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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Scarlet and I left the house but my mind was on the card I left behind.

Am I even doing the right thing?

Londria, are you sure you don’t need to go get that card? Scarlet asked.

And that was all I needed.

I ran back to the house like an insane girl.

Easy girl… Scarlet yelled after me.

I threw the door open and dashed in.

The card was lying waiting for me as I quickly picked it up and rushed out.

I couldn’t wait to lock the door, I began dialing the contact.

She picked at the second ring.

? Hello, Mrs Sarah Jackson speaking

? Its me Sarah


? Yes, yes please I will marry your son, can you save my mom, the doctor said she will die in the next few hours if I don’t get the money for her surgery.
Please I dont want my mom to die, I cried.

? Calm down SAS.

? I’m calm, I’m calm, please help me

? Take a deep breath SAS

I did as she said hoping she would help me.

? Now listen, I already paid the bills, I’m sure the surgery should be going on now, aren’t you at the hospital?

My mouth hung open.

? You….

? Go to your mom SAS, I’m sure she needs your prayers now.

She didn’t let me respond as she hung up immediately.

What did she say? Scar asked

She already paid, i responded not believing my own words

She paid? Scarlet asked with wide eyes.

How? We asked at the same time.

I have to go, I said rushing off.

The door…

Just lock it for me, I yelled back without stopping.


True to her words mom was already getting operated on when I got to the hospital.

The joy in my heart knew no bound.

When next I see Sarah I will make sure I kneel and thank her profusely.

I already sent Elliot home to go have a both While I paced around with Scarlet who just got in

Its been two hours since we got here amd the Doctor finally came out all sweaty.

He had a smile on his face.

It was successful, she will be transfered soon, he said walking away.

I hugged Scarlet as we both shed tears of joy


Talie open up, moms voice rang outside my door.

Go away mom, i yelled as i drew out another tissue wiping my nose.

Since I left Jared’s house, I have locked myself in here doing nothing else but cry and yell at anyone who comes to my door.

Honey open up, we need to talk.

Don’t honey me mom, you didn’t help me when I needed it.

I have goodnews.

I don’t want to hear it, go away.

Its about Jared, i heard her say.


His mom rejected the girl he took to them.

Really? I asked rushing to open the door for her.

Oh Talie, she said hugging me but I didn’t return the hug.

I walked leaving her to follow me behind.

Don’t joke with me mom,are you serious? I asked mom who’s eyes was scanning my room.

Ignore the room,talk to me mom,they really rejected the girl?

What’s that smell Natalie, mom asked in her stern voice covering her nose.


When was the last time you had a bath Natalie?


Answer me!

Two days ago mom, happy now?

How can you not have a bath in two days Natalia?

Is that dirty plate beside your bed?

Why is your clothes littered everywhere?

I’ve been emotionally down mom, you don’t expect me to..

Mom didnt let me finish before landing a slap on my cheek.

I clutched my face in my hands as I burst into tears.

You want Jared to marry you but you can’t even take care of yourself, how then will you take care of your kids?

You think Jared would want to marry a girl that stinks?

I don’t stink mom.

Shut up.

If you want to die in here, you are free but make sure you clean your room and take away this awful stench from your body before you do, with that mom walked out of the room as I cried more.

I hate mom so much,dad doesn’t treat me this way, I thought aloud….

The door flew open showing an angry looking mom.

Are you still sitting? she barked

No.. I..

I want you down in the next one hour and you know what that means, she said and banged the door as I flinched.

Arghhh… I groaned as I got up lazily from the bed.

How am I Stinking? i asked sniffing my armpit.

I almost threw up.


I looked around the room.

My room was such a mess.

All the stuffs I have been throwing and destroying for the past two days were littered everywhere.

Including my clothes and panties.

How am I supposed to clean all these?

I can’t

I need to go call a maid

I walked out of my room looking for the house maid.

Nelly, I called authoritatively and she ran to me.

Go clean my room now, I’m giving you twenty minutes, I ordered.

Nelly? We both heard as we turned around see mom standing behind us upstairs.


Now listen Nelly, I want you to go to your left, Mom said

Nelly turned obediently towards her left

Don’t just turn, walk, mom commanded and she did.

What’s mom up to this time?

Nelly kept walking obediently till she got to the doors.

Stop at the second door.

Nelly stopped.

Thats your room right? mom asked and she nodded

Now go in and sleep, you are off duty for the next three days.

Ma’am? she asked shocked


Mom ignored me and faced her.

You will only eat and sleep,no cleaning,no errands,got it?

Yes ma’am

And one more thing.

If I see you doing any form of work for anybody on this house, you are fired.

Yes ma’am,she nodded fearfully.


Now go in and start your leave,lock your door behind you.

I watched Nelly walk in and shut the door.

Mom what is this supposed to….

Fifteen minutes already Spent, You have Forty five minutes left to tidy your dirty self and your room

Like on marathon, I sped off to my room

I know what mom is capable of, I’m not ready to be grounded with hard labor in my own fathers house.

Where do I start from?

Where the hell is the damn broom.

Oh my God, how did I get myself into this message.

I need to hurry us so I can sneak out to go see Jared.



Quinn sat beside me at the hospital as well watched mom together quietly.

She had to comevisit me when I didn’t show up at school.

She look beautiful and peaceful even in her sleep, Quinn said in a whisper and I nodded with a smile.

Despite her health challenges that made mom look older,she still looked stunning.

The doctor said she totally out if danger and she would wake up as soon as possible.

Alondria left with Scarlet to go take care of the shop sonce that’s our only source of income.

I was feeling tired and sleepy but I need to stay awake for mom.

I want to be here when she wakes up.

Did you see that?Quinn asked with wide eyes.

See what?

Look, she pointed towards moms hands amd I saw it twitch.

Mom, I whispered as I took her hands.

It moved again and this time she held me tight.

I will go call the doctor, Quinn volunteered and ran off.

Eli? mom called weakly staring at me.

You are awake!!

Mom, you are awake, I yelled ontop of my voice hugging her carefully.

You look pale Eli.

I’m fine mom, how do you feel?

Do you feel pains anywhere? I asked like a doctor.

She smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

I feel pains Eli, where is Dria?

She went out with Scarlet,she will be back.

Just then the doctor walked in with Quinn trailer beside them.

He went to check on mom.

She’s awake!! Quinn asked happily when she saw mom.

Yes Qu…

Before I could complete my statement,she jumped on me hugging me so tight,I’m so happy for you Ellio.

I stood frozen.

Did Quinn just hug me?

Are you okay? she asked.

Yes.. I… my eyes landed on mom who was looking at me with a smirk.

Oh I’m doomed.

I’m sure she saw that.

I see you Eli, she commented in her low weak voice but she was smiling

I looked away in embarrassment as I saw Quinn smile shyly.

Mom was smiling at her too.


She just woke up and she’s already playing around.


Mrs Ruby is finally awake??

One word for Natalia?

How do you see Natalia’s mom?
Very sweet mama??

Mrs Sarah paid even before Alondria agreed.
Do you think Alondria will still want to marry Jared?
Three days leave for maid, omo?

Elliot and Quinn
EliQin 2022
Who dey check am???

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