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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?





Back then in school, Justin and Ruby were dating and in the same confraternity in school.

I was just a student who didn’t know about them but Ruby was my course mate.

Then I was dating Williams father Harry, who I didn’t know was a member of a different confraternity.

We were friends too but not too close to know about each others personal life.

One day I met Justin at a club, I fell in love with him at first sight.

He had the looks and the body.

His sleeveless made it impossible for me to concentrate.

I wanted him despite not knowing him.

He sat alone sipping his wine slowly with his eyes fixed at a place, he was staring at the waitress who was busy serving customers.

Her face was covered that I didn’t recognize her.

She was damn sexy and guys were drooling over her as her skirt was way too short.

Why was he staring at her though.

She was shamelessly seducing everyone.

I need him to look at me too, I needed to steal the attention from her.

Not being able to hold myself any longer, i got up to approach him when Lily stopped me.

Where are you going? She asked following my gaze.

Do you want to get yourself killed? she asked in a whisper

What do you mean? I asked.

But before she could answer me we heard gunshots.

In fright we got rushed to hide as we watched Justin and the and a lady shooting people voraciously.

Wait,isn’t that the waitress? I whispered.

Shhhh… i told you.

He’s dangerous, she whispered.

They ended up killing seven pot bellied men, after shooting the last man they kissed like lovers.

Who the hell is she? I asked Lily with a frown.

Thats Ruby, his girlfriend, she whispered back.

Girlfriend? I asked and she rolled her eyes.

Why are you bothered?

What about Harry? she asked and I scoffed.

I ignored her then took My eues back to Justin.

They were still kissing.

They looked so in love.

People already left the club while others like us who couldn’t pass them like us had to keep hiding till they were done with their make out session.

That day I got home and broke up with Harry.

I was in love with Justin and I don’t care if he is a killer or has girlfriend, I was going to get him.

Suprisedly Ruby started talking to me more, I felt guilty as our friendship got better till we became besties.

I still wanted Justin and I was always trying to get his attention but dude had eyes for Ruby alone.

Ruby confided in me and told me about their confraternity.

Maybe if I joined and become as tough as Ruby, Justin will learn to notice me.

I begged Ruby to introduce me but she refused.

She didn’t want to put me in danger.

Severally, i had watched like a scardy cat as she fought and defeated many men saving me.

But i was a bad friend

I wanted her boyfriend and she trusted me too much to notive all the signs.

After she refused letting me join I had to meet someone else who was willing.

She had no choice but to let me be when she saw me among them.

I found out she was the heroine.

She and Justin had a perfect relationship.

I was so envious.

Harry kept pestering me but I was hell bent on the break up.

One day i begged Justin to teach me how to fight and he accepted since I was Ruby’s friend.

I startrd to practice more and my friendship with Ruby started to get strained because i no longer had time for her.

She didn’t complain, she perfectly understood I need to train which she helped me out sometimes too.

I could never be as good as she was.

She wasnt just a good fighter,She was a sharp shooter too with retentive menory.

She could remember any face she had set her eyes on.

Fighting lessons went on as i kept making effort to seduce Justin which didn’t work till one night.

He had a fight with Ruby over his inability to make out time for her.

She said some hurtful words to him and he got drunk, as i always wanted,i was there

We had sex that night.

The next morning Ruby came over to his place to apologize but met with our scattered clothes in the living room.

Before we could hide she already caught us in bed because we both were still fast asleep.

I could see the hurt in her eyes seeing us like that.

Justin begged but she gave him no listening ear.

It was a drunken mistake for Justin but it was what I have always wanted.

But seeing my friemd like that, i regretted everything I did including my thoughts.

I had no right to beg.

It was an intentional act.

That day she broke up with Justin and he chased me out of his house.

Justin kept on begging but her heart was too broken to trust him.

She forgave him but she never got back with him.

The unity we once had was no longer there.

Ruby left the Frat, Justin couldn’t concentrate anymore

That was when Willisms father who was the leader of the opposing frat had the chance to battle us.

A lot of men were lost.

Everything was my fault and I regretted it

Ruby stayed away from me for weeks till one day when I saw her at my door step.

She told me she has forgiven me even before i could ask for forgiveness.

I felt she had negative plans for me but she didn’t

I was weary of her but she proved to me severely that she had no intention of killing or revenging.

