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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?





It’s surprising to find out mom knows Sarah.

What a coincidence! I thought

I was still sitting outside.

But something sure feels weird.

That handshake and Sarah stuttering

It doesn’t just look normal but what do I know?

It might be their school handshake.


But something just feels weird, I can’t seem to pinpoint it.

She even needs moms permission now for the wedding?

My mind drifted to Josh, her son.

How can someone like Sarah give birth to an asshole like that?

Mom has to agree, i will make sure I twist his little man till he learns some deep lessond.

No one messes with people I love.

I stood up and began walking into the hospital.

Mom will be discharged tomorrow, I can finally join Scarlet at work.

I got into moms ward and she just finished eating.

Where is Elliot? I asked and she pointed beside her.

Elliot was curled up beside mom sleeping.

I guess he is the patient for today, lazy ass, I mocked.

Mom shouod really start twisting his ears too, he has come of age.

I sat on the chair Sarah sat facing mom.

How did you meet her? mom asked.

Sarah? I asked with a smile.

I told mom about how I spilled flour on her and everything that happened that day.

Mom just stared at me as I spoke.

You finally told me the day you met your mother in law.


So you met the mother in law before the son huh?

Mom I..

Just stop the lie Summer, mom raised her voice slightly

Mom only calls my middle name when she is serious.

I’m sorry mom, I just didn’t want you to worry.

She rolled her eyes and stared at me.

Do I look weak to you?

Do I look like someone who will land in the hospital over some news?

I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to say at that point.

She glared at me.

I began feeling hot because she wasn’t saying a word just glaring.

I must confess mom looks scary sometimes.

So I guess you are getting married to her son in exchange for the money? mom asked amd my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Speak Alondria!

Yes mom, I said fearfully and her eyes darkened.

But I’m very much okay with it, I would love to marry her son for real, I blabbered.

How dare Sarah give you such condition!

Mom calm down, you are getting it all wrong, let me explain, I managed to say.

The next minute, mom was calm but staring blankly at me.
I swallowed hard.

Okay, she asked me to marry her son but not for the bill.

She told me she will do anything for me just to marry her son.
I was confused because i didn’t understand how she would ask me to marry her son when she barely knows me.

I refused but it was on the same day you were brought to the hospital.

So I called her the next day and told her I agree, it was me who accepted for the money not the other way round.

She eyed me like she wasn’t buying it.

Believe me mom, the day I called her she told me she already payed the bill even before I accepted.

Then after I told you about it and you wanted to know his name, i called her and she said we didn’t have a deal since I turned her down the first time.

She didn’t want to be selfish and force me.

Are you sure? mom asked and I nodded.

I saw her sigh deeply as she stared into space.

What are you thinking mom?

Why she wants you for her son desperately, she said and I fell into dilemma.

Should I tell her about him being a womanizer and addict?

What if i tell her and she refuses to let me marry him and help Sarah?

Aghh, i groaned.

I looked towards mom and saw her watching me closely.

Tell me you don’t know why she wants you to marry her son? mom said note like a question.


She told you right? mom asked.

She wasn’t looking like mom, she looked like a detective.

Sometimes I wonder if mom was once a cop.

She told me mom, I said biting my nails.

Mom is an extractor, she can extract anything she wants to extract from anyone.

What did she tell you?

I began telling her everything we talked about today, leaving nothing out like someone on a spell scratching the back on my neck as I spoke.

Mom listened until I was done

So you accepted to marry a womsnizer who might never look at your face just to help Sarah?

He is an asshole, I have to put him in his place, I said in a determined tone.

Is this what marriage is to you?
A place you put people in their place?

There’s no peaceful marriage mom, we fight and quarrel then settle, I said almost laughing at myself.

Come here, mom said.

Mom? I called with my mouth hung open.

Mom wants me to fall into her trap again.

Mom my ears still hurt, I cried.

I won’t touch your ears., mom said and I got up sluggishly.

She tapped on the space beside her and I sat.

What if I ask you not to marry him? she asked and my heart sank.

I will tell you “please mom, let me marry that ass hole and teach him a lesson” I said in a pleading tone.

Mom burst out laughing.

Thats my daughter, give me a high five, she said and I was stunned.

I lifted my hands and mom gave me high five.

Tell Sarah I approve, we will deal with the rat, mom said.

Are you serious mom???

Call her now, she ordered and I lifted my phone and dialed Sarah’s number.

? Hey SAS, her cheerful voice rang out.

This lady deserves to be happy and that useless boy is giving her sleepless night, I thought.

? Hi Sarah, I have good news, guess.

? Ruby got discharged?

She’s busy thinking about mom first, i muttered and mom rolled her eyes.

? Mom approved!

? Are you for real?

? Yes, we already talked about it.

I heard her scream happily

? Let me talk to her please, she said and I handed the phone to mom.

? Ruby?

? Sarah…

? Thank you so much Ruby, this means a whole lot, she squealed.

? I owe you alot, remember, mom said and I heard Sarah sigh.

? Its been years Ruby.

? I never forgot, anyways its on one condition, mom said.

? Shoot, Sarah said and i chuckled.

She sounds like one of these streets girls with different slangs

? I know about your son being a womanizer and I also know you need someone who can fix him right?

? You are right Ruby, I don’t know what to do with him anymore.

? So you would let her deal with him without interfering.

? Ofcourse but…..

I couldn’t listen to the rest because mom removed it from loudspeaker and placed it on her ears.

She tapped the phone twice and continued talking.

Weird, I muttered then walked towards Elliott who wasn’t lying properly.

I carried him to the other bed completely toning them off as I sang.

My voice is getting rusty, I thought, I need to practice more.

Thinking about it, will that asshole let me pursue my music career?

Do I even need his permission, I hissed as I began trying to come up with a verse for the chorus i composed earlier today.



I dropped the call and faced Justin who was watching me the whole time.

So its set, he said in his deep voice and I nodded happily.

I’m calling Jared now, they will meet tomorrow, I really can’t wait, I squealed.

How is Ruby?
What happened to her? he asked and I stopped smiling.

I can’t tell, she didn’t look like the Ruby I know, I replied sadly.

Talk to her, he said

Justin is a man of few words, he barely talks except he’s on a very happy mood with his family.

I will honey, i really need to.


Alondria Still dey call am Josh?

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