrist uncomfortable as she looked around. Being in the midst of all these rich people, she felt off especially with how expensive the women present there were dressed, looking so beautiful.. Unlike her

“What are you doing here? The last time I checked, trash are not allowed here”

Catalina turned to the voice that spoke and anger washed through her when she saw it was none other than Roman.

He came with the lady he cheated on her with… Sandra

“I don’t have your time Roman.. F*ck off” Catalina said and looked away, searching for Frederick.

“Babe.. Maybe she came to look for a sugar daddy” Sandra said and giggled.

“Of course she did… No rich man can date you, you should even feel honored that you called someone like me your boyfriend, though it was short lived” Roman smirked and Sandra chuckled

“Why should she feel honored… When you have a face only your mother could love,, only when she tries hard” Frederick said, coming to them

Roman turned to Frederick and glared at him

“Try and grow up Roman… Bullying my secretary is really childish. No wonder you’re written to be number 2 and you’ll never beat me” Frederick smirked.

Roman folded his fists and made to punch Frederick but Sandra stopped him.

“Babe, no! Your investors are also here. You can’t have a bad image in front of them” Sandra said.

Roman slowly lowered his fists to see the scornful smirk on Frederick’s lips.

He turned and briskly left. Sandra looked at Frederick and bit her lips seductively, giving him the eye signals. She smiled and winked beforehand following Roman.

Catalina chuckled, feeling so happy someone was finally able to enrage Roman.

“Just wait for my next plan Roman. This is the beginning of your rage” Catalina thought

“You should have waited for me outside.” Frederick said.

“I thought you already arrived” Catalina said and Frederick simply nodded

“There’s the investors. Let’s go meet them” Frederick walked to the table were the three men were sitting.

“Mr Reynolds! You came!” Harry exclaimed, his eyes literally on Catalina.

Catalina wanted to frowned but kept her composure.


“Wow! Wow! Wow! My bro hit the jackpot! Just look at how pretty his wife is!” Franklin exclaimed.

“I’m Franklin.. Your hubby’s friend” Franklin took Thalia’s hand and kiss the back of it.

“I’m Thalia.. You’re lively and a real gentleman,, unlike someone I know” Thalia said and eyed Flynn who was frowning.

Franklin chuckled

“You two really make a great couple!” Franklin said and Thalia grimaced.

They kept chatting while making fun of Flynn, unknown to them that two men were looking their way.

“So she’s the Thalia the news kept talking about. The back stabber!” One of the man said.

“Yeah, we’ll stick to the plan.. And make her pay, I hate snakes like her!” The other one gritted his teeth


“So what’s the day the product will be released?” One of the investors asked.


“Next week! Let’s do it next week!” Catalina cut Frederick off.

Frederick looked at her.

“But why?”

“Uhh… Because if the rivals release theirs in advance if we keep delaying and that will make us look like copycat” Catalina said.

“Yeah she makes a point! Beauty with brains” Harry said and Frederick frowned. Doesn’t this man get tired of flirting?

They agreed on the date and continued talking. All through, Frederick noticed how uncomfortable Catalina felt so he reasoned it out.

Sitting in a midst of only men for an androphobic could be a bit scary.

“Excuse me.. Let’s finalize things at the counter, over a glass of wine” He said and the other men nodded then they stood.

Catalina made to stand too

“Miss Watson.. Just stay here, you’re not needed” Frederick said and left with the other men.

Catalina looked at him as they left and she blinked. Did he do it for her??

“No! It can’t possibly be for me.. What I’m I thinking!!” She tapped her cheek.

She simply brought out her phone and began pressing it

Meanwhile at the counter once in a while, Frederick will glance at Catalina as he spoke which Harry noticed so he frowned

“Are they dating?” He wondered suspiciously but shook that thought away.

He looked at Catalina and couldn’t help but ogle at her. She looked so effortlessly beautiful in that gown and her milk colored legs which was exposed looked so gorgeous.

Harry smirked when he thought of a plan. He looked at Frederick

“Fred? I forgot my phone, can you help me with yours? Wanna do something” Harry said

Frederick simply handed him his phone and resume talking. Harry went to Catalina’s address and emailed her. Out of excitement, he forgot to delete the email before handing the phone back to Frederick

Catalina who was busy on her phone suddenly received an email from Frederick.

? An investor is at room 156

Catalina read it and furrowed her brows. What will a client be doing in a room. She looked at Frederick and he looked busy.

She sighed and stood then left.

Harry who saw her leave smiled. He faced the others

“Need to use the restroom. Please continue” Harry said and stood up then left too

“Hello? Anyone here?” Catalina opened the door and walked in to see no one in there.

She frowned.. Did he play some sort of prank on her? Catalina turned to go back but was shocked to see Harry in, locking the door.

“Gorgeous… It’s being a while I’ve always wanted us to speak one on one” Harry said, taking slow predatory steps towards her.

Catalina took steps behind as she began breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling.

“Don’t be scared.. I will be gentle, I’ll try though” Harry smiled like a maniac.

Catalina’s foot hit the bed and she fell on it. Before she could stand, Harry was pinning both of her hands on the bed with him hovering above her

“Help!! No!? Someone help me!?” She began struggling violently, but he overpowered her. Her body was already trembling so bad.

“Do you know that since the day I saw you, I’ve been having wet dreams?” The man said and licked her cheek, groping one of her br**sts in his hands



The deal with the investors has already been sealed and the investors already left to enjoy the party. Only Frederick on the counter as he looked around, searching for Catalina.

“Why I’m I even worried for her!! Damn!!” He muttered on annoyance and hissed before taking his phone and unlocked

His brows furrowed when he found himself in Catalina’s email and he read the email sent to her.

“I didn’t send this” He frowned and his eyes widened when he began putting two and two together.

“F*ck!” He rushed out of the hall


“Help me!!” Catalina cried loudly as Harry tore off her gown.

Her head began hurting crazily and a scene flashed in front of her. Instead of seeing herself in a room, she was seeing herself on a street with two teenagers forcing themselves on her instead of Harry.

Harry made to tear off her panties when Frederick broke the door open.

“I knew it!! Animal!!” He said in anger and rushed to Harry then pulled him off

Three consecutive punches landed heavily on Harry’s face immediately and his nose bleed. He punched his tummy and kneed him too.

Harry crumpled to the floor.

Catalina scurried to the side of the bed and picked a knife laying there, holding it with shaky hands as she pointed it in front of her

“You’re so weak! C’mon show me how strong you are!!” Frederick spatter in anger, hitting his tummy consecutively.

Harry vomited blood.

He grabbed him by the collar and smashed his head against the wall. Harry crumpled down, losing consciousness immediately

He turned and faced Catalina who was half naked, shaking so much

“Catalina, are you okay?” Frederick senselessly ran to her

“No!! Don’t touch me!!”

Frederick’s eyes and mouth widened. He slowly looked down at his tummy to see a knife sticking in his tummy.

She stabbed him!

He slowly looked up to see her blood shot eyes.

“Cat.. Cat-”

“Die!!” She shouted and stabbed him again.


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