I still had feelings for Juatin but I had to stay away.

He didn’t want to see me.

I ruined everything with my greed.

I dont know how Williams dad found out about that one night, he became more agitated.

He wanted to kill Justin by all means.

They had physical battles a lot of time, Ruby and I had to assist him till we were able to scare them off for a while.

That night Ruby helped treat our wounds.

We were all quiet and surprised.

She was supposed to be throwing tantrums but she didn’t.

She cleaned us carefully just like before.

When she finished she got up to leave but Justin chased after her.

He wanted to make up.

He wanted them back but she turned him down.

She said she has moved on and will find someone else, she wished us well and after that she walked away.

Two days later i found out i was pregnant.

Pregnant for my friends Ex.

Justin had no other option but to take responsibility.

I never got to see Ruby again till eight years later when she sent us an invitation.

She was getting married.

I watched Justin cry that nighy.

He never stopped loving her.

Justin became awfully quiet and more dangerous.

We were married but I had to win his love for years

It was all my fault.

I ruined their love that was why I felt guilty when I saw her at the hospital.

She looked weak.

Not like the Ruby who was quiet but dangerous.

The Ruby who fought like four men.

She looked fragile.

She had to go through alot because I stole what would have been hers.


But what exactly happened?

How did you become like this? I asked her

Harry,she said


What did he do? I asked

Remember when I sent you a letter to move out? she asked and I nodded.

Harry was after Justin, he was back to claim you, he kidnapped my husband and threatened to kill him of I don’t disclose your location.


That was why I sent you that letter, asking you to move because I was going to give him your location to save my husband.

Fred didn’t deserve to get involved in all that, he wasn’t a frat member.

I thought marrying outside the frat will keep us safe but Harry was hell bent on destroying anyone close to Justin.

I wasn’t going to let him harm you or Justin.

But I wasn’t going to risk my husbands like and that or Alondria because i was trying to save you.

I had to be smart

So I informed you first before disclosing your location to him.

I Should have left with my family that day but I fell ill.

I was heavily pregnant with Eliot then so I was taken to the hospital.

By the time I was discharged Harry already found out I fooled him.

He came back and murdered Fred in cold blood

They set the house ablaze thinking i was there with Alondria but thankfully I wasnt.

He killed my husband, she cried.

I felt guilty.

None of these would have happened if I wasn’t greedy.

If I wasn’t self centered,I said

Its not your fault and I don’t hold you responsible,she said.

After all these years Ruby, why aren’t you judging me?

I don’t want to,it won’t change anything if I judged you, we have a bigger enemy that is Harry.

His son has been trying to kill Jared, i told her as i wiped the tears on her face.

She let out a laugh.

That dangeruous laugh i haven’t heard in years.

I have been watching him, i might not have money but I’m still Ruby, she said with a smirk.

How do….. i tried saying but she cut me off.

Help me up,she said and I did.

She led me into an inner room, then she lifted her husbands painting which was at the corner and A door opened.

I was shocked.

She still had that smirk playing on her lips as we walked in, she preseed some numbers on the wall then an underground door opened.

I followed her in with my mouth open.

There were different training equipment in there, a section for boxing, knives and gun with pictures of Harry and his entire family including Williams.

How did you…..????

I am still Ruby Sarah.

I made sure to teach Alondria everything she needs to know about fighting,she said as she lifted a riffle playing with it.

I was scared to my bones.

I might be powerful now but I still had this fear for Ruby.

She is far too dangerous.

Do you plan getting SAS involved in this, I don’t want her in danger, I said she shook her head.

For self-defense, she said simply.

She lifted a big book then spread in out on the table.

Here’s a plan of Harry’s two houses.

Here is a plan for his company.

I’m Still working on gettimg a plan for that his good for nothing son’s house.

They will all pay for ruining my life.

For killing my husband.

For ruining my children’s lives.

I Won’t spare any of them, she said and I was dumbfounded.

Did I say she looked fragile now?

I take back that word, I never had the thought to do this for the past few years of Harry and Williams tormenting us.

None of us knows where Harry lives.

So you are going to…..

Exactly,she said with a smirk



I cant believe Sarah used to be a bitch huh?

What do you think guys?
Is Sarah to blame for all of this?

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